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When A Dragon Just Wants To Sleep 2

(Third Person POV)

-Throne Of God-

A shining city, a paradise made real, an ever distant silver city among the clouds. Throughout history, it would be known by many names, but to most, the shining brilliance of the endless paradise would be known as Heaven.

The home of the angels that were thankfully not biblically accurate eldritch horror, where they resided and served their creator, the Lord God, Yahweh, Elohim, and many other names. He was also a collector of many things; it was he who took the breath of Ymir, the womb of Tiamat, the primordial mother, and the spirit of the leprechaun, among other things.

God, in this moment, however, was lost in thought as he sat upon his throne.

Michael is second born; the second in command of Heaven looked to his Father with worry as he asked, "Lord Father, what troubles you? I have not seen you so distant since the fall of Helel."

God would look to his son and say, "Possibility is what troubles me, my son. A new piece has been added to the board, and an entirely new player has arisen from beyond my sight. I know this being exists, but I cannot find them, yet my visions of the future become cloudier with each passing minute."

Michael, kneeling before his Father, eagerly asked, "What shall be done, Lord Father?"

God would then stand up from his throne and walk to his son before saying, "Sadly, my son, you will do nothing as if this being is strong enough to evade my precognition. He is much more powerful than you, and I fear for the safety of your brothers and sisters should you fall in this curiosity of mine."

"But why, Lord Father?! We exist to serve and to die for you. Let us fulfill our purpose." God would simply shake his head and place a hand on his son's shoulder.

"I admire your drive, my son, and your loyalty and love for me, but that could become your greatest weakness. I am still powerful even after creating all of you, as currently, my only threats are those high-level dragons of Dream and Infinite. Besides, let an old man have his questions and search for his own answers, much like how I expect all of you to do once this is all over."

"Lord Father, you must have heard the news from the Underworld. What he and Lilith have done is disgusting. According to our reports, Lilith is barely cognizant now, barely hanging on by a thread."

"I know, my son, I know. It saddens me greatly to see my child used in such a way. I had never thought that my son would go so far as to prove how I was wrong in my creation of humanity. Yet even after the tests from the other gods, they have still survived, and while they do war with each other, it's just how they learn." God looks off his balcony towards the rest of Heaven and smiles.

Michael would stand and say solemnly, "I understand, Lord Father, but do let us know immediately if you require our assistance. We may be able to keep this new factor out of play, or at least not on the side of our fallen family." God would then hug his son as Michael would do the same.

"I am always proud of each and every one of you, but do remember that all that has fallen is not lost forever. But do try to keep Gabriel from freaking out once I'm gone. She would search all the realms for me if I disappeared." Michael would then smile slightly as, knowing Gabriel, she would be looking for God everywhere, no matter the place.

It reminds him of the time that God, on one of his collectathons, as he calls them, forgot to tell the archangels where he was going, and Gabriel was quite literally the cause of a crusade by accident. Even now, she forgets how powerful her beauty and her purity are to a mortal man as it is both a great and terrible thing.

"But father, if you can't find him with your precognition, how are you going to locate him?" God would then seem to smile with life in his eyes.

"Well, you see, that is the beauty of it, my son. It is one of the first times where I'm going to have to look for something the old-fashioned way. I just need to find my magnifying glass, coat, and hat." Michael would then look on with a smile of acceptance as God had always been an eccentric being.

God would then disappear in a small burst of light as Michael returned to his duties as the second in command. But while he accepted his role with utter and complete honor, every time you looked at the Throne of God, he always got a chilling feeling from it, yet he did not know why.

Ignoring the feeling, he would return to lower levels of Heaven in order to keep training the angels for the upcoming conflict. Nothing would be the same after it, and it is not knowing that makes Michael so afraid.

(Cal POV)

"Wake up, young one." I would hear a voice say next to me as I tried to remain absolutely still.

"I know you are awake young one I can hear your heartbeat and I'm not one of those Tyrannosaurs and my vision is not based on movement." I would then slowly open my eyes and see a large sapphire dragon staring at me as I simply gave it a wave.

The dragon would then chuckle to itself as it says "You know I never thought I would have a day where a dragon would sleep in my Nest uninvited. But I guess there is a first time for everything. Now young one do you have a name? If you cannot speak, write it into the ground."

I would then take a breath and think of a name for myself, as this would be a defining moment for me. My future enemies and allies will know of this name and tremble in fear!-

"Your name is Calduin?" Tiamat would ask in a curious tone.

I would give her a narrowed look as I'm not great with names, okay?!

I would then huff and turn around, as the dragon would shrug and ask, "Do you know if your parents are still alive?"

I would shake my head as the dragon would sigh in exasperation. Still, with an understanding look, she would say, "I understand that you are young and you did not know that this Kate was occupied, so I will forgive this transgression but do know that you are a very tight hugger, I could barely get you to let go of me."

If I could blush in embarrassment, I would, but I simply try to make myself as small as possible. The dragon would then unfurl its wings and say, "You should feel honored, young one, as not many are able to leave the Cave of the Chaos Karma Dragon Tiamat. But since I am a benevolent Dragoness, I shall allow you to live here until you are grown up enough to fight for yourself."

I would then smile at her as she quickly turned around and said, "Alright, for now, it's time for the basics, Calduin. I'm going to make a terrifying dragon out of you yet!"

Is it too late to go back to bed? The smile she's giving me is not exactly welcoming. But before I could scramble back into the cave, she picked me up with her teeth on my neck and carried me out of the warm and safe indoor cave.

My look of despair must have been funny as she smiled to herself before her face returned to her normal resting apathy. The walk wasn't long, but being held aloft by someone's teeth is uncomfortable, so I would wiggle around to get her attention as she gets the message and then drop me on my face.

It hasn't even been a day in this world, and I've already been abused. I will remember this Tiamat.

She looked at me with an amused expression and said, "It seems you've grown up enough to walk on your own, so feel free, but do try to keep up. "Tiamat charged her way through the dead woods as I scrambled behind her.

Our walk would last a few minutes as I took in the place I found myself in. It seemed the woods themselves went on forever; all of them were just dead trees, and the energy I could feel from this place was just wrong like it was covered in a thin layer of muck that I just didn't want to touch with a thousand-foot pole.

Tiamat notices my unease as she says, "It seems that you are sensing the negative energies. I can understand your unease as I myself do not enjoy feeling it, and it's only gotten worse since those bats have started to populate. Do be careful, Calduin, as while they are lesser, they have many abilities that are simply unnatural."

Nodding to her, she continued walking until we found a large clearing in the forest, and as she took a tree from the ground and placed it in front of me, she would say, "All right, let's get down to business, the basics of a dragon, lie in understanding our innate abilities. But nearly every dragon has common abilities, such as our ability to breathe fire and many other advantages. Never let them go to your head, Calduin, as while you are a young dragon unless you stand at the top, you must always look up and down. Now, I need you to focus your power into a blast of energy from your chest to your mouth."

I would then follow her instruction and reach into the core of my power, and again, the supernova within my soul would try to overwhelm me, but I would control it as it was my power, and I would not allow my own strength to be used against me. I would then take a deep breath and blast myself away due to the pure force behind my fire breath.

Tiamat then caught me with her wing, and I was blasted backward because I did not meet her eyes. I stood back up and tried again. 

This time, I managed to let out a small blaze from my mouth, but for some reason, it was colored in multiple shades of varying light. The tree from before was atomized as I was blasted back again into Tiamat. I would feel strained slightly at the effort.

I could sense that I was wasting power on my movements as well as my magic, but I was getting there. As I looked to Tiamat for further instruction, she would look at me as if I was a monster, which I could not understand as I was a good and harmless dragon.

(Tiamat POV)

What was that?!

The fire he let out was nearly as hot as a volcano but multiplied by a hundred times. An attack like that would cripple a high-class being if not kill them immediately upon contact. But what made it worse was that the flame had something that even I could not understand.

It feels conceptual in a way, but I can't Define what it is. It just keeps shifting and improving over time, and as I looked at the young dragon as he smiled and waited for the next exercise, I would look at him in shock, but also some annoyance as his speed of learning was massive as a young dragon would take time to learn to control their fire breath, and he did it in a few tries!

Such potential was staggering, and my greed started to act up as it desired. I kept this gem for myself. The fact that his scale shined in such a golden luster akin to a star made this urge of mine increase to a level that even I could not fathom. Yet, as I looked into his eyes, I could not do it.

Maybe it was the earnest innocence in his eyes, or maybe it was my own insanity acting up, but I couldn't do that to this young one. Maybe I am growing soft in my time here.

Regardless, I need to keep him safe as I NEED to see how far he can go. But for now, baby steps. I'm also going to need to regrow those trees eventually. Maybe I should think about getting a caretaker for this Forest?