My little cute lover is not so innocent Book

novel - LGBT+

My little cute lover is not so innocent


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Lu Shan is a very beautiful omega who is sweet, kind and somewhat a little, innocent, he has a loving family, his life seems to be perfect, except he is eighteen years old and he is yet to have his first heat as an omega, while our male lead, Gu Guangxi, is your typical cold type of CEO, whom people prefer to called the ice king, he also Shan supposed fiancé, their grandparents made a promise to join their families in a marriage alliance, so they were asked to be engaged, But Guangxi seems not to like Shan, for some reasons, so he try’s to sabotage the relationship, but why???? Could there be a secret from the past that Guangxi is hiding???? Then our side character Xu Lin who has been in love with Lu yang a very handsome Alpha who is the successful heir to the Lu family, and the current CEO of Lu cooperation, who also happened to be Shan’s older brother, the only problem was that Lin could never have the courage to tell brother yang how he feels about him, what will happen when Lin will be kidnaped, raped and marked by an unknown alpha Read to find out how our mc and ml finds their ways through life