1 Chapter 1: Meeting the Campus Bad Boy

The cafeteria in La Milanosa Academy was bustling with excited and untroubled students. It was the first day of school after the long yet fleeting summer vacation. Hence, the light waves of laughter in the air.

Students from each table were either catching up with their summer stories or flaunting their summer loots. It was the same scene just like another normal first day of school; freshmen trying to figure things out, seniors determined to make their last year memorable.

But, unlike these groups of cheerful students, Halora felt otherwise. The school was never a fun place, it will never be for her.

"Halora," spoke a young girl who was wearing a simple shirt and pants. She was holding a cup of tea in her right hand while looked at her sarcastically.

"I thought you'll be gone this school year, right girls?" She covered her mouth and laughed loudly when the five young girls behind her nodded their heads.

Halora looked away and stopped eating. She's been eating in the school's cafeteria by herself for almost four years, "Le–leave me alone, Sandra! " she said and tried to avoid them.

But Sandra, the Campus Crush suddenly pour the cup of tea into her head. She giggled and put it over the table.

Shocked and surprised, Halora widened her eyes as she realized what Sandra did to her.

"San–Sandra!" She scowled. A warm fluid flowed into her arms and made her vulnerable. Her uniform was filled with stains and all of the students laughed at her.

"Get lost, ugly, poor Halora! You don't belong here! Get lost! Get lost, ugly duckling!"

She sobbed silently and remained voiceless. Despite the painful words they threw at her, she stayed humble and forgiving.

She looked at herself and closed her eyes to control the anger. She knew she has no right to tell them to stop manipulating her, from degrading her in front of the crowd.

Hundreds of students laughed, clapped, and cheered for Sandra. They would always at her side because of her fame, connection, and beauty.

"Slap that ugly girl who's trying to fit herself with us! Go, San!" One of the students said, smirked and glared coldly at her.

"I think she deserves to be saved from you, guys." spoke a good-looking man behind Halora. He looked at the crowd and winked until he grabbed the bowl of soup and poured it into her.

Halora held her tears back and endured the pain in her skin. It was mildly warm, yet, she swallowed her pride and said nothing.

"What are you doing? Hurry up and get lost, Halora the freak!" Sandra screamed at her that made her surprised and frightened.

She felt too small in front of the students who watched over them. Everything she experienced on the first day of class was too unbearable.

Yet, no one fearlessly saved her from the bullies. "Run away, Halora! Run away from them!" Her mind convinced her body to save herself from the shame.

But, her body chose to stay in her seat which urged her to be banished from the school cafeteria, from the bullies.

Sandra crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows at the poor girl who cried silently. "Let's go, girls! I've lost my appetite upon seeing that freak!" She scowled and grabbed her bag from one of the girls behind.

She rolled her eyes and the crowd gave way to her. Halora wanted to be disappeared yet, she couldn't move her feet.


"Wh–where is my bag?! I put it in he–"

Halora stopped searching for the bag when Sandra burst into laughter. The crowd howled, screamed, and thrown everything they could.

"You are looking for this, right?" She asked sarcastically.

"Give it back to me, Sandra! Give it to me, please!" She begged and pleaded but no one tried to listen.

"Sorry, but I think it should be in the–" Sandra paused suddenly upon seeing someone behind the crowd. She gulped and said, "Se–Sebastian Woo,"

The crowd murmured when they saw the campus bad boy with the nine members. He narrowed his eyes and walked towards Sandra who couldn't move.

"You bullied that poor girl, right?" He asked her and quickly grabbed the bag from her grip. "You are beautiful but like everyone else, you are a bit rude and lack of good attitude!" He told her with coldness in his eyes.

Halora was surprised by what she saw. The campus bad boy walked towards her, the crowd hissed, held their breath, and remained quiet.

"Wh–what are you doing here, Seb? You're supposed to be in the–"

He cut her off and said, "On this day, I will be your knight shining armor! I will always be at your back even the entire school hates you,"

He kneeled and tried to meet her gaze. But Halora expected something different, she thought no one will protect and save her.

She opened her mouth and tried to speak yet, no words were said.

"Everyone, from this day, no one shall bully nor hurt her. But if you will do, I have no choice but to give you a lesson!" Sebastian Woo told the crowd coldly and furiously.

Sandra shook her head back and forth. She couldn't believe it! The campus bad boy became the lonely young girl's savior.

"S–Sebastian W–Woo!" Halora uttered his name in amusement and held her breath long enough to sink in everything that had happened.


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