My Crazy Housemate Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Crazy Housemate


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NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS COME TO AN END! YOU MAY FIND A LOT OF TYPOS AND ERRORS, PLEASE IGNORE THEM FOR NOW. THANK YOU! When a player meets a difficult Housemate.. *He returned from his long trip to find a lady living in his house.* "I want you out of my house this minute!" He demanded angrily. "If you don't want to see me around you can just leave instead" She shot back at him. "This is my house!" He said in a tone of disbelief and raised his voice, hoping she would finally realise that he was being serious. "Fine! Your sister can just go to jail then" She yelled back at him. Have you ever met a difficult girl? Well, you can meet one now... Mia Lucas. But what happens when they are both low-key perverts who found themselves drawn to the other? Let's take this ride together.... NOTE: You 'may' dislike the FL at first since she isn't the usual kind and gentle type but I assure you, you are going to eventually fall in love with her. So just exercise a little patience with her while you read. As you read, please try to support, write a review, leave a comment and vote.. Thank you *muah*


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