Multiversal Elden Ring Mercant

What happens to an obsession once someone dies? Some may fade away, some may eat at your soul for all eternity. Some, however, are so strong they can warp reality itself. A man obsessed with Elden Ring to the point of challenging this universes laws, what kind of story would that be I wonder?

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Hey guys, sorry again about no chapter yesterday. My family wanted to go shopping for Xmas trees (along with decorations, lights, etc) and we stayed for like five hours lol. I'm feeling much better now so let's get this show back on the road. 


So, this is a pretty complicated situation. I'm basically a top tier entity in this world now, but that doesn't mean I can do whatever I want. Guy Crimson isn't someone I really want to fight, and Rudra has an annoying kit. I have an insane kit myself, Dio in particular being broken as shit. A big question is do I fight the three of them? 

Velzard and Velgrynd are pretty weak, at least compared to me, but Milim is a certified monster. Even now, she is still moving despite Time Lord Dio being active, and she's getting faster. Whatever, I can use them to test how strong I am now, and worst case I retreat back to the Great Caravan. 

Dio won't really give me an idea of who I can fight. For now, I won't use Dio to stop time, but that doesn't mean I can't use it in other ways. As soon as I deactivate Dio, I use Void to teleport directly Infront of the three. We all stop, and we just look at each other. Well, if they don't want to talk, a fight it is. I open my Gloam Eye and catch the eyes of the two dragons and make them engage physically. 

I use Starscourge to pull down a meteor the size of the moon at them. I use void to instantly allow it to appear directly above them. Milim rushes at the meteor with a laugh, and the two dragons attempt to rush me. Man, they look slow. My perception speed is 100,000,000 times as fast as them with the use of Time Lord Dio to alter my perception of time. 

I try to force them to stop them with void, and put myself in a separate dimension from them, but they break through pretty easily. Unique skills can only do so much to an Ultimate Skill. Milim punches the meteor, and it shatters. I quickly teleport above Milim and use Starscourge to make the fragments true stars. I add on Destined Death to the mini suns, making them black and red balls of fire. 

Even Milim puts on a serious face, and starts to erratically dodge the suns, the two dragons take their human form and do the same. I use the Fell Flame skill to further augment the suns, instantly and drastically expanding their radius. Milim still manages to dodge, and do does Velgrynd, but Velzard gets clipped by one before they all vanish. 

"AAAAAUUUGHHHHH!" Velzard's scream echoes loudly as she holds her burning arm. Velgrynd flies in front of her defensively as Milim rushes me. Fuck it, we ball. I use Warrior to drastically increase my physical attributes and add destined death onto my fists. As our fists collide, I can feel my bones shatter and an explosion of inertia sends us both back countless kilometers. Fucking hell, how is she that strong? Note to self, don't fuck around and you won't find out. At least she didn't get out unscathed, Destined Death is no joke. 

I teleport back to see Velzard has removed her arm and Velgrynd rushes me immediately. I summon Hand of Melenia and augment it with Destined Death, Fell Flame, Rot, and my own cursed Omen Blood. I easily dodge her assault and cleave clean across her chest. The laceration is a cesspool of blood, flames, and rotten seeds. Her body starts to decay, and I can feel Godslayer activate. Godslayer negates all regeneration below a certain threshold. 

"NO!" Velzard shouts at me and flies towards the falling Velgrynd, but before she can get too far, I get a staff in my hand and blast her with Comet Azure. A massive blue wave of pure magical power rockets out of my staff, and the wave itself is larger than Gohan's Kamehameha against cell. I use Void to freeze the space and Dio to slow her down. There's no escape, and she is consumed by the energy wave. 

My vision changes, and I see Milim clock me across the planet, so I duck and Milim rushes over my head. Future vision is so OP, it's like observation Haki on copious amounts of steroids. Velzard falls into the water below along with Velzard. Velzard is in horrible shape, if I don't save her the combination of Rot and Destined Death will truly kill her, with no hope of resurrection. I really don't want to kill her, were both technically dragons. 

I activate my Gloam Eye and catch Milim in my gaze, and I see everything. Wrathful King Satanael, her other skills, and her fate, all her possible actions are mine to see. Along with my future vision, I can force the best outcome possible for me. I prod her into blindly rushing in for a physical brawl. She has infinite magicules with Magicule Breder Reactor, so I don't really want a long fight. I could barely handle that punch earlier, but she can't touch me. 

I evade every blow and attack and prod her to get angrier and angrier with my Gloam Eye. Slowly, she's becoming more erratic and less sane. My skills can't really bypass her defense, apart from Destined Death but it's only a unique skill. Soon her punches are blasting air pressure and I have to dodge by an even larger margin. 

I invest more than half my magicules and create a set of armor with Armament Lord Krishna. The armor has insane shock absorption, to the point that I should be able to tank some hits. Her boost from Satanael works in speed, durability, power, and other physical attributes. Soon, I'm just not fast enough and she grazes my armor. I don't take much damage, but my armor cracks a little. All intellect is gone from her eyes, so it's time to see if this works. 

I tank a hit and command her with Elden Lord Vyke. "Sleep." My voice is calm and composed, but it has a pressure to it that I can't really explain. My magicule reserves practically vanish and my armor shatters. I'm sent flying into the water and barely manage to stop myself from crashing into the floor. Thankfully my armor took almost all of the damage, so I'm pretty much unharmed. 

I can't really use any skills with my current magicule count, so I swim. I grab Velzard and Velgrynd on my way up to the surface. I stop the effects of my skills on Velgrynd and soon she is back to normal, apart from the massive scar across her chest. I see a sleeping Milim floating on the water's surface and grab her too. Millicent, how did I do?

Master, that was extremely dangerous. The only reason that worked on Milim was because you reduced her sanity at an accelerated rate before the command. The need for testing was paramount, but there was no need for you to do it with foes like these. Please be more careful.

Yeah, sorry. If I die you die too. I need to do some more studying on my skills. Sorry for not using you at all, I wanted to see what I could do on my own. 

Master, you wouldn't have had to take that last hit if you had given me control of your body to keep evading. 

I know, okay? At the very least I regenerate magicules quickly. Soon enough, I have enough to safely teleport back to tempest. The first thing I see are a bunch of evolved goblins and wolves, with Rimuru looking at me like I'm Shaquil Oniel. I'm tired as hell, and basically have no magicules left, so I just sit down and lay the three unconscious girls down. 

"Dude, what did you do? You just got here and you're beating up dragons and demon lords! What the hell?" Rimuru speaks up first and it's a fair thing to say. He and Tempest will get a lot of recognition from this event. 

"Calm down man, it's not that serious. Besides, I'll just protect you until you can do it yourself."

"Ugh, whatever Kale. Why can't you act like a regular merchant?"

"HEY! I'm a fantastic merchant, and you know it!"

"Ah yes, every merchant goes around beating the shit out of dragons and demon lords, how could I forget."

"If you can't protect your wares, you're not a good merchant."

"They weren't even after your wares! Who knows why they were here? Never mind, arguing with you is like arguing with a brick wall." Rimuru shakes his head before looking back at all his subordinates. "Everyone, this is my friend Kale. He's a merchant." 

They all bow and shout, "Hello lord Kale! Thank you for all your help!" Rimuru smacks himself in the forehead and sighs. I can't help but comment, "Look, at least some people know how to appreciate me, and to think your my friend." I shake my head in mock disappointment. 

He just looks me dead in the eyes. "Shut up Kale." Then he walks away, into a pretty big hut compared to the others. The hobgoblins and tempest wolves just kind of look at me awkwardly before going about their business. My magicules are almost fully regenerated now, so I'm feeling pretty good overall, apart from being mildly tired. 

A few hours later, and none of the three have woken up. Did I go too hard on them? Wait, that sounds wrong. The goblins built me a hut only slightly smaller than Rimuru's. Their loyalty and devotion show even in the small stuff. Rimuru came and we talked about what happened. We agreed to postpone the trip to Dwargon for now. 

But I have to deal with this. In front of me stands Guy Crimson, the demon lord of demon lords. Man, I hope he doesn't want to fight. It's not like I killed Velzard or anything, so it should be fine. We've just been staring at each other for a while, and Rimuru is behind me with a very focused face. Speaking of which, how did he know about dragons and demon lords? Probably great sage. 

"Who are you?" Guy speaks up first. His tone is even and calm, so I can't really tell much from that. I don't want to use my Gloam Eye and risk starting a fight here. 

"I'm Kale, a merchant and friend of Rimuru. I didn't kill anyone, so here, you can take them back. Id appreciates it if you left. Neither of us need this fight." I keep my voice as even as possible, despite being ready to fight at a moment's notice. I'll have to use everything I've got, and ill also have to protect Tempest from the fallout. 

He stands still for a second, before grabbing Velzard, Velgrynd and Milim. He smiles at me and says, "We'll meet again Kale. I'm looking forward to it." Then he teleports away with the three of them. As soon as he's gone, everyone but me and Rimuru collapse and take huge deep breaths. Rimuru sighs and sits down holding his head. 

I join him and we look at each other. "Well, that was stressful." I try to joke around and liven the atmosphere, but it doesn't really work. "_____" I hear Rimuru mumble something, before he looks up at me with a determined expression. 

"I hate it. I hate that feeling of being useless. Kale, I don't want to have to hide behind you every time something like this happens." I try to say something to him, but he cuts me off and continues. "Kale, I need to get stronger. A lot stronger, and fast. You'll help me right? I can't hide behind you every damn time!"

I sit down beside him and pat his shoulder. "Yeah, alright. I was gonna help you anyway, but we can speed it up. We'll get strong enough to kick that guy's ass easily." 

Besides, it's not like Rimuru needs me to reach that level and surpass it. I'm just gonna help the process go a little faster. 

Okay, maybe a lot faster. This is a good time to test out Finger Maiden Melina. 


So I've found fight scenes to be pains in the ass. Anyway, thanks for the read and sorry again about the wait. 

Also, do you want me to release an auxiliary chapter with all his skills? Lemme know. 

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