39 Demonic Cult

"Now I understand what happened, but why didn't senior go to the Empire to warn them about the Demon Cult."

Alex was confused because the senior got away without getting injured; why didn't he go to the Empire to tell them the truth?

"Let's read and see what happens next." Alex continues reading the diary.

"I escaped from my certain death, but the potion was worse than I thought."

"After I exited the space portal, I sprinted toward the nearest city to use the city teleportation building to get to the Empire, but after just minutes of my escape, my mana stopped working smoothly."

"I checked and saw the horrible site inside my body; a pitch-black parasite was blocking my veins and stopping mana from reaching my legs."

"I immediately understood it was the potion's work that the monster gave me."

"I tried to destroy the parasite, but it was immune to mana, and even the best medicine and elixir didn't stop it from moving through my body like a disease."

"I understood that reaching the city would be impossible, so I did the best I could and used my higher grade Space Talisman to teleport to a cave I created for meditating."

"The parasite is too dangerous as I felt no threat as I put it in my body, and it is working faster than any poison I have encountered in my whole life that could paralyze a Fourth Rank warrior in a matter of minutes."

"My legs are already paralyzed, and the parasite is moving toward my brain."

"I will kill myself before the parasite reaches my brain."

"All the information I know is in this diary."

"I left this information hoping that someday my fellow brothers from the mercenary group could find this place and warn the word about the traitors living beside us, controlling tremendous power."


Alex read all the information in the diary; it was not much, but it was the most crucial information as there were Twenty Four names of influential people that senior recognized at the underground facility.


{Congratulation Player Hidden One}

{You have discovered the hidden knowledge about the Demonic Cult}


{Assassin Lukius Request} {A+}

Objective: Warn The Empire about the Demonic Cult.

Time: ????

Reward: ????

Description: You have discovered very sensitive information about the Demonic Cult.

Warn The Empire about the demonic cult but be warned that demonic cults have people in various high-Ranking positions of power, so tread carefully on who you tell this information about.

Accept [YES / NO]


"I will do my duty to humanity." Alex accepted the quest without any hesitation.

Alex does not know about the demonic cult from his previous life because the Guild that discovered this place never uttered a word about finding information about the demonic cult.

"I know thirteen people from this list of traitors, and everyone is a scary person with massive influence and strength."

The list of traitors had all big names; there were Four Barons, Two Viscounts, and Three Earls from all three human kingdoms.

The dreadful person on the list that Alex recognized was a Duke from the Ice Kingdom.

All the other people on the list do not belong to any kingdom's Royalty, but they still hold massive influence in their respective fields.

"If the demonic Cult could control a duke from a kingdom, then I don't know how many more royal people are working for the cult."

"The human Continent is FU**ED."

"The information is old, and I don't know how much progress has cult made over these years."

Alex decided to dig deep into the information on all the traitors after dealing with his problems and acquiring his Legacy because he wanted to avoid taking the risk and becoming a target of a scary Cult for some unknown rewards.

The information in the diary was at least six years old because Baron "Kaius Gustall" was not a Baron anymore as he was promoted to the Viscount's Rank Six years ago.

Alex knew about the Viscount "Kaius Gustall" because he was famous among players for giving quests with generous rewards.

"I will clear this quest when I am confident I will not get caught by the Cult."

"let's check the loot." Alex picked the Mask that he came here to acquire.

The Mask looked nothing special as it was forged from unknown material that was very light in weight and thin but highly sturdy and could change shape to fit the user perfectly.


Name: Daunting Reality {1/2}

Equipment Type: Mask

Quality: Unique (Low Unique)

Rank: First Rank(Upgradable)


•➊-[Record] Record any Human Like Entity's appearance, voice, and Physique to the tiniest detail. {Recorded specimens (0/20)

•➋-[Reality Shift] Change Player Physique to any Recorded Specimens. [A small amount of Mana Will be used while the player is using the Physique of the recorded specimen.]


An unknown Mask with an Unknown origin.


"Finally got the Anomaly." Alex thought happily, looking at the Mask.

The Mask was an anomaly in Alex's previous life because it did not have any effects to boost the player's stat and only provided two skills for a unique grade item.

But those skills were the reason that made the Mask one of the most desired items by every player in the world.

Players desired the Mask because any appearance-changing item has flaws, as it would never change a player's smell, Physique, or avatar level.

The Daunting Reality Mask has no such restrictions because a player could change into a 10ft lizard man or even a high elf with no physical flaws.

The Daunting Reality Mask may have minor weaknesses, but there were some fundamental things even the Mask couldn't change, like a player needed a certain amount of Mana depending on the specimen he wanted to change into.

A player could change into a 20ft Ogre, but he would need tremendous mana reserve for the transformation to work, and even after the player transforms into an ogre, his strength or any stat will not change with the ogre transformation.

"The Mask Skills needs some condition to work and come with restriction, but if these restrictions were not present, then this mask will truly become the most broken item of the game."

Alex was truly happy for acquiring the Daunting Reality Mask because now he could meet with any influential people without the fear of his real-life identity getting exposed or some influential guild hunting him in the game.

"Let's quickly check the other items and then leave for Border city." Alex placed the Mask in his inventory and started checking the other items he knew nothing about.


Name: Shroud of Silence

Equipment Type: Cloak

Quality: Epic(Peak Epic)

Rank: First Rank(Upgradable)

•①-Effects: Increase Intelligence by 20%.

⦿-Increase Stamina by 20%.

⦿-Increase Defense by 20%.

•②-Effects: Lessens Player Presence in a crowd.

⦿- Hide Player Intent of Attack and Bloodlust.

⦿- Block Any Attempt of Appraisal on the Player's information.


•➊- {Invisibility} After use player will become invisible for a maximum duration of four hours. { State of Invisibility will be gone after the player attack an enemy.} {Cooldown 4 hours.}

•➋- {Quick Steps} Increase player Agility by 30% for the duration of 3 minutes. {Cooldown 30 minutes.}


A sturdy cloak made from the silk of a phantom spider tailored by an unknown Master.


"This cloak is fantastic; with this, I don't need to buy an expensive invisibility cloak." Alex was amazed by the cloak stats.

"Now, let's check the Ring."



Name: Shadow Born {Legacy Item}

Equipment Type: Ring

Quality: (???)

Rank: (S) Rank Legacy Item

•①-Effects: LOCKED

•②-Effects: LOCKED

Conditions: Only the player with Shadow Born Legacy could use this item.


{Worthy Shadow Quest line} (1/4)

{Change Class Quest}{A}

Objective: ????

Time: ????

Reward: Shadow Assassin Legacy Class

Description: First Quest to prove that you are worthy to receive the Shadow Born legacy.

Accept [YES / NO]


"I am not surprised to find an (S) Rank Legacy." Alex was expecting an item that would benefit the Guild more than a Unique Mask after finding more items in the Assassin's Cave.

The Daunting Reality Mask was undoubtedly an excellent item, but its value was still way less than (S) Rank Legacy.

The (S) Rank Legacy could make a player top 1% of the total player base and give a small guild a significant boost in their power.

Alex was not surprised that the Guild didn't publish any information about their findings in the Assassin's Cave.

"The Legacy is good, but I have no use for it." Alex put the ring in his inventory.

"I will hold this Legacy for the future."

After Alex checked all the items, he left the cave toward the town to find a carriage to travel to Border city, his next destination for finding the dungeon location he would sell to the frozen Flower Guild.

Alex's goal was to reach the Border city as quickly as possible and then find the hidden dungeon in the forgotten forest near the city, which he was planning to sell to the frozen flower guild.


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