16 Evolution! Demon Beast!

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While Wang Wu was in a daze, he heard the exclamations and reminders from his soldiers. Su Jie stretched out his left arm like an ape and grabbed Wang Wu's neck.

"Don't move!"

Su Jie's cold voice sounded in Wang Wu's ears. The ape mask that looked a little funny now looked sinister and terrifying. Wang Wu did not doubt that Su Jie could crush his neck with a squeeze of his fingers!

Wang Wu's body trembled and cold sweat dripped from his forehead. He hurriedly begged: "Don't… don't be rash!"

"He… He captured Wang Wu?"

Yan Bin and the others watched this scene with their mouths agape.

Su Jie captured Wang Wu while he was surrounded by hundreds of people. This strength of his exceeded their wildest imagination!

"Get out of the way! Or I'll kill him!"

Su Jie looked at the soldiers surrounding him and ordered. At the same time, he exerted some force with his fingers to make Wang Wu look uncomfortable.

"Make… make way! All of you!"

Wang Wu was also afraid that this person with the ape mask would actually kill him. At that moment, he could not care less about his prestige and shouted repeatedly for the other soldiers to move aside.


The soldiers nearby looked at each other and eventually chose to make way.


Su Jie held onto Wang Wu and passed through the crowd before disappearing into the distance.

"This child… is not a mere mortal."

When Yan Bin saw this, admiration flooded his heart.

Yan Bin knew that this Ape Demon was actually a young man below the age of 18.

At such a young age, he already could capture enemy generals among hundreds of elite soldiers. With the passage of time, it was hard to imagine what level he would reach!

On a silent street, Wang Wu whispered: "Can you let go of me now? No one is following us. You're safe."

"You're the one who is safe."

Su Jie snorted and let go of Wang Wu's neck. With a casual push, Wang Wu staggered and almost fell into the snow.

When Wang Wu caught his breath and turned around, Su Jie was already gone.

"That was really… embarrassing." Wang Wu stood there for a long time with a bitter smile on his face.

Wang Wu was ordered by the new magistrate of Heiye City to strike against the Flying Cloud Society and reorganize Heiye City's forces. It should have been an easy task but he encountered such an expert. He, of all people, was captured alive while the other party escaped. This was undoubtedly a very embarrassing matter.

"Ask the others in the Flying Cloud Society who this person is."

Wang Wu then returned, wanting to find out about Su Jie's identity from the other members of the Flying Cloud Society.

"I hope Yan Bin doesn't reveal my identity… but even if he does, it doesn't matter. I'm using a fake name anyway."

At that moment, Su Jie had already set off for Qingshui Town.

In the Flying Cloud Society, the only person who had seen Su Jie's true appearance was Yan Bin. He also used the name "Tang Jie" to fool Yan Bin. Even if Yan Bin revealed his identity, it would not be easy for the officials of Heiye City to find him.

Moreover, Su Jie held back during the commotion just now and did not kill any soldiers. The officials of Heiye City should not spend so much effort finding him.

The only thing that made Su Jie feel pity was how the generous salary of 200 taels of silver per month was no more.

"Increase my strength! As long as I'm strong enough, money is nothing!"

Su Jie knew that his strength was his foundation. He spent almost all the money he saved on Body Strengthening Pills on this trip, which should be enough for him to use for two to three months.

When he returned to the Su Residence in Qingshui Town, it was already the next morning.

After returning to Qingshui Town, Su Jie practiced martial arts every day as usual. No one came looking for him, which made Su Jie feel relieved.

In the blink of an eye, half a month has passed since the incident with the Flying Cloud Society. Surprisingly, something good happened then!

"Sleepiness, hunger… The ape avatar is going to evolve and transform!"

Su Jie's eyes lit up. The ape avatar in Yinchuan Mountain experienced the alternation of sleepiness and hunger again.

The experienced Su Jie knew that the ape avatar was about to evolve and transform!

The last time the ape avatar transformed was four years ago.

In the past four years, the ape avatar has been hunting and practicing martial arts in the Yinchuan Mountains. Its growth was extremely fast and it finally reached the boundary of evolution again!

"Let's go to Yinchuan Mountain."

Su Jie immediately set off for the Yinchuan Mountain to help the ape avatar complete this transformation.

He purchased 400 to 500 pounds worth of meat in Qingshui Town and transported it in a carriage.

In a forest of Yinchuan Mountain, silence reigned. The huge ape avatar was sleeping soundly against a big tree. When it smelled the fragrance of meat, it opened its eyes. Its stomach rumbled as it ate the meat that Su Jie had transported.

In the past, the ape avatar could eat 100 pounds of meat a day but now, it ate 200 pounds a day.

This was equivalent to the ape avatar eating a pig every day!

This appetite was undoubtedly astonishing.

Hence, in the following days, Su Jie traveled between Qingshui Town and Yinchuan Mountain to deliver food to the ape avatar.

The ape avatar slept after eating. A large amount of meat was converted into energy to promote the evolution of the ape avatar.

This time, the ape avatar's sleepy and hungry evolution process lasted for more than a month.

During this process, the ape avatar was not the only one growing. Su Jie's compatibility with the Ape Demon King Kong Fist and the Body Hardening Technique also increased!

Name: Su Jie (Fourteen-years-old)

Remaining Lifespan: 47 Years

Soul imprints: 0

Mastery of Martial Art: Ape Demon King Kong Fist (Compatibility: 71%. Cultivation Progress: 82%, Third Level), Body Hardening Technique (Compatibility: 68%. Cultivation Progress: 5%, Second Level)

His compatibility with the Body Hardening Technique reached 68% and his compatibility with Ape Demon King Kong Fist has broken through the 70% limit!

Su Jie could clearly feel that it was easier for him to cultivate now, be it the Ape Demon King Kong Fist or the Body Hardening Technique. He felt as if he had divine help and that there were no obstructions!

However, the biggest change happened to the ape avatar!

In more than a month, the size of the ape avatar has increased again. Its weight exceeded 600 pounds and its shoulder height reached 1.5 meters. When it stood up, it was more than 2.3 meters tall.

His thick ape arms were muscular and they visibly contained terrifying power!

What surprised Su Jie even more was that after this transformation, Su Jie felt that the ape avatar seemed to have gained a certain power. It was a power that was naturally possessed but not activated!

"Let's try… to stimulate this power." Su Jie's consciousness was immersed in the ape avatar as he tried to stimulate the hidden power in the ape avatar.


The ape avatar felt a huge power rising in its body. It could not help but open its bloody mouth and let out a roar.


This roar was like thunder that exploded on the ground. Its shockwave traveled for nearly ten miles and echoed in the mountains. The nearby trees shook and fell.

Something happened that left Su Jie dumbfounded!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

In front of Su Jie, the already huge ape avatar's body let out a bone-cracking sound. Its already huge body ballooned in a way that defied all logic!

Two and a half meter, three meter, three and a half meter…

In just a breath, the ape avatar's body expanded to more than ten feet tall and the soil where it stood caved in!

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