1095 Night at Northside Peak, The Drastic Change in Limabela's Visions

D▋y ▋▋▋ - ▋▋:▋2 ▋M - Tr▋▋ ▋f H▋▋▋▋n, ▋k▋▋▋a, ▋▋nt▋▋l ▋a▋▋, I▋do▋▋es▋▋a


With a numbing pain in her arms, Limabela opened her eyes.

Confused, Limabela looked around, only to find herself waking up inside an unfamiliar ditch.

Limebela lifted her painful body up. She could not remember anything. Where was this place? Why was she here? Limabela was utterly in the dark.

The first thing she did was climb up the ditch she fell in. It was she noticed her arms covered in a pair of unfamiliar gauntlets with a familiar glow and sheen. Limabela could not recall where she had seen this kind of glow before. It just felt familiar.

After noticing the gauntlets, Limabela also noticed she was wearing a light protective armor that paired with the gauntlets in terms of appearance. She also wore a matching pair of boots.


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