Monstrous Ascension: Endless Monster Evolution Book

novel - Fantasy

Monstrous Ascension: Endless Monster Evolution


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The entire solar system was destroyed before anyone could notice or even understand what had happened. A massive comet changed its course and ended up hitting the sun, causing a chain reaction that made our biggest star expand and then become a supernova. Five hundred seconds later, Earth started to get hotter, and in five seconds, all the life on the planet burned and died. That was supposed to be the end of the human race, but for some reason, all the humans began to reincarnate as monsters in another world. Those who wanted to struggle and live for a while longer could fight and evolve, even reincarnate in other forms if they tried hard... Kane was one of them, he wouldn’t let himself be hunted without reason, and he was determined to climb up the food chain of that new world that had many fantasy races and monsters, gods and demons, hunters and overlords.