1103 The Other Enemies, Intercepting the Infiltration of the [Face Wearers]

Day 364 - 6:45 PM - Northwest Fields, 38th Satellite Settlement, Muria Sacred Fortress, Mount Muria, Kudus Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

A few minutes before.

"Hmmm..." Mark nodded as they watched the battle from the base's balcony. "Looks like Ellie figured it out. The others didn't even check the weapons yet. I guess they're pretty nervous about the unexpected situation if they brought unchecked weapons to the battle. Minus a few points, I guess."

Everyone could hear Mark's mumbles. The members of his group understood what he was saying as they were involved in the creation of the weapons Mark gave the leaders of the Moon Chasers. On the other hand, General Wijaya and his Secretary could only look at him in askance.


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