1 I should be worried about them

"Please, I'm begging you..." He tried holding back his tears as he continued.

"I love you" He declared and knelt down even as his tears kept flowing..

'Lame!' Mia thought as she rolled her eyes looking at the large screen in the cinema, while throwing popcorn into her mouth.

By now, she could already hear the sniffling sounds some people were making at the 'emotional' scene.

Some didn't even pretend like they weren't crying.. and just cried their eyes out while watching the movie.

She looked at the girl sitting directly in front of her. The girl was probably younger than her with about 2 or 3 years, and even though Mia knew girls tend to be so emotional especially at that age, she couldn't bear being angry.

The girl was so engrossed in the movie and kept crying out while the guy next to her tried to make her calm by saying soothing words to her.

Mia felt like strangling her so she could at least finally shut her mouth.

When she could no longer handle it, she tapped the girl and as soon as she turned to look at Mia, she warned her in a angry voice.

"Can you shut up already!?" Since Mia raised her voice, the others around looked at her with disdain but Mia did not mind. It was not the first time she was receiving those kind of looks from people.

The young girl was taken aback and after about thirty seconds of registering that Mia had just shouted at her, she cried even louder.

Mia could feel her head begin to pound. Before she could utter another word, the guy who was sitting close to the girl glared at her angrily before opening his mouth to let her know how uncultured she was.

"What's your problem ma'am? This is a cinema. Why didn't you just sit at home instead of showing everyone how much of a sadist you are?"

"What? Ma'am?" Even though they weren't so loud, they were able to attract the attention of most people in the hall.

"Yes. ma'aaam" He stressed to annoy her even more.

Mia had gone to the cinema with her childhood friend, James and his new girlfriend. She didn't care about giving them privacy and had purposely sat down in the same row with them even when James gave her an hint to go sit at the next row.

When James noticed the commotion, he tried to smoothen the whole thing.

Since he was sitting at the next seat after Mia while his girlfriend was sitting next to him, he was able to pull her back and advise her not to make a scene.

"He called me ma'am, he f*cking called me ma'am, I need to beat out 10years out of his life" She declared angrily.

Mia had the urge to rip the young man apart. Thankfully, the useless couple on screen had already reconciled and the movie ended, so everyone slowly began to disperse.

It was already past 10 in the evening so James had to drop her off since her place was a bit far from the Cinema.

His girlfriend, Anna, was sitting down at the passenger seat. So Mia had stayed behind while the couple chatted the whole time, making her bored.

"Don't make trouble. Be good" He advised as he dropped her off on her street.

But she was still reluctant to step out.

"So this is it? You're going to leave me here by this time of the night? What if I bump into bad guys on my way home?" She asked with a frown.

James chuckled before answering "I should be worried about them instead" He winked at her when he saw the dark glare she gave to him.

"Idiot!" She cussed at him before leaving the car.

"Goodnight" She said to Anna before heading home.

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