Mushoku Tensei: Second Son

A young high school boy, Ren Nakamura, known for his empathy with the side of stubbornness, sacrifices himself to save a girl from assailants, which leads to his death. Suddenly, he awakens in a mysterious new world, reincarnated as the second son of the Greyrat family and the third younger sibling of Rudeus Greyrat.

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20 Chs

Journey to the Dragon Sovereign's Domain

Following Orsted into the forest, he ushered me and Nanahoshi with purposeful strides, his presence a constant reassurance amid the foreign surroundings. The dense canopy of tall trees above filtered the sunlight into dappled patterns on the lush forest floor, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

The forest was alive with the sounds of nature which included birds chirping, leaves rustling, and the distant hum of a stream. Yet, despite the peaceful ambiance, I remained attentive, aware of Orsted's earlier warning about the dangers that lay ahead.

"So... Where are we exactly, Sir Orsted?" I asked, curiosity evident in my voice.

The white-haired man glanced back at me before replying, "We are currently in the Wyrm's Whiskers, a forest area that separates the Northern Territories from the northern part of the Kingdom of Asura."

"I see, but what makes this place dangerous?" I pressed further.

Sighing wearily, he responded, "This location is swarming with monsters and home to many bandits and criminals who fled from the kingdom, so stay close and keep a watchful eye on your surroundings."

I nodded and quickly relayed the information to Nanahoshi. She looked anxious upon hearing it but then pulled herself together and nodded resolutely.

As we ventured further, the temperature began to drop. The lush overgrown foliage gradually gave way to a wintry landscape. Snowflakes started to fall, skimming the ground with a light layer of white. The cold nipped at our faces, and our breath turned into visible puffs of mist.

"Brr~ So cold..."

I wrapped the oversized red coat tightly around myself, shivering slightly due to the freezing wind. Meanwhile, Nanahoshi walked beside me, seemingly unaffected by the cold, all thanks to the blue coat she was wearing. Seeing this, I couldn't help but envy her warmth, wishing I had asked Orsted for the same one as well.

{"What's wrong, Dante? You're shivering?"} Nanahoshi asked, her voice tinged with concern.

Feeling embarrassed, I looked down and replied, {"A little..."}

But then, before I could react, she picked me up and carried me on her arm. The warmth of her coat immediately seeped through the fabric of mine, offering a comforting contrast to the biting cold. Despite my initial embarrassment, I felt grateful for her gesture.

{"Thanks..."} I murmured, trying to hide my face in the folds of her coat.

In response, her hand drew my head closer, soothing me, {"No problem. Just hold on tight."}

While holding onto Nanahoshi, I noticed Orsted glance back at us, taking note of the change in our formation but saying nothing. We continued onward, with the landscape growing more treacherous with each step until we reached the cliffside.

From this vantage point, I could see the edge of the forest, marking the end possible end of our dangerous journey. Not only that, but I caught sight of something floating in the air—a huge castle perched on a floating piece of land.

"Sir Orsted, is that Perugius's fortress?" I asked, shocked by the sight.

Orsted nodded. "Yes, that is the Chaos Breaker, a sky castle that previously belonged to the Armored Dragon King Dora and now serves as the residence of her son, Perugius Dola."

"I see..."

As I gazed at the castle in the sky, I felt a mix of excitement and apprehension. The journey had been tough, but now we were on the verge of uncovering the answers we sought. With renewed determination, I readied myself for whatever lay ahead in the floating fortress.

"Should we proceed further, sir?" I inquired, waiting for his command.

Glancing at his horizon, he replied, "No, we should rest for now."

"Eh? But sir, we're so close to our destination," I countered, eager to reach the fortress.

However, Orsted silently glared at me, sending a shiver down my spine. He then pointed at the horizon he was staring at and said, "It is getting late. Arriving at the fortress at this time is less than ideal for an audience with Perugius."

"Then what should we do?" I pressed, wanting to know our next move.

Orsted sighed, his expression softening slightly. "We will make camp here for the night. It's safer to approach the fortress in daylight when we can see any potential threats."

I translated his words to Nanahoshi, who nodded in agreement. We set up a small camp in a nearby cave, gathering firewood and waiting for Orsted to bring us something to eat.


While waiting for his return, I could see Nanahoshi struggling to rub a stick against a piece of wood, planning to start a fire.

Approaching her, I decided to help out. {"You need a hand, Nanahoshi?"} 

{"No, I got this. My knowledge about camping tells me this method is the most efficient way to make a fire,"} she explained while still rubbing the stick.

However, I could not allow her to work hard for something like this. So, I tapped her shoulder, getting her attention. {"Don't worry, Nanahoshi. I know a more efficient way to start a fire."}

{"Really? What is it?"} she asked, curiosity piqued.

I gestured for her to move aside and then pointed my hand at the campfire she was working on, concentrating my mana to fire a magic spell.

Confused by my action, Nanahoshi asked, {"What are you doing, Dante?"}

{"Making fire with magic,"} I bluntly answered, still focusing my mana.

Nanahoshi furrowed her brows, not believing my answer. {"What are you on about, Dante? Magic isn't real and this certainly not-"}


Before she could finish her sentence, I cast my magic spell on the pile of wood, burning it brightly. I had adjusted the parameters so it wouldn't explode or ruin the campfire.

In response to my work, Nanahoshi's jaw dropped. {"How did you do that?"} she exclaimed, eyes wide with astonishment.

I smiled, feeling a sense of pride. {"Magic, of course. It's not something you see every day in our world, but here, it's quite common."}

She shook her head, still processing what she had just witnessed. {"I can't believe it... That's real magic..."}

{"Yeah, it's a lot to take in,"} I acknowledged, pitying her confusion. "But this is something we need to get used to if we're going to survive in this world."

While we sat by the fire, enjoying its warmth as a welcome relief from the biting cold, Orsted returned shortly after with some wild game to give. He saw the campfire we made, intrigued by the sight of it.

"How did you manage to make a fire so quickly?" he asked, curiosity evident in his voice.

I glanced up at Orsted, a faint smirk on my lips. "Magic, Sir. It's a handy skill to have."

"Magic, huh?" he echoed, furrowing his brows as he approached me. "Who taught you that?"

"It's something I learned from Miss Sylphiette," I replied, recalling my teachings from the day before the bright light took me away from them.

Orsted nodded thoughtfully, seeming to accept my explanation. "Interesting, I didn't expect someone like her to teach magic," he murmured to himself.

Deciding not to dwell on it, we moved on to preparing the food Orsted had brought which is a large pig-like creature. Orsted expertly chopped it into pieces with his ha, and we skewered them before cooking them over the campfire.

Once the meat was done cooking, each of us took one skewer, its flavor was delicious, and the air with a tantalizing aroma. Orsted settled down across the campfire, his posture rigid as ever. Despite his stoic demeanor, I could sense a hint of curiosity in his demeanor, perhaps intrigued by the unexpected display of my magic.

"What else do you know aside from magic?" he inquired, wanting to learn more about me.

I hesitated, pondering whether I should reveal more about myself to Orsted. After a moment of consideration, I decided to share a bit more about my background with him.

"Well, I know swordsmanship from my father, Paul," I began, meeting Orsted's gaze. "Even though I'm only proficient in the beginner level of the Sword God Style, I could still keep up with him despite my small size."

Orsted listened intently, his expression unreadable as he absorbed my words. "I see... This boy might be useful in the future," he mumbled to himself, seemingly planning something.

However, I didn't make a fuss about it and continued eating the cooked meat. After a while, we felt satisfied and content with the meal, deciding to call it a day.

"Sleep well, you two. We'll leave by sunrise," Orsted commanded firmly.

And with that, we settled down for the night, the warmth of the fire and the camaraderie of our group providing comfort from this new snowy place.


On the next day, the three of us left the cave where we had resided and started our descent from the cliffside. The early morning light cast a golden hue over the landscape, and a cool breeze accompanied us as we carefully made our way down the rugged path.

As we descended slowly, I couldn't help but admire the breathtaking scenery that stretched out before us. Vast forests, snowy fields, and distant mountains painted a picture of serene beauty that was hard to ignore despite our pressing circumstances.

{"Wow, it's so beautiful, don't you think, Nanahoshi?"} I asked, wanting to hear her opinion.

The high school girl nodded, agreeing with my sentiment. {"Yes... But it's nothing compared to the landscape of Japan, so let's hurry. I wanted to go home."}

{I know..."} 

Eventually, Orsted led the way toward the forest again, and I noticed shadowy figures lurking behind the trees, seemingly observing us.

"What's wrong, Dante?" asked Orsted, noticing my unease.

Looking around, I voiced my concern. "It seems like something is watching us."

"Don't mind it. Those are just monsters waiting for their prey," he said ominously.

Panic surged through me as I scrutinized the trees. "But why aren't any of them attacking?"

"It's because of my curse," Orsted replied solemnly. "Everyone is fated to fear my presence and will do whatever it takes to stay away from me."

Hearing his tragic explanation, a mix of relief and sympathy washed over me. It seems it all makes sense why he is stoic and socially inept during conversations. He was lonely.

As we moved through the forest, we eventually emerged into a snowy plain. The crisp, cold air was refreshing, and the snow crunched under our boots with each step. The sun was now higher in the sky, casting long shadows across the fresh white landscape.

"We're almost there. Keep moving," Orsted reminded us.

Following his instructions, we continued our journey through the snow. Yet, I couldn't help but notice that the fortress in the sky was getting closer. And not before long, we arrived underneath it, where a ruined monumental structure stood.

We stopped to take in the view. The structure was vast, with towering columns and intricate carvings, now weathered and broken. Vines and moss covered the stone, a testament to the passage of time. Despite its ruined state, the grandeur of the place was still evident.

"What is this place?" I asked, marveling at the ancient architecture.

"This is a much older fortress," Orsted explained. "It once belonged to a powerful civilization that battled in the Human-Demon war. Now it serves as a reminder of what once was."

"I see, but how do we get up there?" I asked, peering up at the sky fortress.

Approaching the center of the monument, Orsted reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a small yellow flute. He blew into the mouthpiece, but no sound came out.

{"Did he blow it wrong? I don't think I heard anything,"} Nanahoshi remarked.

Glancing around the surroundings, I added, {"Nothing is happening as well. What now?"}

"You, speak your names and intention."

Suddenly, a male voice echoed from behind us. Nanahoshi and I swiftly turned to see a tall blonde man clad in an all-white uniform and a yellow fox mask. Orsted strode past us and confronted the man, their gazes locking before one of them spoke.

"Take us to Perugius, Almanfi. We have important business with him."

Time to talk with the Big Boss

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