1048 Changes in a Minute, Waking Up Under the Collapsed Rubble

Day 341 - 1:31 PM - Collapsed Shelter Storage, Ariake, Reclaimed City, Ruins of Tokyo

Mark opened his eyes, groaning in excruciating pain. Barely able to hold his head because of the tightened feeling surrounding him, he looked around. He could almost not see anything nor move a muscle. And the mixed smell of concrete and metal wafted into his nose.

Realizing Mark had no idea where he was right now, he concluded something.

"Did I pass out?"

Mark asked in his mind, or maybe he said it out loud. He also realized he could barely hear anything at all.

And the answer to his question came almost immediately.

"You lost consciousness for about a minute."

Magwayen's voice echoed in his mind.


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