1080 A Quick Transaction, Casting the Bait to Lure the General

Day 359 - 12:19 PM - Kudus, Kudus Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

Mark watched the situation silently while pulling the rest of his group behind Luna and the others. He did it to observe the situation first before making his move. And what he would do would depend on the people the military sent.

In the first place, Mark did not have any plan to make Luna and her group take responsibility for who killed the [Fog Crawler]. While letting them take the glory would raise the Moon Chaser's reputation, it would also put them in a difficult situation. If it came to a point where the [Fog Crawlers] began attacking the fortress, the people would bring the Moon Chasers to the front lines. There, Luna and her group would only face death in their current state.


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