1091 A Battle In The Southside Peak, The Little Cat Girl Versus The Giant Impostor

Day 360 - 3:15 PM - Market Area, Southside Peak, Muria Sacred Fortress, Mount Muria, Central Java, Indonesia

The loud screech echoed throughout the hospital and the surrounding areas. It alarmed everyone affected. It was, after all, a screech that seemed to affect their very soul.

Many people felt numbed as the screech entered their ears. Those with stronger bodies managed to endure, but even those people felt their legs becoming shaky.

At the parking area in front of the hospital, the waiting members of the Moon Chasers were also affected by the soul-affecting screech. Knowing that something bad could be happening, they tried to respond. However, being parked too close to the hospital did not do them good, as it also rendered most of them numb.


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