1090 The Poor Girl's Trouble, Removing the Cause from the Little Girl's Body

Day 360 - 2:58 PM - Private Room, Military Hospital, Southside Peak, Muria Sacred Fortress, Mount Muria, Kudus Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

All of a sudden, the atmosphere inside the private room turned intense.

Luna and her friends could barely understand what Mark was saying. The concept of souls was something unexplored by science. And even though it was a concept largely affiliated with religion, the concept had no concrete explanation.

Still, Luna understood one thing from what Mark said. Something bad was happening with her niece.

"Can you explain what is going on?"

Luna decided to stay calm as she asked Mark.

Since Mark was concentrating on Luna's niece, he did not look at Luna. However, he still explained.

"The concept of souls is pretty complicated, so I won't explain that part. Just in case, you understand the concept that souls are the source of life, right?"


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