4 Chapter 3: The first drink (Edited)

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When he opened his eyes, Akira could only think how annoying it was to have anemia, he felt weak and tired even though he just woke up, he felt that getting up takes twice the effort, but knowing that today that would change and that he could finally begin To strengthen himself, he decided to get up and enlist.

Today he decided to wear beige shorts and a black T-shirt, something simple but when looking in the mirror he could not help but show a smug smile.

'Woah, really I'm attractive, not the right word would be devilishly beautiful, when I'm older all women will fall before me hahahaha. Well outside of jokes I hope that drinking blood will heal this paleness that makes me look like a corpse'

After seeing himself in the mirror, Akira left his room and went to the dining room.

In the dining room there were already several children eating happily, but the moment they saw Akira they all fell silent and began to whisper among themselves, some even showing fear.

'Tsk, because everyone treats me like a villain, I don't care what they think of me, but if I was a normal child I could understand why they would take the villain's path, after all, this pressure and discrimination just because their quirk is supposedly evil could make anyone succumb'

Akira kept walking ignoring the murmurs and glances. After all, on the day of the exam he didn't see anyone with the potential to become powerful, so most likely in the future he won't see them again.

Akira looked for an empty table and sat on it after bringing his breakfast and thus ate it quietly while being watched by several children with increasingly fearful gazes as the rumor that he was a villain who enjoyed torturing his victims spread more.

When he finished eating, the manager Nyoko arrived "Akira, follow me to the office, your supplies have arrived"

Akira got up from his chair and began to follow her, during the walk they were silent and once they reached the office Akira saw a refrigerator in which the blood should be stored.

"Ughh well Akira here they are, take a bag" said Mrs. Nyoko with a slight disgust in her tone.

Akira, ignoring her tone, took out a bag of blood from the fridge and the moment he saw, his eyes flickered with an expectant and excited shine, opening his mouth fangs stood out and easily pierced the plastic off it.

It tasted good, he was worried it might taste like iron, the way blood normally tastes, but luckily it seems like his taste buds had changed because it was definitely much better than the orphanage food.

For each sip he took felt the strength increase in his body, his previous weak and tired body was gaining more energy and his skin tone was acquiring a little color replacing the previous deathly paleness of he.

And suddenly he felt it, in his mind new knowledge was implanted, his quirk was not something as simple as getting stronger by drinking blood. His quirk as his name indicated turned him into a Vampire, granting him a body superior to the average human, with increased regeneration and many more abilities that he will discover as he grows stronger.

If nothing else with a bag of blood already felt so good, he could not imagine how it would feel to take blood directly from someone, he was already waiting for the moment when could do it, obviously he would only do it with a woman, just thinking about biting a man-made him nauseous.

Well, changing the subject, once he take the last drink from the bag noticed that Mrs. Nyoko was looking at him with a barely hidden disgust and an almost palpable fear, when he turned his gaze to the mirror located on the wall of the office he could see the change on his body, he looked more powerful, in better health and next to his scarlet eyes that shone with a mysterious and devilish light he looked charmingly deadly.

As he cleaned the blood from his lips and calmed down from his previous emotional state, he noticed that the brightness in his eyes was fading so he returned his gaze to the manager.

"Thanks for the food Mrs. Nyoko now I feel much better" he finished with an innocent smile.

"A-aa y-yes w-what a-well, ahem well now that you finished you can retire, remember not to hurt anyone and behave correctly now if you excuse me I have a call to make" Mrs. Nyoko with obvious nervousness and stuttering replied, Akira decided not to bother her anymore so he quietly left her office.

POV Lady Nyoko

I knew it, his previous innocent and good attitude was just a performance, his true personality is dark, who the hell can be happy looking at blood, and the way he enjoyed drinking her, only a psychopath can enjoy that.

In addition, those eyes, when I saw them shine and I focused on them, I could only feel terror, I felt an extreme cold that immobilized me, I could feel like the next one to be drained of blood would be me, I could only regain consciousness when he spoke to me and when I looked at his face I could see an innocent smile, but beyond that I could discern the mockery and pleasure he felt at seeing me scared of him.

It is clear that not only is his quirk evil, that boy definitely is too.


Once outside, Akira could feel the emotion resurface for the new strength that ran through his body 'ufff, it feels good but I'm still very weak, I must continue to drink blood to strengthen at least enough to defend myself'.

'Well it's going to be a long road, but I have time until the beginning of the canon so I must strengthen myself until then and achieve a good level of strength, considering that in the future I will have to fight monsters like Muscular and even stronger'

Akira looked for a place away from the orphanage where other people didn't come much until he found a place behind the orphanage building where apart from a tree everything else was clear making it the perfect place to train.

Thus he began with small warm-ups and a basic exercise to condition his body for more intense training that would begin tomorrow, giving his body time to adapt more to the freshly ingested blood.

After 2 hours he decided to finish for today so he went to the orphanage library which, although he did not have many books, at least they would help him with the history of this world and adapt in a better way.

He learned the history of this world which was very similar to that of several books that he remembered, at least until when the first human with quirk was born, which is where they begin to differentiate, I also notice that, although they speak of the dark age where the villains reigned, All For One is not mentioned at all, he supposed that was totally suppressed and censored to avoid the panic of the civilians, being reduced to nothing more than a legend known to few.

When he looked at the clock on the wall he realized that it was time to go to lunch, he got up from his seat and after shaking off the possible dust that could have, started his way to the dining room and when he arrived he noticed that it was already partially full at least they were with the tables since there was not a single empty table.

Akira took a tray with today's lunch which was beans with rice and juice and looked for a place to sit down to eat, at the moment when he directed his gaze towards a table that had a place to sit, the children of this blocked the position with their legs or toys.

'Hahhhh I guess that's how my lonely life begins, excluded by everyone', giving up on the idea of sitting at a table, he went to a corner of the dining room and sat on the floor to eat his lunch, which for his taste was somewhat bland or perhaps was it because now his main method of feeding was blood and that made other foods seem bland? He thought about this as he finished eating, got up when he finished, and carried the tray to the cafeteria.

Akira after thinking for a while about why the food tasted tasteless decided that it did not matter, after all, it was not like a ghoul from <Tokyo Ghoul> who vomited when eating normal food, so putting that thought aside he returned to the library to continue studying as he noticed that being an orphan his knowledge base was very limited.

If he wanted to keep up with the other children and even be better than them in his studies, he would have to dedicate himself to studying independently and thus when he goes to the UA he will get a good score and be able to be on par with Momo who was the best at class student.

This is how his day passed and before he closed his eyes to sleep, he thought.

'tomorrow I take my second bag of blood and I think I will be able to reach the physical standard of a child my age, I must focus on improving my physique which will be the base and the same limiter of how much I can strengthen myself in the future, so the better my body is, the more blood I can take and strengthen myself, which in turn will raise the limits of my body giving me the opportunity to continue strengthening myself, basically it is a vicious circle where the more improve my body more blood I will be able to take and become strong which in turn will make me able to continue improving my body hahahaha * cough * * cough * hahhh damn weak body, tomorrow I will finally get rid of you and I can start my training'.

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