Mr Kingsley (paused but will start re writing soon) Book

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Mr Kingsley (paused but will start re writing soon)


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"I should take you across my legs for what you wrote" he say moving back to the long table in the middle of the room that was surrounded with black leather chairs. "What" I say thinking I didn't ear him right "Come here Myra" my legs starting moving not thinking. He looked very pleased when he saw me walking towards him. "Why do you wear such ridiculous long skirts" he pulled at it when I got close to him. "Sir?" I asked confused, he didn't like my skirts "Mr Kingsley" he corrected me still holding my skirt in his hands "I would like to see what's underneath it" "What?" I whisper, he wants to see what's underneath my skirt? "I think I'd like that too" I whisper not thinking. Oh god did I just say that. He looked surprised but smirked. "How old are you Myra?" he hands moves to my arm stroking it slowly. My breathe hitch, I could feel butterflies in my stomach. "23, Mr Kingsley" "You are so young" he says looking at my face "Not really" I say breathing heavily. "Would you like me to punish you for what you wrote" Myra Williams is a younger newspaper editor, she loves her long skirts and sweaters. When she gets a chance to interview New York youngest richest bachelor, not expecting him to be ill manner and unpleasant. Ryan Kingsley is one of New York richest CEO at the age of 35. He is known to be a player and having a different woman at his side every night. When you Myra Williams walks into his office in her horrible clothes and messy hair for some reason he couldn't get her out of his head. Especially when she called him a sexist and an ageists.


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