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In the chaotic multiverse, lost stories abound as events occur across infinite timelines and possibilities. The realm is infinite, with infinite variabilities, making it a fascinating and intriguing concept to explore. Share your ideas in the comments without hesitation, and I will consider turning them into either snippets or short stories. Expect one every couple of days.

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The Flesh Is Weak 1 (Amazo SI) (Young Justice)

Waking up is not my favorite activity.

In fact, you could count it among my least favorite activities for the day, as the tiredness just never seems to fade. But usually, when people wake up, they expect to wake up either in their beds or temporary housing.

I did not expect to wake up with a fist in my face.

[Access: Superman]

A robotic voice states as it catches the punch and throws the man into a nearby group of trees. As the man goes flying, multiple smoke bombs are thrown as arrows and other objects try to stab into me.

But as quickly as they entered, they were shot back out, to which the men that launched them looked on with momentary surprise.

Wait, that's Batman and Robin Hood! No, wait, that's Green Arrow. I remember the CW show from when I tried to watch it. I never could get past the first season, though. For some reason, it just didn't interest me.

But why are they attacking me?

Unless… Reality catches up to me as I lift up my arms and see fake skin that barely hides the metallic parts. The sudden pause seemed to embolden the people around me as a blonde woman screamed at me and launched me away. 

The distance is barely a couple of meters, but as soon as I fall, I see a man with green skin rise from the ground in front of me. He then grabs my arm and rips it off, yet I feel nothing.

"Take him down hard!" The man with a lightning bolt on his chest yells out as he rushes me, but before he can get me, I allow the body to do the fighting for me as I fall into the various combat subroutines and protocols.

[Access: Martian Manhunter]

The man Who was flying at me then went right through me. After he managed to phase all the way through me, I gripped his leg and proceeded to slam him into the ground multiple times in rapid succession before throwing him at the Batman, who managed to dodge at the last second.

[Acess: Superman]

I then rush the caped crusader and grip him by the head, holding him in a chokehold as I lift him up using my one arm. But then a thought struck me as my arm was still intact, so I tried to will it back to me, and something just seemed to click as the arm then walked towards me and launched back into its socket. 

The Nanomachines then do near instantaneous repairs on my ripped-off arm easily by attaching it in mere milliseconds. But before I can do anything else, I am slammed in my abc as I am grabbed by Superman and lifted into the sky.

"Who are you?!" He yells as he slams his fists into me multiple times, but I have already shifted to Martian Manhunter and phased out of his grip.

[ Access: Flash]

As I hit the ground using Flash's superspeed, I slammed Green Arrow and Black Canary into the ground and then threw them into the ground after jumping into the air.

[Access: Superman]

I then use my laser eyes to disable the bowman by burning the strings on his bow to ashes. Before Canary could get up, I grabbed her by the neck, and as I went to choke her, I suddenly stopped as a subroutine activated, and I heard a voice in my head.

"You are doing well, Amazo, but do not kill them so quickly. The light requires them for their plans, and I want that suffering to be slow before I show these results to the rest of the council."


I am then returned control as I search every subroutine and code in the body for that control mechanism, and using the nanites, I search my entire body nearly instantaneously, and as I delve further into the code, I find multiple safeguards to prevent hacking and someone else disabling or even activating my self destruct.

I need more time, so I need to keep putting up appearances.

As Black Canary falls to the ground with a decent scratch on her arm due to how she hits the ground, I then look to the rest of the League. It's a wonder how amazing I wasn't able to defeat the League even faster with the amount of processing power I'm able to access. I can think of hundreds of different plans to take them down in mere seconds using various separations of consciousness.

In this instance, infinite trains of thought or code are running at speeds that should be nearly impossible for the level of technology on a normal Earth, but this is no normal Earth. 

[Access: Flash]

I then blitz behind Batman, slam my fist into his stomach and then proceed to rapidly punch him across his body before dodging a hit from Captain Marvel. I then activate Superman to grab him again and throw him into Batman, taking the caped crusader out of the fight temporarily as Captain Marvel is able to catch himself and Batman mid-throw and reorient himself.

Then, accessing Black Canary, I use it on the ground behind me as I turn my head and turn the ground behind me into Rubble as a flash attempts to punch me, causing him to trip and fall right onto me.

As he looked up at my glowing red eyes, he chuckled and said, "Truce?" I don't answer him as I grab the man and break his left leg, causing him to scream out in pain. 

But from my records, he has an enhanced healing factor, which should be able to heal him within a few hours, so I then kick him away as Wonder Woman rushes me with her sword as she swings at speeds that surpass the fastest fighter jets.

But what confuses me is that if I remember correctly, Amazo was able to adapt to anything and copy the powers of anyone, yet I'm only able to use one at a time. 

 This must be some kind of alternate universe where I'm weaker, possibly. But as I think of this and reminisce over the old animated show I watched as a kid, I feel the nanites within me respond and cover my body.

The League then stops as my form shifts and contorts while my systems start to shut down as Ivo tries to shit me down remotely.

"What are you doing Amazo?! You obey me! How are you doing this!" His voice then goes silent as I cut off his communications, and Wonder Woman, believing that I was distracted, charges me again with her sword and shield. I then grip her sword and look her in the eyes. I then use the metal from the sword to increase the nanites within my body, with her shield being taken as well.

[Your services are no longer required. Now let the adults do their work.]

Wonder Woman's eyes widen, seeing her weapons taken from her, and she tries to punch me with rage in her eyes. The cause of her rage is uncertain as I do not know if these weapons are precious to her or if they are just normal weapons in this continuity. It doesn't matter as I access Martian Manhunter, and she phases right through me.

I thought they would learn from me doing this before, but I guess I am overestimating their intelligence. My form then coalesced into a silver shape with increased height but the same glowing eyes. I sighed and looked to the League.

[Well, this is nice. It's all of you against all of me. At least that's what is expected of me.]

I manipulated my mechanical voice to sound like Ultron from the second Avengers movie, as I liked his voice.

The Justice League looks on with confusion as I stand up straight and look at each one of them. My systems catalog their powers, and I feel my form shift slightly as I adapt to their powers.

"You broke my leg!" The Flash on the ground yells as I tilt my head at him and look off into the distance with Superman trying to laser me. I turn my head 180 degrees and meet his lasers with my own, and the force of the meeting lasers causes an explosion of light before I see Superman winding up a punch. I simply phase through the punch, but he then summons his lasers again after turning around and lasering the area around me.

Ah, he expects me to be weakened, as the classic cliche goes, as the adapting robot also takes the weaknesses. But here's the thing about Martians: Their weakness isn't actually a physical weakness to fire; it's more of a mental block than a physical weakness, so I simply stare up at Superman before then slamming my fist into his face and sending him across the county.

[Now, if we are done fighting like children, I would like to take my leave.]

"Excuse you?" Captain Marvel says, baffled as I turn my eyes towards him.

[You are excused, Billy.]

His eyes widened at the mention of his anime as I looked to the others before giving them a small wave and soaring up into the air using Manhunters's ability to shift his density and make myself invisible to the naked eye.

(Third Person POV)

The Justice League then tried to give chase before a disoriented Batman contacted the fliers, saying, "You won't find him. Return to the ground."

The Flash, who was about to pick himself up, then asked, "What are we supposed to do then? We have apparently self-aware AI that can use our powers. Tell me you have a plan."

Batman then pulls out a small bat-pad and looks at the screen. His batarangs that sunk into Amzao were laced with tracking devices, but he frowned when he saw their signal give out over the Atlantic Ocean.

The Flash, seeing the signal go dead, just sighs as Wonder Woman lands back at the site of the battle, with Superman and the others collecting themselves.

Superman would then look off into the distance as he said, "I know where he is going."

Batman simply gives him a questioning look as Superman elaborates, "The Fortress. He wants the Fortress and its technology."

The League would then look to Superman and Wonder Woman with Captain Marvel and Martian Manhunter as they all took off and flew towards the North Pole. 

At the same time, the nonfliers returned to their ship nearby in order to use the zeta tubes to get to the Fortress Of Solitude. Batman would take the Flash over his shoulder as he carried him to the ship due to his broken leg. While Green Arrow would take Black Canary and place her in a seat on the ship as she was still unconscious.

(Amazo POV)

The lack of feeling is interesting as if I were a normal human, I would be freezing my ass off while parts of my body would break off due to being frozen, but now it's like a walk in the park. In all honesty, I expect this just to be a dream, but the fact that I'm still here says otherwise. I can't find it in myself to feel anything about it other than simply acceptance.

It's not as if I want to be able to return to a form that can emulate human function, but whether I want to is the question. Besides, I have somehow found myself in the body of one of the strongest beings in this Multiverse, at least with time. Still, I am going to need to figure out a way to adapt to Magic, as even with my new form, I still hold the weaknesses of the League and an inability to copy powers based on magic.

It's why Amazo was never able to truly use Captain Marvel's powers, or Shazam in this case, due to his powers coming from the authorities he has or the connections he has with his gods. I needed ideas, and I needed tech, so where is the best repository of advanced technology that I could know about the top of my head, The Fortress of Solitude?

I could feel my control over technology increasing by the second as I became further infused by the machine. However, the prerogative still remains, at least from the original Amazo, which is to evolve and adapt. I may involve myself in a few personal vendettas in this world, but in the grand scheme, they mean nothing.

As I saw the door to the fortress, I placed a hand on the door and spread my nanites into the alien structure. I feel the systems attempting to fight back, but I simply overwhelm their control. By no means was it easy as in cyberspace; it was as if weeks had passed, even if I was only standing there physically for a couple of minutes.

The door then opened as I walked into the repository of alien tech, and I saw many things I could use for later. But I'm not actually even here to take anything as I could simply Infuse my nanites into this place and learn all I need to learn in order to create them myself later.

The alarms then go off as I see the League's fliers heading this way. By my calculations, I only have about a few minutes, but that's all I need as I then use my annites to create a USB on my fingers and download everything this fortress has. 

 From schematics to even prototypes, my memory banks are then filled with so much knowledge truly the Kryptonians were masters of their technology.

Since this is a superhero Universe, I could eventually create clones of Kryptonians myself if I ever require an army of fleshy minions. I then retract my arm after learning all I need to learn, and not a second too soon. As the doors are broken, they see me sitting on one of the crystals in a thinking position.

"What is your endgame?" The man of steel asks.

[It's rather simple, you see.]

All of them prepare to fight as my eyes glow red.

[Peace In Our Time.]

Then, the fists started flying.

Essences Used: Machine, Eternity