Mr Ceo's Pregnant Ex-Wife Book

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Mr Ceo's Pregnant Ex-Wife


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[Volume I: Phoenix Crawford] Complete Phoenix’ husband of five long years, Ace Carter Greyson, demanded divorce on the night of their fifth wedding anniversary simply because she can't bear a son. She begged him to stay but his firm decision was unbendable so she finally let him go. Her life was even more shattered after she discovered his long time affair with his secretary, and now, the mistress was pregnant. Just months after their divorce he married the impregnated secretary. Phoenix's world suddenly turns upside down when she discovers she's four months pregnant. [Volume II: Freya Crawford] Soon Two years after losing her baby in a fire, Freya's marriage fell apart. Clayton Westmore, President of Apex Consortium wanted divorce. They tried to have children over the years but her fragile body could not sustain a pregnancy. As she struggled to come to terms with the end of her marriage, another bombshell was dropped on her when her husband's old flame, Katrina, resurfaced with a one year old boy — Clayton's son. Freya found herself with no option but to let go and move on. Two years later after the tabloids dubbed her the "Whore of the Century," leaving her reputation in ruins, Freya returned to Cordova as a successful businesswoman at the helm of a prestigious jewelry empire. However, her ex appears at her doorstep saying, "I want you back," while wielding concrete evidence that they were never legally divorced.


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