1105 [Face Wearer Crushers], The Fight at the Southern Clearings

Day 364 - 6:48 PM - South Area, 38th Satellite Settlement, Muria Sacred Fortress, Mount Muria, Kudus Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

At the same time, when the enemies in the north began to move, the group of [Face Wearers] lurking in the south did the same.

Different from the other two groups, all members of this group of [Face Wearers] had tall, bulky, and muscular bodies. They have large forearms and fists not proportional to the size of their bodies. It was not wrong to say they looked a little similar to the enraged green mutated hero from the West.

The members of the group of [Face Wearers] in the north specialized in assassination with their stealth and high movement speeds. At the gates, the enemy group was in a more balanced category, with its members having a variety of roles they specialized in.

Different from the two, the group of [Face Wearers] in the south specialized in destroying things.


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