1100 A Sudden Horde, Beginning the Defense of the 38th Satellite Settlement

Day 364 - 6:42 PM - 38th Satellite Settlement, Muria Sacred Fortress, Mount Muria, Kudus Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

The alarm sounded, and everyone in the 38th Satellite Settlement was alerted. Without needing anyone to guide them, the non-combatants of the settlement packed up their important belongings and ran out of their shelters.

With the meeting postponed, everyone in the meeting room stepped out of the balcony overseeing the settlement. Outside, many members of the Moon Chasers were already on standby, waiting for the orders of their leader.

Luna looked at her members. They already formed lines to represent their designated teams. Just like there were six leading figures above the ranks of the Moon Chasers, their members were also divided into five teams led by each leader. All teams had their designated jobs and specializations.


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