Multiple Talents in Naruto World

Second Shinobi War is just few years away and Kidou got transmigrated in Ninja World with few talents. How will he work out to keep himself safe in the world? Being a Chunin in Twenties, how will Kidou fair with his low IQ? MC isn't genius so he will make stupid mistakes. If you want a MC who is cautious, genius, always makes amazing decision, then this isn't you you. Also, Hmm? I forgot what I was about to write, so anyways. Just read the book and tell me how you feel about this. . . Like always, support me on Patreon and you will get extra chapters in returns, https://www.p@treon.com/Logical_Dot Of course, replace the @ with a.

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In the Senju Clan, Tsunade appeared in the guest room and she threw Kidou on the sofa.

'Should I do it? But what if he knew about this? Wouldn't that be bad? No wait a minute, I will just give him 'Hangover soup' and then send him to another room, and then appear in the place drank and ask him.'

'Hm! This is good,'

Tsunade left the room and soon came with a soup in her hand. She sat beside him and said, "Here, drink this! This will help you,"

Kidou looked at Tsunade who had a cup in her hands and asked, "Tsunade, What is it?"

"Just drink this." She said in a 'strict' tone while internally, she panicked as she looked at his 'clear' eyes.

"Hmm," Kidou said as he took the cup and drank everything in a single gulp. Seeing this, Tsunade and said, "I will leave, you can rest here."

Saying this, Tsunade got up but Kidou held her hands and he muttered, "Stay with me,"

"Huh?" Tsunade's expression changed as she didn't think it would act so fast, and she heard again, "Tsunade Senju, Hmm! What should I do?"

"Wait a minute, I will come here," Tsunade said as she walked outside and soon, she appeared in the place with a 'drunk' expression on her face.

"What do you want to do?" She asked in a 'tipsy' voice while inwardly she was panicking a lot.

"Hmm? What do I want to do?" Kidou asked with a drunk expression on his face and he said, "I just want to live a peaceful life away with everything, but.."


"There is no place in the world that is safe. With the knowledge I have, even if I want to, I don't think I will be able to live peacefully even in the safest and freest place," Kidou said and Tsunade's expression changed as she heard this.

"What do you mean?"

"Tsunade, if you had knowledge about someone's past and future, what would you do? Would you change it or would you keep everything safe to take advantage of the knowledge you have?" 

"I would change it,"

"Hehe! Of course, everyone would say it! But what if you are powerless to do anything, and even if you do something, it will just increase the chances of something happening to you, what will you do?"

"I will try to change it," Tsunade said and Kidou started to laugh as he heard.

"Haha! Of course you would say this, after all, you are Tsunade Senju, who even if lost everything in the village, came back because it is your grandfather's village and you want to keep it safe."

Tsunade's expression changed as she heard his words, but she didn't let go of her character and asked, "Hei? What are you talking about?"

"Hehe! Of course, you won't understand, after all, it will happen in future! The curse of knowing of future knowledge, remembering your devastated and sorrowful face in future, and then looking at your cheerful and bright face today, I really can't handle this."

"Tsunade, what would you do if you knew that your Senju Clan is getting hunted, your brother will die, Uzumaki Clan will die, and you will lose everything in future?"

"I want to tell you everything but who would believe me? If I said these things, they would take me to Yamanaka clan for information but I would rather die than let them search my memories."

"Tsunade! Just what should I do? I am not strong but I have my own talents and that's the reason I planned on joining the Medical Team because I know about your research and project. In future, you saved the lives of tens of thousands of people because of your project but unfortunately, you weren't able to save anyone close to you."

"This is the only indirect way of helping you but..Sigh!" Kidou said while Tsunade was frozen as she heard his words. She hadn't expected to hear something like this and then calming herself, she asked, "What about others?"

"Others? I don't care about others, and for those who I care about, they are either kids or haven't even been born in the world, though there is...." Kidou stopped speaking in between and he fell down at the side. Seeing this, Tsunade's expression changed and she held his body and said, "There is? There is what? Oye! Wake up and tell me!"

But Kidou didn't wake up and Tsunade stopped shaking him and let him sleep on the sofa.

She left the room with complex emotions on and coming into her room, she sat down on the bed.

"Now I regret doing this," Tsunade muttered as she held her head and she thought about what he said.

"I will lose everything and even leave the village?"

Her emotions were complex and a dark idea appeared in her mind, but she shook her head and decided to not think about the idea.

One thing she knew was that she had to act like before and pretend that she didn't know anything, but she understood that it was going to be tough for her.

"What should I do now?" Tsunade said as she lay down on the bed and looked at the ceiling with a frown on her face and then she again remembered the talk she had with him.

"I will save them, I said this before but now that I don't know much, I don't know what to do."

"Now I understand what he meant when he said he felt powerless to do anything. If I asked him about these later, everything would be a mess and I now understand why he was unwilling to drink."

"Fuck!" Tsunade cursed as she felt frustrated, and many thoughts came to her mind.

"AAA! It's annoying, Damn it!"

Cursing for some time, Tsunade stopped and sighed with a frown on her face and muttered, "Wouldn't it be better to just involve Kidou in this situation?"

"Considering that he knows these things, and the fact that he wants to indirectly help me, wouldn't it be better to help him and get his help?"

Tsunade's expression changed as she heard this and an idea appeared on her mind.

"I need to keep him closer and prevent others from approaching him, after all, if he said things like this in front of others, Then...."


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