1076 A Demon's Miracle, Saving the Dying and Calling the Dead

Day 358 - 5:58 PM - Podorejo,Ngaliyan,Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia

Luna began to wonder after realizing Mark's intention. How in the world was Mark's group able to make these seemingly ferocious animals do their bidding?

With those thoughts in mind, Luna gave Mark and his daughters one last glance before turning back to the group they helped.

Farel and his group did not have much time to pay more attention to their saviors. It was because an urgent situation came up.


The woman named Diah coughed out blood from her mouth. She began to convulse so violently that Farel and the others had to hold her down to prevent her injuries from worsening. However, even if they did so, they had no way of treating her.

"Remove her armor!"

Farel ordered.


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