My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy

"Love or death? Which will you choose?" – "On this day, I will be your knight shining in armor! I will always be at your back even the entire school hates you!" Sebastian Woo, a campus bad boy told her and quickly lifted her chin to meet his gaze. He kneeled at the ground, convinced a young girl to look into his round, brown eyes. "On this day, you will never be alone and afraid. I am here always by your side." A genuine yet bitter smile drawn on her pale lips. "I've been waiting for my night shining armor," Halora whispered. But, how long he will keep his real identity from Halora? Will he confess the truth or the faith will find a way to reveal Seb's strange power and past life? Would he rather choose to lie to the girl who captured his heart or tell the truth and will be vanished on earth? Discover and find out what will happen to the unique, interesting first love story of Halora and Sebastian. ctto, the artwork is not mine. (will be changed soon)

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Chapter 2: My Knight Shining In Armor

Halora couldn't still believe that Sebastian Woo saved and protected her from Sandra. She never felt this way before, but her soul was on cloud nine.

"Seb," she uttered his name shortly. Looked at him from distance, dribbled the ball like a professional player.

Every student of La Milanosa Academy turned their heads to watch him dribbled the ball gracefully.

They shouted, giggled, and cheered for him. "Go baby Seb! Shoot it! Shoot it for me!" A tall, tanned young girl said. Clapped her hands but rolled her eyes when one of Sandra's friends saw her.

Halora covered her face when the students rushed to the school's gymnasium only to watch the bad boy who played with the ball.

Until groups of girls seated right next to her, chuckled and smiled widely.

"I... I have to go by now," she murmured and looked at her wristwatch for a second. Halora remembered that she has to attend the first Art class.

But, when she looked through the crowd, she finally had the chance to run away from the noisy gymnasium.

Halora grabbed the black bag from her side and walked towards the exit. She tried to cover herself with her long, ginger red hair.

But, ten seconds left and the last quarter will be over. It was a game between 10th Grade and junior high school.

Sebastian dribbled the ball upon catching it. He moved sideways to avoid and distracted the opponent when he accidentally stuck with the young girl who stood up and tried to run away.

"10 seconds,"

"9 seconds,"

The crowd stopped for a moment and was confused about his sudden break. "Huh, why did he stopped from shooting the ball?" spoke the young girl behind Halora.

Shen then looked back and their eyes met. For a second, she was mesmerized, stood at the right corner of the gymnasium. Her feet couldn't move, her heartbeat too fast.

"3 seconds,"

Halora widened her eyes as she heard the time left. If Seb shoots the ball before the time ends, his team will win.

"Throw the ball, Sebastian Woo!" she screamed which caught everyone's attention. It was beyond their expectation and so for her too.

"2 seconds....,"

Seb gave her an assuring smile as he quickly turned his head and looked into the opponent. He stepped his right foot forward, distracted the foe.

Stood on the right side of the court, Sebastian was cornered by the opponent. They tried to ruin the chance of winning the Red Dragon Team but he was skillful and a varsity player.

"This is for you, Halora!" Staying in his position was the best thing to do. If he will shoot it, the opponents will leap high and snatch the ball.

"Back off, weaklings!" He howled loudly and abruptly threw the ball into the air.

"1 second left,"

Halora held her breath and watched the ball fly into the air. She closed her eyes as the crowd paused and eyed at the scores until...,



The crowd cheered as he nailed the last throw.

"Halora...," spoke a young boy who bathes with sweat. He took a deep sigh, looking coldly at her. "Are you leaving?" He added, making her frightened and panicked.

"Congratulations Team Red Dragon!" A loud voice sounded off which have made her surprised.

"Y–you... you won! I can't believe it, Seb!"

Seb nodded his head, trying to control himself from smiling. "Answer my question. Are you leaving?"

He repeated the question while staring at her brown eyes. "I have still classes! And I... don't have to tell anyone, even you!"

The crowd widened their eyes as they heard it from a poor, bullied young teenager.

Tears springing into her eyes when Sebastian gritted his teeth and angrily looked at her eyes.

Despite the gossips, he grabbed her arm and walked towards the bench to get his bag.

"What is happening?!"

"Why would Seb dared to touch that ugly, freak girl?!"

Every girl in the school dreamed to be the campus bad boy's girlfriend. "Let my hand go," said Halora and stopped in the middle of the court.

Gossips became louder and spread throughout the entire school.

"Come with me! Haters can't hurt you now." Seb told her.

Halora gulped and looked around the crowd. She quickly covered and bowed her head when she saw the group of Sandra passing by.

But, she's wondering why would a campus bad boy help and protect her from the bullies?

Confused and surprised, Seb brought Halora into her room. She stopped for the moment and played her hands to ask him a question.

"H–how did you know this is my ro–room? You're must be la–late for your next class too!" She's afraid to look at his cold, blue eyes.

It might hypnotize her and forget about her fears. But, the bad boy remained silent as he pulled her closer to his arms.

Sebastian Woo entered the classroom and looked for a vacant seat.

"Sit down," he commanded, pointing the seat on the first row. "From now on, you will stay right beside me. Do you understand?"

He asked with authority without even smiling at her. Sebastian Woo is not a typical young boy.

His family was rich, popular, and owned a successful company.

But instead of following his orders, Halora shook her head in disagreement. She took a step backward and replied, "Who are you?! Why did you helped and saved me from Sandra?!"

Her voice sounded off around the empty classroom. They are all alone, waiting for their classmates and Art teacher.

Angrily, Seb slammed the door and lifted her chin. Without her approval, he put his hands into the wall and tried to meet her gaze.

"Look at me." He told her shortly.

"I must find the answer why everyone would always want to bully and hurt you...,"

Seb tucked away few strands of her hair. He breathed heavily while sweating profusely, "Your hair...," he paused.

Halora gulped and blinked her eyes while waiting for something embarrassing.

"Your hair smells like lousy jackfruit."

"It's too messy and dry."

"You are truly an ugly young girl." Halora's thought until she smelled his fresh breath.

Sebastian moved his head closer to her face. He said, "I love the scent of your hair, but your hair is too dry!"

Loud, genuine laughter filled the classroom. She quickly breathed heavily and pushed him away from her.

She quickly went into her seat, grabbed the black bag, and looked away from his deep, enthralling gaze.

Halora never felt hundreds of butterflies inside of her stomach. She wanted to escape and flee from his sight but he would always follow her.

"Huh, why is it my heart pounding this way?" She murmured without knowing that he's been standing behind her, listening to her.

"It seemed like people wanted to hurt you, that's why I am here to protect you from them. From now on, you will never be alone anymore." He said and messed her hair like an older brother.

And since that moment, Halora met the boy who will protect her from anyone. She thought her life will be in vain upon crossing the path with the campus bad boy.

"Finally, my knight shining armor has been landed on Earth." Her mind mumbled that made her smile sweetly.