1 Choices Become Real!

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[Now you can choose three of the seven options below. Which three will you choose?]

1. Yanjing University's acceptance letter

2. Parents' good health and safety

3. 7 million in savings

4. Go back five years with current memories

5. A sports car

6. Learn a foreign language

7. A stable job with a monthly salary of 70,000

At the narrow work desk, Li An had just finished collecting the energy from a game called Ant Forest. He raised his head slightly and glanced at his boss's office. Seeing that his boss was not here yet, he scrolled through Weibo and saw this message.

To be honest, this kind of joke was no longer new. However, when Li An saw this Weibo post, he still subconsciously thought about and analyzed it.

Firstly, "parents' good health and safety" was the top choice. If he hesitated at all, Li An would feel that he had let down their kindness in raising him for so many years. There was nothing to say about this.

Next was to consider Yanjing University's acceptance letter.

Seeing this, Li An could not help but sigh. It had been five years since the college entrance examination, right?

Time was really fast!

He had already been beaten by the cruelty of society for a year.

He recalled how he had studied hard in order to pursue a certain girl's footsteps back then. In the end, although he had successfully entered the same university as her…


There was no need to mention the shameful matter.

Returning to the topic, Yanjing University was the most famous higher institution in the country. It meant that there was a better learning environment and generous teachers who could teach more advanced knowledge.

Knowledge was priceless!

Therefore, Li An chose 7 million…

Then, there was only one chance left.

To be honest, there was no need to think too much about it.

At first glance, that stable job with a monthly salary of 70,000 yuan seemed to be good. It only needed eight to nine years to earn seven million yuan, but in fact, it was not like this.

The currency would inflate. The current seven million was not the same as the seven million in ten years. If the real value of the currency was considered, this was not worth it.

The first to cross out was the foreign language.

Heh heh, the option did not say which language it was. If it was English, it would be more profitable. German, French, and so on were also worth it. Even if it was Japanese, it was not a loss.

At the very least, when he watched movies, he did not have to spend any effort to find the subtitles and easily understand the plot.

However, what if it was an unknown language from somewhere?

The sports car was more practical!

However, compared to a sports car, the choice to return five years in time was a no-brainer.

In fact, Li An felt that he was an ordinary person. Even if he returned five years in time with his memories, he could not begin a career and become the trend of the era. After all, this time was too short. If he could return to ten years ago, then…

It did not seem to be very useful either?

However, at the very least, with his foresight, he would definitely do better than now. He would not have to earn a pitiful salary of 3,000 yuan and work overtime every day. The most precious thing was that he could enjoy a leisurely four years in university!

He should have just entered university five years ago. If he could return to that time, he would definitely find a girlfriend in university and enjoy his carefree and beautiful youth. Then, he would break up peacefully and have a painful but memorable experience, not play games with a group of idiots for four years.

Li An thought for a moment and confirmed. If it was him, he would choose these three.

"Parents' good health and safety", "7 million in savings", and "Go back five years with current memories".

After choosing, Li An returned to his senses.

Sigh, for a moment, he thought he could actually get these things after choosing!

Li An got angry at himself as he prepared to comment and get the person who posted this to fulfill the promise.

However, it was unknown if he had accidentally clicked something, but the page suddenly refreshed. Therefore, that post immediately got drowned by others.

Li An did not mind and wanted to scroll down the list.

Immediately after, his head suddenly felt dizzy. Then, his vision darkened and he lost consciousness.

I work overtime every day. Did I finally die of exhaustion?

No, why would I die from slacking every day?

This was Li An's last thought…


When Li An woke up again, he discovered that he was lying on the table.

It was a wooden table. The color, the scratches, were a little familiar…


Li An came back to his senses. He looked up and pushed his tilted glasses. There was a laptop on the desk and the wallpaper on the screen was a strange and familiar flower pattern. The date displayed in the lower right corner was 1st August 2016.

'Am I dreaming?'

Li An bit his tongue and cried out, "No way!"

Oh goodness, it was real!

At this moment, the Xiaomi phone on the desk suddenly lit up and a message sounded. Li An picked up the phone and looked.

"This is from Xiangyang Bank, at 20:20 on August 1st, your account number ending with 9527 was credited 7,000…"

Due to the fact that the reminder bar was not long enough, it was not completely displayed. However, this short message still made Li An tremble in excitement.

While he was stunned, the screen dimmed and the message notification was hidden.

Li An swallowed his saliva and unlocked it with his trembling fingerprints. Then, he saw the entire message.

"…7,000,000 yuan. Account balance: 7,000,111.11 yuan."


Li An cried out again. Seven million had been sent to him!

In other words, his parents were also healthy and safe now?!

At this moment, Li An sincerely hoped that all of this was true!

Li An carefully counted the digits. He actually had over seven million yuan!

The hundred yuan should be the remaining living expenses he had during this period of time.

Li An suddenly recalled that he had once seen the news before that there was a mistake in the bank transfer. There was an additional 100 million transferred into the account, and then it was quickly deducted.

If he was not in the house in East River City five years ago but was still at his work desk, Li An would definitely think that the bank had transferred the wrong money.

Li An took a deep breath, stood up, and ran to the bathroom. He looked at his handsome and young face in his memory. In the mirror, he was wearing glasses and did not have dark circles under his eyes. He looked a little young and had a scholarly aura.

He was certain that he had really returned to five years ago!

Those seven options were real!

In an instant, Li An was overjoyed. He did not know if it was a gift from the system, but if he knew, he would definitely offer incense and kowtow.

He just did not know if he could continue to choose in the future…

'Don't be greedy, don't be greedy, don't be greedy!'

Li An kept telling himself.

Firstly, he had already obtained two priceless treasures, and the seven million yuan was already a huge sum of assets to Li An. As long as he did not spend it recklessly and planned his budget carefully, he should be able to live a comfortable life.

After all, the interest given by the bank would already exceed his original salary.

While Li An was feeling excited, the Super Mario ringtone sounded. It was the phone he had placed on the desk, so he walked back to the room, glanced at the caller ID, and picked it up.

"Hey, why aren't you online yet?!"

A familiar voice sounded. It was Li An's good friend, Yang Kai.

"Don't be anxious, I'm coming!" He could not help but laugh when he heard his friend's voice.

"Don't tell me you're too excited to see your goddess at the class gathering tomorrow?" Yang Kai teased.

Gathering, goddess…

Li An's thoughts dragged on. A moment later, he scolded with a smile, "Get lost, I'm coming online. I'm hanging up!"

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