My Best Friend : He's the one I have Book

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My Best Friend : He's the one I have


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Synopsis When a slight misunderstanding becomes something bigger. Will Mira and Joseph be able to save their friendship or will they watch it slip out of their hands? ..... Mira, a 17yr old orphan becomes best friend with one of the hottest guys in highschool who was also the student's president. When she thought that she had finally found her happiness. She was incriminated for going against the school rules. Despite her innocent she was made to suffer some certain consequences. She was stuck between saving her friendship and rescuing her best friend from harm. Will she be able to succeed in this or not? ..... When a simple friendship turns into something deeper and the feelings becomes stronger. Will their relationship be affected by this or will it only get stronger? Read this book to find out.. My Best Friend by Queenebunoluwa15. Follow me on Instagram @qebunoluwa


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