4 What Right Do You Have?

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It was very normal to have a crush when you were a student. In the next ten or twenty years, this would become a beautiful memory.

Boys were thick-skinned, so even if their thoughts were exposed, they did not feel embarrassed. Instead, they were puzzled by Li An's performance.

It was not that everyone did not know that Li An was very crafty, but as long as it involved Liu Shishi, he would lose his mind. Otherwise, he would not have been instigated to confess two months ago and have his feelings exposed.

"I don't think you need to go over. We want to hit you now."

The boys smiled and spoke. In fact, no one felt that Li An could succeed in his pursuit. However, they all admired him. Just because of Liu Shishi's words, he really woke up early and worked late. He studied crazily.

If it was them, they probably could not do it. Now, Li An and Liu Shishi were in the same university. Perhaps this Dog An really had a chance.

"Stop talking about lovey-dovey things. You make it sound like you've already wooed her. Can you do it?" In the crowd, Zhang Xun spoke in displeasure.

Li An glanced at him. In his previous life, it seemed that it was because of Liu Shishi that the two of them quarreled more and more fiercely. In the end, they fought. Tsk!

This time, Li An would not lower himself to his level. After all, they were all simps, so there was no need to make things difficult for each other. In any case, although Zhang Xun diligently took taxis to East River University later on, he did not manage to see her, right?

How pitiful.

Therefore, Li An smiled and did not answer. He changed the topic and said, "Everyone is here. Shall we get them to serve the dishes?"

"Alright, alright. I'll call the waiter to serve the dishes!" The class monitor smiled and stood up to walk out.

There were a total of 42 people in the class. Although not everyone came, there were still three tables of people, one table for girls, and two tables for boys.

Li An felt that his high school classmates were still young and reserved. Otherwise, this opportunity would naturally be more fun for men and women to sit together. Of course, although he was a lecher in the past, he was also shy in this aspect.

After the commotion, there was always a short silence.

Liu Shishi reached out to pick up her phone and opened WeChat. Then, she saw the chat she had pinned again. The name had already changed from "Love Poem" to "Dark Spear".

What did "Dark Spear" mean?

Liu Shishi looked at this name that was no longer in the "couple" status in confusion and thought to herself.

Could it be that phrase, "Clouds worrying over the moon and spear crying in the dark"?

This should be from Liu Ji's poem, right?

A trace of admiration and praise flashed through Liu Shishi's eyes. She did not expect him to know such an unorthodox poem. Li An was quite intelligent!

However, this song should describe war, and "clouds worrying over the moon and spear crying in the dark" should describe the tragic scene after the war, so…

Was Li An using this to express his "tragic" desire?

This guy!

Liu Shishi shook her head helplessly in amusement. The corners of her mouth curled up slightly, and then she looked at the boy's table.

"Come, we've agreed just now. We'll punish you with two glasses first!" A boy was casually pouring wine into Li An's mouth.

"Who did you say that to? Why don't I know?" Li An naturally did not admit it.

"Everyone heard it just now, okay? Hurry, Liu Shishi is watching. Do it," a boy beside him reminded.

With his reminder, everyone immediately looked at the girl's table and clearly saw the "goddess" looking at Li An. Her eyes were filled with gentleness and helplessness, as if a wife had seen her husband who had no choice but to socialize and was concerned about his body.

In an instant, an unbelievable thought raced through their minds.

No way, this kid really took her down?!

When Liu Shishi saw so many boys looking over in unison, she immediately turned around in embarrassment and took a sip of fruit juice to relieve the awkwardness.

In the eyes of the boys, this scene was clearly evidence of their thoughts!

Immediately, the boys were jealous. The boy who proposed the toast hooked his arm around Li An's neck and said angrily, "Damn, when did you woo the school belle?"

Li An's seat was facing away from the girl's table, so he did not see the scene just now, so he was a little puzzled. "What the heck? I didn't woo her, okay?"

"Mad, you're still pretending. You have to drink this glass of wine!" The boy beside him could not stand it anymore and said angrily.

Li An did not know what had happened, but when he saw the excited crowd at the table, he immediately felt guilty. Then, he picked up his wine glass. "Alright, alright, alright. I'll drink it!"

He emptied his glass but stopped them from refilling it.

Zhang Xun had seen Liu Shishi's reaction just now, so his expression was not too good at this moment, as if he had lost his mind. When he saw Li An again, he immediately felt indignant.

'He's only slightly more handsome than me and his results are slightly better than mine. What else can he compare to me?'

"Hmph, what do you mean you're not wooing anymore? Are you saying that Liu Shishi is wooing you?" Zhang Xun said sarcastically.

Li An glanced at the jealous Zhang Xun. He had once hated and even viewed this love rival with hostility, but now, he had a good impression of this young man who was in the same situation as him. Therefore, he said sincerely, "Brother Xun, listen to my advice. You can't get Liu Shishi. Don't waste your effort."

When Zhang Xun heard this, his veins immediately bulged.

This was clearly a victory speech!

Zhang Xun could not suppress his anger and roared, "Screw you!"

This sentence was a little too loud. For a moment, it stunned the entire room, so it was immediately silent.

"Liu Shishi is not your girlfriend. What right do you have to stop me?!" Zhang Xun was still angry, so he continued to shout.

At the other table, Liu Shishi frowned and felt rather awkward.

She hated such a scene the most. It was as if they were arguing because of her, but she did not need such "good intentions", okay?

This included Li An. What she wanted was an interaction between equals, not his blind solicitude. Liu Shishi did not like this, but Li An had never understood.

Not to mention that the topic of his conversation was really too awkward.

"Come on, Dog An did not say that you can't woo her. Calm down, calm down. Soon, everyone won't be able to meet anymore." The class monitor began to be a peacemaker.

"That's right, that's right. Brother Xun, come, let's go."

"Dog An, stop talking."

"That's right. We're all classmates. There's no need. There's no need."

"Watch your mouth. What did you mean by that?" Yang Kai was different. He slapped the table and roared loudly.

"What does it have to do with you?!" Zhang Xun also roared, and the originally calm atmosphere was ignited again.

The students also spoke up. Of course, some people did not mind watching the commotion and remained silent to see if there was any greater commotion.

Li An did not expect Zhang Xun to suddenly lose his mind, but at this moment, he did not want to spoil this guy. At the same time, the urge in his heart made him want to do something that he could not do in his previous life.

"What right do I have?" Li An smiled and spoke, attracting everyone's attention. He stood up and walked to the girl's table.

The scene immediately fell silent, and everyone's gazes followed him.

Li An walked to Liu Shishi's side, lowered his head, and gently kissed her face. Then, he looked at Zhang Xun proudly, "This is my right."

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