1027 The Armored Woman, A Secret Ally from the Mitsui Clan

Day 341 - 12:29 PM - Toyosu Main Road, Toyosu, Reclaimed City, Ruins of Tokyo

A new player entered the game. And considering the dangerous position Ren currently had in this battle, it was fortunate that the player was an ally.

On the other hand, Keiji was infuriated. He lost the opportunity to end this farce, to finally kill his sister. Furthermore, he was actually hurt by the sneak attack even though bullets did nothing to him.

Apart from appearance, there was something odd about this woman in front of Keiji.

Ren stared at the armored woman's back. While she did not recognize this person, she somehow felt she was familiar. What she realized, however, was that her armor was kind of similar to what Mark's group had. In fact, the pieces of armor Ren was wearing had some resemblance to hers.

The similarities between the armors meant one thing. This fully armored woman was sent by Mark to help Ren.


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