Multiversal Elden Ring Mercant

What happens to an obsession once someone dies? Some may fade away, some may eat at your soul for all eternity. Some, however, are so strong they can warp reality itself. A man obsessed with Elden Ring to the point of challenging this universes laws, what kind of story would that be I wonder?

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A Merchant in the Fog

Hey, author here, just wanted to make some things clear.

Okay so English is my first and only language, so if I fuck up at some point you have every right to make fun of me, so do it lol. I'm not the best writer but I'm gonna give it my best shot and try to make a decent story that makes at least some sense.

I'm terms of Elden Ring knowledge, I've seen some VatiVidia videos so I'm basically an expert. Seriously though, I've beaten the game 8 times now and have a pretty damn good grasp of the lore, especially after watching VatiVidia. Again though, I'm not perfect. Make fun of me so I can fix it lol.

The MC will make trips to other verses that I will keep as a surprise. One thing though, the items powers will be based on lore more than gameplay, so I might just wildly buff an item because of lore (Or because I feel like it lol).

Last thing

'Ex'= Inner Thoughts

"Ex"= Verbal Speach

*Ex*= action (like a cough or some shit)


Sorry for the long intro, here we go!


Late at night, around three in the morning, many remain awake for various reasons. Some can sleep, some wish to evade nightmares, some have work, and others simply don't wish to sleep yet.

One such individual refused sleep for the simple reason that he was enjoying his game too much. The young seventeen year old boy was simply obsessed with a little game called Elden Ring. He stayed up night after night hunting for all its secrets, and now he has beaten the game over seventy times. Only now, does his obsession slightly abate.

Shadow of the Erdtree

And just like that, that obsession returned one hundred fold. Countless hours and sleepless night contemplating what awaits him in the DLC. Will Godwyn and Miquella finally be expanded on? What about Saint Trina and Sleep mechanics? Deathblight? Marika and Radagon being one entity being truly explained? He couldn't wait!

Then, after many months of basking in his own obsession, the day of Shadow of the Erdtrees release finally came. All of his obsession and energy exploded as he spammed his mouse on the purchase button.

Unfortunately, all that energy erupting at once was more than his mortal heart could handle.

At age 17, Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James The Third Jr, perished due to his heart attack.

But there was no rest awaiting his soul. No eternal joy in a palace of clouds, no judgment in purgatory, no boundless darkness. Wither this was fortunate or not, he shall soon find out.


When I woke up, I wasn't in my room, or really anywhere at all. All around me was just a white mist. What the hell? Last thing I remember was sitting at my PC, getting ready for the Elden Ring expansion. Everything went dark, and I woke up where ever the hell this is.

Fuck, does this mean I can't play the DLC? I waited over a year to play that! Nevermind, priorities, I gotta get out of here. My phones not in my pocket, so I can't call for help. I guess I'll just walk forward, gotta find something eventually.


What. The. Fuck! I've been walking for TWO HOURS! I don't see shit, just more pale white mist like some indie horror movie. Wait a second, why am I so sure it's been two hours? Not like I have a watch or anything to tell time. Actually, I have no clue what I'm wearing or actually have. Why did it take me so long to question that? I even checked my pocket for my phone!

I strip everything off me and holy shit, that's not what I was wearing! It looks like the wandering traders set from Elden Ring, I'd know it anywhere. I've almost memorized all the items and equipment in Elden Ring, it's something I'm proud of.

Dude, priorities. What do I know right now?

I was at my computer, I fell asleep I think? No, I wouldn't fall asleep just before playing Shadow of the Erdtree. Anyway, I somehow ended up in a weird misty Plaine wearing a wandering trader armor set from Elden Ring. I haven't noticed a damn thing in this mist, no trees or even rocks.

This seems like some reincarnation fan fiction, but that would never happen to me. I didn't die.


Fuck my life, am I dead? Just like that? I'll never be able to play Elden Ring again? No family, friends? Okay I don't have friends, but still! I was only seventeen and I died just like that? How? Aren't I supposed to get a God to explain and give me wishes or something? This is so bullshit.

Why am I so calm? I literally just found out I died and possibly reincarnated. Is that part of my cheat? Anyway, I probably shouldn't be standing here naked lost in thought.

I put back on my armor set and get to walking. So let's make some educated guesses. I'm assuming my situation revolves around Elden Ring, given the traders set and everything. But if I'm meant to be a trader, wherew my donkey and campfire, more importantly, my merchandise?

Less than two seconds later, I see some light in the distance. You have got to be kidding me. I bolt to the light and next thing I know I'm beside a small campfire with an absurdity large donkey. Looking around, it's obvious. I'm in the ruins of the church of Elleh. So I'm basically Kale? But my set is gray, not red.

I'll think about that later, more importantly, I need to look inside the bag on the donkey to check my merchandise. For now, I'll name the donkey Torrent, after the spectral steed. Unless I have actual torrent, then we'll see.

I open the massive burlap sac only to find it empty. Really, not even a cracked pot? Just as I reach in I feel something round, and I pull out a cracked pot. Hold up, I think I might be more op than I probably should.

Maliketh's Black Blade?

I reached into the pack and felt a handle. With a gently pull, out emerged the sword of death. I held it up and felt my soul shiver. This was a blade forged with a piece of death itself, containing a concept of death strong enough to kill gods. This was the blade that struck fear into even the likes of Radahn. I could feel it. One cut and I would die, with no chance at resurrection.

I put it back in the sac, my dumbass my nick myself and die. Afterwards I tried countless different items.

Blessed Dew Talisman, Crimson Tear Flask, Rowan Fruit, Ritual Pots, Marikas Hammer, Crimson Burst Tear, Comet Apell, Meteor Staff, Finger Seal, Black Flame Tornado, Black Knife Tiche, and many more.

Some items were slightly different than in game. Spells like comet came out as scrolls, ashes of war came out as slips of paper depicting an image of the ash, and summons like Tiche came out as a little urn containing some fine white ashes.

I couldn't help but take a deep breath to calm down. My cheat was very OP. I had every item in Elden Ring, and the upper ceiling of power was Low Solar System.

But one thought couldn't escape my mind. If I was meant to be a merchant, who was I selling too?


[Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto]

I couldn't help the furrow from encroaching apon my brow as I look down at the strange slip of paper than found itself on my desk. Chojiro, at my side, looks even more worried than myself. Though, he can't be blamed.

Nobody noticed this slip of paper until I sat down and suddenly, it appeared. There was no reiatsu reaction, no flare of light, it just showed up. Even Ichibe couldn't do something like this without me noticing, and the contents of the paper were....strange, to say the least.

"You, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Head Captain of the Gotei 13, have been invited to The Great Caravan. There, wares beyond your wildest dreams are sold. You are permitted two guests to follow. Simply Tear the invitation and you will arrive."

Chojiro's voice grew more solemn with every word, as to be expected. Even for me, I nearly had an outburst at the sheer strangeness of the situation, let alone my lieutenant, capable as he may be.

The true question, is do I tear this paper? I feel no power whatsoever from it, yet it was seemingly teleported into my office? Is that how it will take me to this so called Great Caravan? I must admit, I've grown mildly bored in my old age. Dealing with these young upstarts and lowering their egos, putting up with those imbeciles in the central 46.

Perhaps...I should? Even in my old age, I am VERY much still Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, The Strongest Shinigami of all time, well, Perhaps bar Ichibe, that old monk.

Not to mention, the soul society has been at peace for some time, with capable captain such as young Byakuya and Aizen, not to mention Unohanas true strength. Surely a short visit wouldn't result in any harm to the soul society, and may even bring great help with the wares to be purchased there.

But another question remains, who to take as guests? There are many options to choose from, many capable individuals that would happily take the plunge with me.

Hmm, it's still quite dangerous, venturing into the unknown always is. If someone too valuable to the society fell there, it would spell disaster. On the other hand, weaklings would almost surely be useless, and perhaps even become a hindrance to me.

Hmm, I've thought enough. Actions have always spoken louder than words, such as my fight with that man all those centuries ago. I can't help but feel the scars he left me tingle at the though of him. No matter.

"All captains, report to the first division for an emergency meeting. Now."

My voice booms all throughout the soul society, it's very convenient. I may be head captain, but the others deserve to know what's going on, perhaps they can help me come to a decision.

Mere moments later, all 13 captains assembled in the meeting room, each bearing their captains haori, bearing the number of their division proudly on their backs.

Myself, Soi Fon, Gin Ichimaru, Retsu Unohana, Sosuke Aizen, Byakuya Kuchiki, Sajin Komamura, Shunsui Kyoraku, Kaname Tousen, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Kempachi Zaraki, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, and Jushiro Ukitake. The current Gotei 13 gathered, but I can't help but think of the old days, what a horrible time. But what's done is done, I can't stray from the topic at hand.

"Old Man, wha-"

"Silence, Shunsui." He looks almost alarmed at my words and the bite I put into them. This is a serious meeting, and he actually came with a bottle of sake. Why can't he be like Jushiro, always drunk and sleeping.

I grasp the slip of paper and pass it around,each captain has a different reaction to the note. Soi Fon simply hold onto her ever present scowl, Gin's smile widens ever so slightly, Byakuya, Sajin, and Kaname all show indifference, Zaraki looks disappointed. Unohana raises her brow and throws me a curious look, as if I somehow know more than she. Shunsui holds a solemn expression for once, and Jushiro, sickly as he is, has a similar expression.

Young Toshiro scoffs at the note and throws it to Aizen. A very well loved captain indeed, well deserving of his reputation. His kind smile never leaves his face, even as his eyes squint just a tad. Perhaps he would be a good choice to bring, he certainly seems ready to volunteer.

"I have decided to use the slip, this meeting is to determine who will accompany me. You will decide for yourselves." He bangs his sword turned cane into the ground, giving them permission to begin the debate.

I must say, I'm rather excited. How long has it been since I experienced something new?

It's high time I stretched these old bones, even if just a bit.

well that's Chap1. let me know some customers you want to show up and we'll see. thanks for reading.

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