Modern Society

In a corrupt society dominated by technology, a man who desires infinite power and despises todays society strives to change the world back to what it once was. But ones greedy thoughts could be ones created weakness

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4 Chs

Chapter 1: Step in the right direction? Current year:2050

The depths of our modern society, a haunting reality reveals itself—a corruption that seeps through every crack and crevice, poisoning the very foundations on which our civilization rests. Greed, deceit, and the lust for power have woven a complex web that entangles the hearts and minds of those in positions of influence. The pursuit of personal gain has trumped the pursuit of collective well-being, as moral compasses waver and ethical boundaries crumble. The corridors of power echo with whispers of backroom deals, while the marginalized and vulnerable bear the brunt of systemic injustices. In this distorted landscape, truth is obscured, and the voices of the oppressed are silenced by the deafening noise of avarice and corruption. A dark cloud hangs over our society, obscuring the light of justice, compassion, and It is time to put on a show for these fools.`` Dr J said with a slight sigh. genuine progress. It is a stark reminder that in the face of moral decay, the very fabric of our civilization hangs in the balance.

``It is time to put on a show for these fools.`` Dr J said with a slight smile. ``No, brother it is me you want!`` a man said draped in a faded blue hoodie. Their slight frame appeared almost swallowed by the oversized garment, lending an air of vulnerability to their presence. Eyes of the deepest cerulean hue gazed out from beneath the hood, their intensity contrasting against the paleness of their complexion. The blue eyes held a hint of both weariness and resilience, as if they had witnessed the weight of the world and carried its burdens within their depths. Despite their unassuming appearance, there was an unmistakable sense of quiet strength, an indomitable spirit that flickered within those blue eyes, waiting to be unleashed. Dr J responded by lashing out three punches at the man.

In the magnificent halls of the renowned "Grand Maison," an atmosphere of anticipation hung thick in the air as the world's leading scientists, astronomers, and researchers assembled. This prestigious gathering brought together brilliant minds from various fields, each harboring their own quest for knowledge and breakthrough discoveries. Alongside them, a sea of anxious individuals, representing both the scientific community and the curious public, eagerly awaited the news that would shape the course of human understanding.

The Grand Maison, a testament to opulence and grandeur, boasted a rich tapestry of artistic masterpieces that adorned its walls. From meticulously crafted sculptures to captivating paintings, the building served as a majestic gallery of human achievement and creative expression. Amongst these treasures, one particular painting held the gaze of every visitor. It stood out like a beacon amidst the sea of exquisite artwork, captivating all who beheld it.

The painting, a masterpiece in its own right, seemed to come alive with vibrant hues and intricate brushstrokes. It depicted a celestial panorama, with galaxies swirling in a cosmic dance, stars shimmering in their cosmic glory, and celestial bodies floating in an ethereal symphony. The intricacy and depth of the artwork conveyed a sense of wonder and awe, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the gathering within the Grand Maison.

As the clock ticked closer to the momentous announcement, the painting served as a silent reminder of the vast mysteries that awaited unraveling, igniting the imaginations of the assembled scientists and reminding them of the limitless possibilities that lie beyond the boundaries of human knowledge.

As the anticipation reached its crescendo, a man adorned in an impeccably tailored suit began his ascent up the grand staircase. Each step he took resonated with purpose and determination, his gaze fixed on the destination ahead. The aura that enveloped him was palpable, drawing the attention of the entire crowd that had gathered in the hall. It was as if an invisible force emanated from within him, captivating the onlookers and commanding their undivided attention.

``Can I have your attention! `` the man said as he finally reached the stage. ``I am Dr J Harrison from the Harrison Family which most of you know is the richest family in the world. The reason we are all gathered in this place is because I have come he captivating the onlookers and commanding their undivided attention.re to explain to you our new scientifically proven hypothesis. As you can see we are gathered here with Mr Michaels, the no.1 film maker , which suggest we are not joking here.

`` Dr J said as all the attention was drawing towards Mr Michaels rather than than Dr J. The annoyance could clearly be seen on Dr J face but it did not really matter because at that moment no one was really looking at him. The dozens of eyes focused on Mr Michaels made him nervous and it could be seen as his face was turning pink. ``Let us continue!`` Dr J said with the intent of drawing all the attention back towards him. ``As most of you know my enterprise (Reliance) focuses on further industrializing the world but because of the human limitations we are not able to do that.`` Dr J said before he was rudely interrupted by one of those nosy reporters.

``What do you mean by human limitations?`` the reporter eagerly asked. ``Well... you know humans are not able to do extraordinary things like jump 100 meters or produce fire so we have to instill machines which takes up time and money which are two of the most important resources of the modern society of today and I want to change that. I believe that if we stick our heads together we will be able to accomplish this goal in no time, right. Who is with me!?`` Dr J said expecting a positive response from the crowd but to his disappointment they just glared at him waiting for him to continue. ``And how are you planning on changing that?`` one of the reporters asked.

``Me and my team created a gas that if released into the atmosphere can provoke a series of chemical reactions in the human body, and the outcome SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES. ``And how do we know that is safe?`` another reporter asked. The question provoked a sudden silence amid the crowd. The crowd began to doubt and question Dr J as tension was filling up the atmosphere.

Suddenly a huge portal emerged from a giant hole on the stage. Inside the portal was a tall man dressed in casual oversized blue shirt and black pants. His pale face and sickly look made him look less approachable. ``That is what this man is for. You see we released the gas into that portal and studied the effects in had on him. There are no known problems in this man caused by the gas but instead, the man can now fly.`` Dr J said a the portal opened and the man started flying around the building. The crowd was amazed and the atmosphere was filled with joy and happiness. Seeing the people rejoicing and celebrating made Dr J feel as if the first part of his mandate was accomplished. ``That is that for me.`` Dr J said as he was walking towards the exit with his bodyguards and the man.

When Dr J and his men were outside the building, the man suddenly collapsed as his veins were turning black. He asked Dr J what was going on but he just ignored him as he took a plain silver sword and lashed through the man`s body. Soon after that he ordered his guards to take the man away.

``What are you planning now?`` a man who looked like Dr J but was skinny asked. He had a below average physique and multiple bruises and scars on his face. ``Are you planning on wiping out the entire human population or changing the socie...`` the man said before he was stopped by Dr J who was choking the him. ``Little Brother, you do not have to worry.`` Dr J said as he threw the man`s head on the floor. ``Soon the world will find out what your true mandate is.`` the man said as he was bleeding.

``Someway somehow you will be stopped! ``The hero always wins in the end right!`` he added. ``This is not some kind of movie or cartoon. This is my world and I always win.`` Dr J said as he walked towards the sword he had just used. ``I would have killed you.`` Dr J said as he was observing his reflection that was displayed on the sword. ``But because I love you as my brother, I won`t.`` he added. ``You cannot call that love. You are a monster!`` the man said as he was using every last ounce of his strength. Without saying anything, Dr J and his men entered a large black SUV. ``You will be stopped.`` Dr J brother said as the SUV drove away. Enrage, the man began to release his fustration on the things around him. The scene attracted a large number of audience. The crowd watched as DR J`s brother continued.

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