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Moonlight Demon (GL LITRPG)


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Uuh, I wish I can write as beautifully as the author. The choice of words is excellent, the character's interaction is superb. Grammatical error is minimal. In short, the writing was crystal clear! I won't regret giving this book a solid 5-stars!

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As of Epilogue Vol 2: Amazing pacing, the characters are continuing to grow and develop, the stakes are being set and the threat is real each time they enter a fight. I love how realistic the dialogue is; written descriptions and prose are beautiful; and grammatical errors are hard to find. I’m routinely impressed at the quality of this work. Thank you and I’m so happy that this novel is now a part of the privilege status!


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As of Vol. 1 Epilogue: Honestly, I don’t think I can even do it justice in a review. Amazing, well thought out and well written. Love it all and I look forward to seeing more!


GIVE THIS STORY A READ RIGHT NOW!!!This story is wonderful. Everybody and they mama knows that in these types of stories once the MC gets chosen they magically become OP In a matter of seconds. Not this story. I mean it could change, but so far the MC has been getting her butt whooped. The character development is, πŸ˜™πŸ€Œ, chef's kiss. The Priest you will despise more than Geoffrey Baratheon from GOT right from the very first line he speaks. The main character is a riot. She's sparky, foul mouthed, hot-headed, etc. and I love her for it. Also, while there hasn't been much time to really meet to side characters(This story is only like 13 ch. long at the time I'm writhing this) there has been a couple hysterical side characters that I adore. I cannot wait to see how this story develo**, and I'm so happy to be here from the beginning. Again READ THIS STORY, IT IS WONDERFUL!! 😍😍😍


Truthfully, I'm only writing a second review for the Halloween event but this novel is amazing and it's become one of my favourites. I love the character interactions, the world and the unique mechanics of the Saviors and the system. The romance between the three main girls is amazing (and pretty spicy) and it honestly makes me feel warm and fluffy inside whenever they have cute and passionate interactions with each other. Every part of the world is different and has its own uniqueness to it. No two cities are generally the same. The system is a cool part of this novel along with the Saviors. The stats and skills are basic and easy to understand. The proficiency mechanic is such a smart idea that it is based around the skill level of everyone in the world who uses that same weapon or item (basically if you use a weapon no one else has ever used, it automatically gives you a proficiency of 10). Though this does mean that you are technically "the best" even if you suck at using your own unique item, it makes sense that you'd be the most proficient at something that has never been used before. And at 1256 characters, I think this is my longest review, longer than my original one on this novel. As always, keep up the great work author!


Amazing novel, definitely worth reading. This is probably only the 2nd? review I've ever bothered to write so that says something. The world building is amazing, the character development is amazing, the writing quality is amazing. Everything about this novel is amazing. I binged all current 44 chapters in one day and I've been reading this for a few hours now. Also Yuri Shall Conquer The World!


This book is a fantastic read [img=update] The author has done a phenomenal job of creating this world and the characters in it. The way the characters are depicted with their interactions is supperb


Hello! I'm the author of this story. If you have any questions about what you might be able to expect here or something you want to know more about, or whatever, do let me know!


I just found this novel last week and I have binge readto chapter 88 in 3 days. This is an amazing story! Keep up the amazing story and the interesting characters.πŸ‘


To make up for the other guy who put a 1-Star just for nothing. Smh... This site is a lost cause with all the $tupid readers spamming their nonsense everywhere.


Why is this so good it has no right being this good. Why is this the only good haram romance story ever made?...........................................


Still in volume 1 Really loving the story so far. Every character feels like their own person with their own motives and goal. The Worldbuilding is good, every place feels different different. Amazing work Author! Can’t wait to read more!


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Frist time reviewing, but I think this is a great story. It keep me into the plot and make want more. I want to see Moonlight Demon story from start to the end.


all i want to say, what really turn me off from the novel was the three way relationship, i think the novel started good but became boring. unpleasant things like what happened off screen with one of heroin fall in mind control under the priest


d*mn I should of looked at who the author was. .


It's surprisingly good. While I'm saying this before the protagonist actually starts trying to make herself a harem, the characters seem to be properly built to support such venture, the system and social aspects of the whole thing giving plenty of ground to the author to talk his way into the souls of his readers, but only the test of time can really show how good they are.


Love the story ... You should definitely read it. .. Totally worth reading [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


This has been a ride, from getting frustrated witht the characters for not JUST TALKING TO EACHOTHER to having to deal with the struggles they go through. Its been great, Curses the fact that it doesn’t end super happily though, Why D: