7 My Daughter Teaches Me to Woo My Future Wife

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Would he allow such a thing?

Su Chen permitted it.

There was nothing he could do even if he did not allow it.

Even if what Shang Yixin said was true, that he would marry her and have children with her,

Shang Xitong was still someone he had just met.

Furthermore, even though they had known each other for a long time, they did not have any right to interfere with each other's matters.

Who did she like before? What business of his who she was with was?

Su Chen got anxious.

He was truly anxious…

He had to make Shang Xitong his!

He couldn't let anyone else have a chance.

At this moment,

in a female dormitory of City H's Medical University.

Shang Xitong was looking at her phone and continuously scrolling through her previous posts.

Looking at the messages one by one, she smiled. She felt a sense of satisfaction from her revenge.

She thought to herself, "So you care too? Are you jealous? Hmph, you deserve it!"

"Who asked you to fall in love right after you entered university? When you realize that 'he' is you in the future, what kind of expression will you have? Will you be so shocked that you won't be able to speak? I suddenly want that day to come quickly!"

Beep beep. Someone commented on her post.

[I didn't expect you to experience this too.]

When Shang Xitong read this comment, she held her stomach and laughed.

She thought to herself, this brat has so many wicked ideas!

Looking at the screen, Shang Xitong calmed herself down and replied nonchalantly.

[Who are you? Why are you suddenly interested in my post?]

[How did the latte from the afternoon taste?]

[It's you. It tastes really good. Thank you for the latte.]

[It's a little strange to talk here. Shall we chat privately?]


Su Chen: Uh ...

"My precious daughter, save me! What else should I say?"

Su Chen asked for help through his earpiece, "What excuse should I use to date your mother?"

"Dad, you're so stupid and cute. Do I need to tell you this?" Shang Yixin spoke disdainfully.

"Now, you must express your thoughts directly. You can't be so wishy-washy. No girl will like boys who beat around the bush. You can ask Mom directly if you can continue buying lattes for her tomorrow. Then, go to the self-study room to study together."

"But will she agree?"

Su Chen was a little hesitant.

"Of course she'll agree. After all, she's already accepted your latte this afternoon. If she wasn't willing, she would have rejected you long ago. Besides, you're just going to the self-study room. Mom goes there every day. It's also a public place. At least, she doesn't have to be afraid that you have any bad intentions," Shang Yixin explained.

"Alright, my dear daughter. Thank you."

After Su Chen finished getting advice from Shang Yixin, he switched directly to the dialog box with Shang Xitong.

He asked her out to the self-study room tomorrow and said that he wanted to continue buying latte for her.

After sending the message, he began to get nervous again.

After about half a minute, the school belle replied, "Okay."

What? She agreed?

He felt like God was on his side.

It was simply too blissful.

[See you tomorrow then.]

[See you tomorrow.]

He looked at the last three words and closed the chat box with Shang Xitong.

He even pinched herself to prove that he wasn't dreaming.

He was really afraid that he would wake up with nothing.

He felt that he had to go to bed early since he was going on a date with his goddess, Shang Xitong.

Only then could he ensure his best condition.

But it was late at night.

A symphony had already sounded in Su Chen's dorm room.

Teeth grinding, snoring, and other sounds were heard.

It meant that his bros were all deep asleep.

But he couldn't sleep.

After all, with today's fortuitous encounter, not to mention insomnia.

The fact that he hadn't lost his mind from shock meant that he was mentally strong.

Hence, he decided not to sleep and wait for the next day.

He also wanted to see what the second reward was.

The time on the screen changed to 00: 00.

Su Chen calmed down a bit and flashed with some excitement: sign in to the system!

"Beep. Congratulations, Master, for completing the second signing. The system has given a second reward: Surgical Expertise!"

Surgical Expertise?

What the hell was this?

Before he could finish waiting, a bright light flashed across his mind.

This time, he did not close his eyes.

With experience, he knew that this light was not in front of him, but in his mind.

But before he could applaud himself for being smart,

in the blink of an eye, surgical medical knowledge overcame him like a tsunami that wanted to swallow him up.

Before he could react, the knowledge surged into his mind. All of this happened in an instant.

It caused his brain to ache, like thousands of needles were piercing it.

He even wondered if he would die from brain death.

At this moment, not only did knowledge appear in his mind, but his body had also undergone a complete transformation.

Of course, he was not the kind of person who would look lean with clothes on and ripped when he was undressed.

Instead, he had all sorts of muscle memories.

It was as if he had performed hundreds of surgeries.

This included professional care, being the chief surgeon, pulse probes, acupuncture, etc.

In the blink of an eye, these memories entered into the blood cells of each individual cell.

The pain disappeared in less than ten seconds.

After snapping back from this knowledge, he discovered the changes in his entire being.

Especially his arms and palms, which were as steady as a mountain.

Take ordinary people for example.

Before everyone had been trained, when they opened their fingers and held out their hands, although they couldn't feel it, there were still slight tremors.

Of course, none of this would affect our daily lives.

However, every tremor in surgery might harm the nerve endings or blood vessels.

And those tremors in Su Chen's hands were now completely gone.

This was simply a tremendous help in doing surgical procedures.

It was something that most surgeons hoped to achieve over the years.

Su Chen reviewed the medical knowledge in his mind.

Basically, they had all kinds of surgical information. There were theories and practices.

There were so many of them, and the coverage was so wide that even the school's library might not be able to do so well in the field of surgery.

But now, everything had entered his brain.

It became his knowledge.

Surgical Expertise.

Su Chen was both excited and shocked by the second reward from the sign-in system, and he kept exclaiming inside.

"How is this an invincible system? This is clearly a heaven-defying system!

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