58 Clear wind Gate! Qi and blood Realm with fists

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This fat man was a wealthy man from a village near Qingfeng mountain. His son had been practicing martial arts since he was young. In the past few days, he saw the disciples of the Qingfeng sect running amok in the village and hurting people on the street. In a fit of anger, he beat up the disciples of the Qingfeng sect.

In the end, a few days later, the disciples of the clear wind sect took revenge on him and he went missing while he was out. The fat man knew that it was the doing of the clear wind sect, so he came to the sect and asked for their forgiveness.

The person who was called sect leader Qiao was thin and had an ordinary appearance. He looked very kind on the outside, but in reality, he was the person who had single-handedly established clear wind sect, Qiao heguang, who caused people's expressions to change upon hearing his name.


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