Modern Society

Author: AstroU_1
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What is Modern Society

Read ‘Modern Society’ Online for Free, written by the author AstroU_1, This book is a Sci-fi Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, WEAKTOSTRONG Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: In a corrupt society dominated by technology, a man who desires infinite power and despises todays society strives to ch...


In a corrupt society dominated by technology, a man who desires infinite power and despises todays society strives to change the world back to what it once was. But ones greedy thoughts could be ones created weakness

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Good story with a good plot. Character design is great and the start is pretty good. I would like to see how this book will do in the future


It’s a captivating book, but the grammar could use some help


I hope this novel goes far. Please write reviews because it helps a lot and share it. Your support is my greatest motivation to continue writing. Also kindly suggest ways in which I can improve it


Thank you so much for the good reviews and I will try to improve it


An unique genre this one, yet there is potential for it. If author works hard enough he would make it into a fine story.


Excellent plot and good world background. Intro is so good and there is plenty happening. I just recommend you shorten paragraphs a little. Cannot wait for an update


a truly interesting opening I can see where the writer is trying to go I give him points for originality and I will enjoy reading this entire journey until the end. from one author to another keep up the good work.


The beginning of the story is so captivating. It has great potential. Looking forward for more chapters. Keep up the good work and keep updating.


Reveal spoiler


Thank you for your support and yes I will try to shorten the paragraphs to make it much easier to read


The start is very interesting with Dr. J's mysterious plan of using providing the world with supernatural powers that comes with lethal risks, the grammar is okay, my only suggestion is to separate the long paragraphs into shorter ones. Keep up the good work!


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