107 Devourer Curse True Terror

'This abnormal monstrosity is a lava wolf.' Alex thought as he checked the status window of the grotesque creatures who looked nothing like lava wolves.


{Lava Wolf} [Mutated] ☠☠☠

Title: {Rare Species}{Rage Beast}{Hunger Beast}

LVL: 413

Rank: Fourth Rank (Middle)

HP: 18800000/9800000

MP: ?????/?????

Condition: {Enraged} {Starving}

Skills: {??????} {??????} {??????} +???

Description: A Beast gifted in the lava element with high immunity to fire.


{Important note: The Lava Wolf has been affected by the Devourer Curse, second stage [Endless Hunger], making the beast have an unending thirst for any organic matter.}

{Player level needs to be higher to see any more information.}


Alex was so shocked after seeing the wolf stats window because he knew the system wouldn't lie to him, but it was hard for him to believe that the horror in front of him, who looked nothing like a wolf or a four-legged creature, was a real lava wolf.


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