14 Resignation

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After coming back from the dining room, Lin Yan felt his entire body go limp. Every inch of his body seemed to be complaining about hunger.

Eldest Senior Brother said that this was a normal phenomenon of the first consumption of blood energy. As long as he replenished his blood energy in time and rested more, he would be fine.

Lin Yan opened the lunch box. There was still a simple meal inside.

After finishing the simple meal, he could feel that his stomach was full, but the emptiness in his body was still there.

Indeed, only meat could transform into blood energy.

Lin Yan took out the Emerald Wind Powder and took a small sip.

The stench was pungent, like rotten salted fish. He did not know how this poison could make people eat it.

As soon as it entered his stomach, Lin Yan felt a ball of fire burning from his stomach. Then, it surged to every part of his body. All the muscles in his body seemed to have encountered rain after a long drought as they greedily absorbed this heat.

The feeling of emptiness quickly receded, replaced by the satisfaction of being full. As the heat slowly replenished, there was no longer any sense of emptiness in his body.

"This means that my blood energy has completely recovered? Eldest Senior Brother said that even if a beginner eats meat, they will need four to six hours to recover their blood energy. I reckon that even those who are proficient in martial arts will need a long time to recover their blood energy with meat. However, after swallowing the poison, I actually recovered my blood energy completely in almost an instant…"

Lin Yan clenched his fists tightly and felt that his strength seemed to have increased.

He could not help but feel excited. Didn't this mean that he could practice martial arts repeatedly?

If there was enough poison, it would not be a problem for him to practice non-stop. The efficiency would be at least several times higher than others!

"I didn't expect that just the Poison Transformation would have such a wonderful effect. If I can sublimate the Five Animal Hands Technique into a special effect, what special ability will it have?"

Lin Yan focused slightly as the basic information appeared on the Golden Bodhi Scripture in his mind.

Basic information:

Skills: Devour (100%), Five Animal Hands (5%)

When he was practicing martial arts just now, the Five Animal Hands Technique had already been recorded as a skill by the Golden Bodhi Scripture. Moreover, its proficiency increased from 1% to 5%.

Based on this time, four hours and 5%, so it would only take 40 hours to increase it to 100%?

Of course, the higher the proficiency, the harder it would be to increase.

However, this already filled Lin Yan with hope for the future.

After walking around and digesting the food in his stomach, Lin Yan turned around and left.

He had yet to resign from his accounting job at the rice shop. There were still some miscellaneous items to move from home, so he still had to be busy this afternoon.

He walked out of Dragon Gate Pavilion and rushed towards Chundu District.

Along the way, Lin Yan clearly sensed that he seemed to have seen more beggars.

When he passed by the Changqiu District, Lin Yan saw a thin-faced woman in a plain robe holding a baby. She was kneeling on the ground and selling her body to bury her father.

He leaned over to take a look at the words and realized that the woman's husband had been captured and taken to Tiger Camp to be a soldier. Her family's livelihood had been cut off, and her father had died of illness. She had no choice but to sell herself to bury his father.

Changqiu District was a middle-circle district. He did not expect such a thing to happen.

Lin Yan was silent.

He thought that if he was also captured by the Tiger Camp, Xiaozhi would be alone and would probably be in a worse state than this woman.

Just as he was about to leave, someone suddenly shouted, "Tiger Camp is here! Tiger Camp is here to capture people again!"

Everyone's expressions changed as they fled in all directions.

Lin Yan's expression also changed drastically. In his panic, he followed the two passersby into an alley.

After running a few steps, two burly men in leather armor suddenly blocked the intersection.

Lin Yan's pupils constricted.

Looking back, there was actually a leather-armored soldier behind them. They were blocked in the middle of the road!

"Where are you going?"

A bearded soldier blocked them with a faint smile.

Lin Yan clenched his fists slightly. Of the two passersby beside him, one was dressed rather luxuriously. He stood up and said with a trembling voice, "I'm the young master of the Liu family from Changqiu District. My name is Liu Nan. How dare you stop me?"

"The Liu family of Changqiu District?" The bearded man turned to look at the soldier. "I remember that the young master of the Liu family is called Liu Cheng, right?"

"That's my brother!"

"Oh, if you're not the eldest son, then it's fine!"

The two of them pressed forward again.

Upon hearing this, Liu Nan's legs went weak and he almost fell to the ground.

Lin Yan clenched his fists tightly. If he was taken away, Xiaozhi would be finished!

A cold light shot out of his eyes. Just as he was about to resist, he saw the bearded man's gaze shift to him. The man was slightly surprised. "Eh? You're from Dragon Gate Pavilion?"

Lin Yan was wearing the Dragon Gate Pavilion's martial arts combat suit.

"That's right!" Lin Yan hurriedly took out a wooden waist token with the word 'Dragon' engraved on it.

"I didn't recognize you. Dragon Gate Pavilion is our brother camp. I won't arrest you. Please leave!"

Lin Yan was overjoyed. "Thank you, Sir!"

Immediately, he crouched down and jumped out from beside him, quickly leaving.

"Brother, save me! Take me away too! Brother…"

Lin Yan turned a deaf ear and didn't even look back. Soon, he turned left and right. When there was no one else around, he leaned against the wall and heaved a sigh of relief.

Thankfully, he had worn a martial arts outfit today. Otherwise, if he was captured by the Tiger Camp, regardless of whether he was dead or alive, Xiaozhi, a three-year-old girl, would definitely be finished!

This world, this world…

After a long while, when his breathing slowly calmed down, he continued to follow the road and rushed to Chundu District.

After this incident on the way, he only wanted to quickly settle everything and return to Dragon Gate Pavilion.

After rushing over, he finally arrived at the Fugui Rice Shop. As soon as he entered, he bumped into Wu San, who had just returned from carrying the goods.

"Lin Yan, where did you go? Old Chen was so angry this morning!"

When Wu San saw Lin Yan, he quickly came over.

"I went to run some errands."

"What's more important than work… Eh, you've changed into new clothes? These clothes look good."

Lin Yan asked, "Old Chen is very angry? Because I'm not around?"

"Let me tell you, there's really big trouble this time. In the morning, the big boss came for inspection! When he found that you weren't around and heard that you took two days off, he scolded Old Chen on the spot! You have to be careful later. This time, I'm afraid it won't be just deducting some salary!"

Lin Yan nodded. "I'm fine. Is Old Chen around?"

"He went out to eat. He'll probably be back soon."

Lin Yan entered the accounts room and sat down to wait.

As he waited, there was a sudden commotion at the door.

Lin Yan walked out of the store and saw a group of people surrounding the rice shop. Before he could see what was going on, he heard two miserable cries.

"Father! Father, you died so tragically!"

"Son, my poor son! Your father is dead, and only the two of us are left. How can we live!"

"Mother, Mother! I miss Father so much!"


A woman and a boy, one big and the other small. The female voice sounded familiar.

At this moment, Wu San came over from the side and gloated. "Hehe, do you know who the two people outside are?"

"Who are they?"

"Geng Bing's wife and child!"

Lin Yan raised his eyebrows.

Wu San clicked his tongue and said, "I heard that Geng Bing is dead! He died outside. It seems that he provoked some big shot and was beaten to death by him!"


"You're not surprised?"

"I'm surprised."

"Then there's his wife. She's blaming it on our rice shop. Last night, she carried Geng Bing's corpse to the door and wailed that the rice shop killed Geng Bing and asked for a pension. Hehe, Geng Bing didn't die to guard the rice shop. What right does she have to ask for a pension?"

Lin Yan's heart skipped a beat. "But I didn't see a corpse when I came over today."

"Because the big boss was afraid that they would affect the reputation of the rice shop, he gave them a little and persuaded them to go back. I didn't expect them to come again today."

Lin Yan shook his head. "Looks like they extorted him. The big boss is not an ordinary person. I'm afraid they won't have a good ending for doing this."

Wu San glanced outside and said in a low voice, "Let's not talk about them. Old Chen is back. You should pray for yourself first."

With that, he turned around and retreated to the side. There was worry in his eyes, but he also had the intention to watch the show.

Lin Yan followed his gaze and saw Old Chen walking straight towards him with a gloomy expression.

"Lin Yan! Where the f*ck did you go!"

Ignoring everyone, Old Chen fired directly. His voice was even louder than the cries of mother and son outside, attracting the attention of some people at the door.

"Uncle Chen, I'm here today to…"

"What are you thinking? I think you're trying to rebel! Do you think you're a master who can come and go as you please? You're a worker. Do you know what work is?!"


"You're absent from work! This matter won't be over so easily. Let me tell you, you have to sign the contract today! Otherwise, don't even think about leaving this door!"

Lin Yan frowned, and his eyes turned cold. "Why should I sign a contract? What does it have to do with whether I leave this door or not?"

Old Chen was so angry that he laughed. "How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know how much damage you've caused to the rice shop? You can't even pay it back even if you sell yourself! It's too easy for you to only sign a contract with you!"

"I'm just a small bookkeeper. Firstly, I don't touch money. Secondly, I don't touch rice. How can I cause losses? On the other hand, Uncle Chen, I've seen so many of your accounts. There are many things that I don't understand…"

Old Chen's expression suddenly changed. As an accountant, it was normal for him to play tricks on the accounts.

He knew that Lin Yan's foundation in math was unfathomable. Although he thought that his accounting was flawless, Lin Yan might be able to tell.

Wu San stood at the side and chimed in, "Lin Yan, don't make Uncle Chen angry. If you sign the contract, you can even increase your salary. It's killing two birds with one stone!"

Old Chen was so angry that his blood pressure was rising. "How dare you accuse me? Today, I'll teach you a lesson according to the rules of the rice shop! You guys catch him…"

"Wait! I didn't sign a contract. The rules of the rice shop allow you to manage the servants, but they're useless to me. I'm here today to tell you that I'm here to quit my job!"

"Quit!" Wu San was also shocked. "Lin Yan, don't be rash. If you quit, what will you and your sister eat?!"

He stepped forward to grab Lin Yan, but Lin Yan was already staring at the restless laborers and started to move towards the door.

"Quit your job? What kind of place do you think the Fugui Rice Shop is? Do you think I can do whatever I want and quit whenever I want? The few of you, go up and catch him!"

Lin Yan secretly cursed his bad luck. He didn't expect to encounter such a thing when he resigned.

Seeing that a few laborers were moving towards him and one of them was blocking his way out, Lin Yan no longer hesitated. He suddenly darted out and shouted, "Get out of the way!"

He swung his fist at the laborer who was blocking his way.

He had killed two people before. With this shout, he inadvertently shouted out the brutality he had when he was killing someone. The laborer was shocked and timidly stretched out his hands to block. He was hammered twice by Lin Yan and retreated in pain. Lin Yan took the opportunity to squeeze out of the crowd at the door.

The other laborers' reaction was even slower. It wasn't until Lin Yan rushed out of the crowd that they reacted and escorted Old Chen out the door.

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