Mushoku Tensei: Second Son

A young high school boy, Ren Nakamura, known for his empathy with the side of stubbornness, sacrifices himself to save a girl from assailants, which leads to his death. Suddenly, he awakens in a mysterious new world, reincarnated as the second son of the Greyrat family and the third younger sibling of Rudeus Greyrat.

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20 Chs

An Audience with the Armored Dragon King

I was rather surprised. Not only because a man had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but also because we learned his name. Orsted addressed him as Almanfi and requested that he take us to Perugius.

The blonde man regarded us silently for a moment before nodding. "Very well, wait here."

Without another word, he abruptly vanished, leaving me bewildered.

"W-where did he go?" I asked, frantically looking around.

Glancing back at Orsted, he remained calm, his eyes focused on the spot where Almanfi had stood. "He's gone to inform Perugius of our arrival. Be patient."

Hearing his instruction, I reluctantly complied and waited.

Minutes felt like hours as we stood there, waiting. The wind rustled the leaves, creating an eerie yet serene atmosphere. I slowly glanced at Nanahoshi, who seemed equally perplexed, though she tried to mask it with an air of indifference.

{"Hey, Nanahoshi, are you feeling okay?"} I inquired, checking on her well-being.

She sighed softly, nodding. {"I'm fine. Just... anxious, I suppose."}

{"Cheer up, will you. We're so close to getting the answers we always wanted,"} I reassured her earnestly.

In response, Nanahoshi offered a genuine smile. {"Thanks, that meant a lot to me."}

Just as we were settling back into the tense silence, Almanfi reappeared, his appearance materializing as suddenly as it had vanished.

"Perugius has agreed to see you three," he announced in a monotone voice.

My excitement surged, exclaiming, "Really? But how do we get up there?"

"Here, take this," Almanfi instructed, handing each of us a weird device resembling a baton, with intricate patterns and a gem at each end.

Seeing this, I turned to the blonde man, asking, "What are we supposed to do with this?"

"Hold on to the device with both hands and never let go under any circumstances," he urged ominously.

Following his instruction, I grasped the baton-like device with both hands while ensuring that Nanahoshi did the same. With a sense of anticipation, we awaited Almanfi for the next step.

Seeing that we were ready, the blonde man nodded. "Good, now hold on tight."

And with that, he disappeared once more, and a sudden force dragged us upward. The world around us blurred into white, and one by one, we were transported elsewhere.


As I clung tightly to the baton device, a sense of weightlessness engulfed me, as though the ground beneath my feet had dissolved. When I slowly opened my eyes, I found myself in a vast expanse of pure white.

Looking around, I spotted Nanahoshi and Orsted, both still holding their baton devices, being drawn in a specific direction. I too felt the pull of the mysterious force, propelling me upward as if I were riding an invisible zipline.

Gradually, a brilliant light emerged before us, reminiscent of the one we had witnessed back then. We were drawn towards it, unable to resist its irresistible attraction.

I closed my eyes, silently praying for a safe landing. And when I opened them once more, I found myself standing on an enormous circular platform, its intricate pattern resembling the teleportation circles within Orsted's dwelling.

"Nanahoshi? Sir Orsted? Are you both here?" I called out, searching for them.

Suddenly, a strong hand was placed on my shoulder, prompting me to turn around. Standing before me was Orsted, his expression solemn yet reassuring, and beside him was Nanahoshi, her look a blend of astonishment and bewilderment.

{"You alright there, Nanahoshi?"} I asked, concerned for her well-being again.

She turned to me slowly, seemingly awestruck. {"I think so... What just happened?"}

Hearing her perplexed response, I couldn't help but offer her a weary smile.

tap... tap... tap...

Before we could further continue our conversation, the sound of approaching footsteps drew our attention. We turned to see a woman with light blonde hair and a flowing white gown-like robe standing before us. Yet, the most peculiar aspects of all were the magic staff she held, the bird mask on her face, and the pair of jet-black wings adorning her back.

"Welcome, travelers. My name is Sylvaril of the Void, and I am one of the twelve servants of Perugius Dola, the Armored Dragon King. Please state your name and purpose."

The woman's presence exuded an atmosphere of elegance as she introduced herself, her mask covered her gaze while assessing us with a mixture of curiosity and scrutiny.

Responding to her introduction, I stepped forward and stated, "Hello there, Miss. My name is Dante Greyrat. Nice to meet you."

"Hmm, duly noted," the woman acknowledged and shifted her attention to Nanahoshi. "Then how about you, what's your name?" 

Not knowing how to respond to the question, I answered on her behalf, "My friend's name is Nanahoshi Shizuka. She's a bit shy and couldn't talk."

"I see, next."

After that, Orsted stepped forward and bluntly stated, "Take us to your master, Sylvaril. We have an important matter to discuss."

The two individuals stared at each other, their gaze didn't break. That is until I noticed the bird woman's body trembled slightly.

"O-of course, right this way," she instructed, yet her voice barely faltering.

Seeing her frightened reaction, I couldn't help but wonder if this was the effect of Orsted's curse. However, I kept my thoughts to myself, not wanting to offend our host.

Nanahoshi and I followed them, and I was astonished at what I saw upon stepping out of the platform area. Before us was a monumental castle, complete with a huge garden filled with exotic flowers and meticulously maintained greenery.

The castle itself was a marvel of architecture, with towering spires and intricate stonework that spoke of its ancient and powerful origins. 

"Woah, that castle looks downright gorgeous!" I commented exuberantly, my eyes exploring the beautiful structure before us.

Just then, I noticed a slight smile on Sylvaril's face, seemingly amused with my remark. "I'm pleased to see that you are appreciating the scenery, boy."

"You're welcome, Miss. but can I ask what this place is called?" I inquired curiously.

"This is the Chaos Breaker, the abode of Master Perugius," Sylvaril announced proudly with a huff. "Admire its beauty once we enter the castle itself."

I nodded and we continued our way through the grand garden, where the vibrant colors and fragrant scents added to the surreal experience. As we headed closer to the castle, the more impressive it became, with each step revealing more of its elaborate elements.

When we approached the main entrance, two massive doors adorned with antique carvings swung open, revealing a grand hall illuminated by chandeliers that sparkled like stars. The floor was a mosaic of precious stones, creating a breathtaking collage beneath our feet.

Sylvaril then led us through the prosperous corridor, lined with varieties of paintings, statues, and other art pieces, each telling a story of a bygone era. 

"I like these artworks, they are quite impressive," I remarked, admiring the beautiful designs.

Upon hearing my comment, Sylvaril seemed delighted once again. "Your appreciation for the arts will surely be well received by Master Perugius. I will inform him of your kind words and arrange for you to view more of his art collection."

"Really? That would be interesting," I accepted her offer, looking forward to seeing the king's various masterpieces.

After our short conversation, we continued walking through the corridors until we arrived at another entrance, even more extravagant than the previous one.

Upon reaching the door, Sylvaril turned to us and announced, "This is the entrance to Master Perugius' throne room. Please make sure you are prepared."

With that information, the anticipation in the air was palpable as we ready ourselves to meet the Armored Dragon King himself.


As we stood before the grand entrance to Perugius' throne room, Sylvaril stepped forward, her wings rustling slightly as she approached the massive double doors. The design of the grand entrance was a masterpiece in itself, adorned with intricate carvings depicting epic battles and celestial beings. 

Sylvaril placed her hand on the door, and her voice rang out clearly as she spoke.

"Master Perugius, I bring visitors seeking an audience."


A deep, resonant voice responded from within, authorizing us to come in.

With a delicate but firm push, Sylvaril opened the two enormous doors, revealing the throne room. The sight that greeted us was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The room was vast, with high vaulted ceilings and walls lined with banners bearing ancient sigils. 

Witnessing the magnitude of the room, I couldn't help but voice my opinion, "Wow, this place looks quite impressive."

"I'm pleased to hear that."

Suddenly, the voice from earlier responded to my comment. Glancing at the far end of the room, I saw a man sitting on a raised platform. With silver hair and golden sanpaku eyes, he bore a striking resemblance to Orsted, except he wore full white armor.

On both sides of a carpet leading to the throne stood eleven individuals, all wearing various masks but sporting the same white uniform. Their unique presence added to the grandeur and gravity of the setting.

"Come forward," the man on the throne commanded, his voice echoing through the chamber.

We proceeded as told, our steps causing the regal carpet to creak beneath us. As we moved closer, I felt the weight of the eyes of the masked individuals upon us, their scrutiny seeming intense and unwavering.

Upon our arrival in front of the platform, Sylvaril stepped forward and formally announced, "I have brought the guests as requested, Master Perugius. The names of the two individuals are Dante Greyrat and Nanahoshi Shizuka. However, the third one did not disclose his name, but I believe he is someone known to you."

The man who was addressed as Perugius ruffled his beard in curiosity, his golden sanpaku eyes narrowing slightly as he scrutinized us. After a while, he turned his gaze toward Orsted and spoke to him.

"Orsted, you have brought an intriguing pair of individuals here. I mean, a toddler and a girl who couldn't talk? Is this a joke?"

In response to the king's comments, the expression of the stoic silver-haired man remained unchanged, retorting, "These individuals have distinctive qualities and important information unknown to this world. I assure you, they are more significant than they appear."

"Is that so?" Perugius considered Orsted's words, seemingly fascinated. He shifted his focus to me and asked, "Tell me, boy, what is it that you seek?"

With that question, I took a deep breath, ready to explain our desperate situation, right here and now.

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