6 Mystery.

{All Might POV.}

All Might got to school he headed to the Principal and talked.

"Am I A Dog, A Bear?, A mouse?, I am the Principal Nezu!, What can I do for you, Toshinori Yagi?"

"Your Fur is always smooth Nezu, Well there's a kid that I want to know, his name is Adrian, Do you know him?"

"Hmmm, Yes It's Adrian Silver his Full Name He named his Quirk All Fast and he could speed up everything about his body even his brain. He got a full score on the Test In Aldera Junior high(A/N- Comment if you want me to make it to Aldera Middle school or Aldera Junior High), I think he is gonna be a good hero someday. Why are you asking about him?"

"Ohhh, so that's why, Well we got into a race and we tied"

"You tied! how? he isn't that fast base on the information from the school"

"Well he tied me, and I got shocked too, if I was In my prime he would have beaten him, but now that my power is limited, I think my speed to got weaker, *Sigh* I hate this Injury, but because of it I get to beat a strong villain, and also he got some weights that are half a weight I could put, which he says that he isn't that fast, he would be at least be as fast as 500M(Mach or the speed of sound) which is super fast, but he said it is only if he got 1/8 of my weights"

"Ohh that certainly is fast what would happen if you gave him your quirk?, he would be reaching 800,000 speeds of sound, maybe that's why he trains because his body couldn't handle the strain of going that fast, plus it with One for All he will be reaching the speed of light which is ridiculously fast, he would go against time"

"Yeah so that's why I didn't even think of giving it to him he will be invincible, but can you keep him safe Nezu? because maybe danger awaits him if we can't keep him safe he will be a vigilante if something bad happens"

"Yeah thank you for informing me I'll keep tabs on that".

{Adrian POV.}

'I'm faster than All Might, but what happens when I got his quirk, yeah, I can't even imagine what will happen

Adrian kept practicing and got ready to go to U.A Highschool and Be a Hero, He will be meeting some Strong and Cute Side Characters, and he can't wait to see them, so now he's preparing to be first on the Practical(I Rewritten the story because it got a little bit rushed so read again.) and the Written Exam.

A little wait and I will see the characters and I'll just wait for it to happen.

I checked the club and the kendo club is still clean because that is what we hired the janitor for this summer, the club has been a little quiet because the summer is near and graduation is near some will work hard and stay at the Club to hone their skills and be accepted to U.A Highschool.

When I got into the club the people became quiet and smile at that and proceed to the meeting room where we discuss who will be the next club president and the club President will choose Who will be the next club President the only thing the members is to agree and now I'm choosing. So many people came even if It was summer and quite a lot of people came.

"ATTENTION!" My Vice President shouted and the whole member stands up and greets me.

"Good Afternoon President!" The Whole Members.

"Sit," I said.

The crowd seated.

"I bring you today to choose a Worthy President, This Happens When the President is leaving the school or the President is out of order, and when the President is Ignoring the rules that we have built as the founder of this club we made this rules to prolong this club and to help more people form being beaten and bullied. I Choose and you agree are we clear!"

"Yes, President!"

"Now, I will choose a President"

Adrian looked at the crowd and looked at some Quirk less, but they got no one, they don't dare to be one, but maybe in the future, they will be one. He looked at his friends but got nothing.

He saw a glimpse of something he turned to one boy who has the calmness of water and a burning passion in his eyes.

Adrian got down and stared at the eyes of that member and asked.

"What's your name?"

"Luagon Zoleecks"


"Flow, I could adapt to anything and be that, but I could disrupt it. I could evade the attacks smoothly, but I could counter and disrupt the rhythm I don't know why I got this quirk"

"I choose you"


"Because I said so, Anyone agreed?"

A lot of people gave hand and the new President got born. and a new mystery that will be born through that will be solved after the truth is uncovered...

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