Modern Cultivation : The Strongest Couple Bonded by Vampire System

What happens when modernization meets cultivation? It’s far more complex than a cultivator wielding a gun. Imagine storage rings and beast contracts becoming modernized, transforming into devices that allow anyone to capture and tame monsters. What if alchemy could be modernized to mass-produce pills? Now, throw vampires and other mythical races into the mix, and the possibilities become endless. In this Fun story we have two Mc. Alex is a second-generation rich kid from the modern world, an awakener who spends his days as a whale in online games and reading novels on his phone. He’s well-known in the novel community for splurging money left and right, earning him fame as a loyal, rich reader. His mundane existence is suddenly turned upside down when he awakens to a new reality filled with cultivation and magic. MinYue is a genius cultivator, a jade beauty with immense talent, and the hope of her family to rise to new heights. Her disciplined life is worlds apart from Alex's carefree lifestyle, but destiny has other plans for them. By a twist of fate, their lives intersect when a mysterious system bonds them together, tasking them with the mission to resurrect the vampire race. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, Alex and MinYue must learn to work together, combining their unique skills and perspectives. Follow their journey as they become the strongest couple, navigating a world where modernization and cultivation collide, taking their throne as the Vampire Progenitor!

Author2189 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
330 Chs

Alex Campbell

"Hahaha, now is the time of your death, Apocalyptic Dragon!" 

A heroic man clad in strong armor laughed. In his hand, he held a big Warhammer, radiating a rainbow aura, pointed at a gigantic dragon the size of a skyscraper,

Its dark scales gleamed purplish under the twilight sky.

As the dragon roared, the heroic man's hammer began to elongate and grow in size. With a powerful swing, he smacked the dragon's head.

BAM!!! Bam!!! 

Many stars emerged from the hit, each one stunning the dragon, its reptilian eyes turning into swirling lines of confusion.

Seizing the opportunity, the heroic man started his final attack. 

His body glowed with a fiery aura, as many stars and rainbows started appearing on the hammer. 

As the hammer cast its final shadow of doom onto the dragon, suddenly, a loud voice reverberated through the world, making the heroic man gawk.

"ALEX, can you stop playing already!" 

The whole world and the apocalyptic dragon turned black. He could feel his body jolt as the VR safety system took over to protect his brain.

'I knew it. Even an apocalyptic dragon is not as fearsome as my mom.

Who in their right mind would forcefully pull someone out of a direct connection? Yeah, only my mom.

I spent 10 thousand dollars to get the Star Rainbow Hammer to solo the Apocalyptic Dragon, but my mom spent ten million dollars on the best device just to make sure she can destroy my whole world anytime.'

Luca, looking at her son's stupidly daydreaming face, smacked his head with the phone in her hand. 

"Why are you still daydreaming like that!"

Alex's expression changed as he felt wronged, moving one of his hands to stroke the pain in his head. 

"Mom! You shouldn't hit me like this, you know that! It's domestic violence! I can sue you!"

"Domestic violence!? Suing me!? Are you kidding me!? 

You shameless boy, are you sure you are a man? You only laze around all day playing games!

If you want to do that, at least earn some money from the game! How could any woman like a man like you?

When I first met your father…"

'Ah, here it comes, the long speech again.' Alex sighed, turning his focus elsewhere. 

He had heard this speech many times and could already guess what the next words would be.

It's not that he didn't want a girlfriend, but every single one he found always came for his money. 

His mother always told stories about how both of them went from having nothing to reaching success, the ups and downs in life, and the romance.

He also wanted to experience all of those things. 'As for a job, why do I need one? I was already born into a rich family,' Alex thought.

Seeing her son daydreaming and not listening to her made her fume even more. She stomped on his foot, making him scream in pain.

"I don't care anymore! Today, you will find a job, or I will block your credit card!!!"

"No!! Mom, not my credit card. If you block it, how can I buy the latest chapter of my novel!" 

Alex complained, continuing in his mind, 'How can I fill the void in my social life then!?'

"Then, my dear son," her soft voice suddenly raised, "find a job!! Don't be a parasite!!!"

"Wait, Mom, I'm not a parasite. Don't you know I'm contributing to society? 

If I don't buy those chapters or game items, do you know how many people couldn't eat? 

I single-handedly allow hundreds to thousands of people to live.

This allows them to pay their bills and bring their kids to school. 

We don't even need to say how the money they spend contributes back to society. So, I'm not just enjoying life, Mom, I'm helping people," Alex said with a proud tone.

"You what? Just how much do you spend each month?"

'Ehm, Mom, the one hammer I bought for that one boss alone is already 20 times the average person's salary,' Alex thought. 

But he didn't dare say it out loud. It might seem exaggerated, but he really did spend that much each month.

In many games he played, he was known as the God of Whales. In the novel community, he was recognized as the God Reader. 

As long as you got him to read your book, he would shower you with so many gifts and castles, making the book popular everywhere.

The total amount he spent each month could be used to buy a small home in cash. 

But even that didn't compare to his mom's expenses. Unlike him, his mom was busy with charity.

She often went out and shared free food and toys for kids in orphanages. This easily reached tens of millions of dollars each month.

Seeing her son become quiet and the conversation going nowhere, she gave her ultimatum for the last time. 

"Enough nonsense. I will give you three days. After that, say bye-bye to your credit card."

In reality, his mom didn't care how much he spent; they had enough wealth to last 77 generations. 

Even with all the expenses, his father had left them an empire that kept earning them billions of dollars every year.

What she worried about was her son not having any purpose in life and then starting to go down the wrong path. 

She had seen it happen with other kids in his situation, ending up in jail or even dead because they did crazy things.

BANG! Critical hit! 1 Million Damage!!!

After his mom left, Alex didn't look for a job. 

He returned to the game and finished off the apocalyptic dragon. 

His character died and lost the hammer, but he bought another one, and now he finally succeeded in killing it.

[Congrats to the Whale God for becoming the first to…] 

Many announcements and notifications filled his view as he felt pride in beating the last boss solo. 

He then looked at the global chat, which made him laugh, feeling satisfied.

"Well, looks like Mr. WhaleGod just soloed the final boss. Who needs skills when you have a credit card, right?"

"Breaking news: Whale defeats final boss using the deadliest weapon of all – his wallet."

"I heard he threw so much money at the boss that it died of a paper cut from dollar bills."

"Why grind for gear when you can just buy your way to glory? #WhaleLife"

"Do you think he realizes the real final boss is his monthly credit card statement?"

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