29 Chapter 26: Rescue

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Himiko was tied to the ground, covered in bruises and bruises. After being captured, Himiko was beaten and interrogated to find out where Akira was.

Himiko was already used to the pain, so enduring being beaten was not difficult at all, besides that her regenerative factor would take care of all the wounds that she suffered.

The only reason she was bruised and severely beaten is because she had been injected with a type of drug that kept her numb and paralyzed, preventing her from moving, so even though her regeneration was working to disinfect her system it would take time, causing that his wounds would not heal at the rate they always did.

So Himiko lay lying on the ground covered with dirt mixed with blood waiting patiently for his savior, that prince who already saved her once from that horrible place and who would also save her from this, of that she had no doubt.

* Crack *

Hearing the door being opened, Himiko slightly directed her gaze towards her to see who the visitor was.

Sato, now with new clothes, bathed and groomed, had returned to his healthy state and when he looked at Himiko, the girl who daily extracted blood from him, was now gagged on the floor beaten and injured just as he was, he did feel a feeling of elation and euphoria.

"Yeah hahahahaha that's how things should be bitch, hahahahaha now who's at the other's mercy" Sato spoke to Himiko smugly enjoying the state she was in.

Himiko looking at Sato could see that he was somewhat insane. 'I think having him tied up locked in a room for 4 months made him lose his mind somewhat, weak' Himiko thought and then spoke to Sato as looked at him with scorn and mockery.

"Pfff, you are just an insignificant worm who was lucky that I forgot to take care of you properly, which caused you to escape, but do not overvalue yourself, you are and will always be a nobody.

A poor insect that will never achieve anything in his life, your greatest achievement will be having escaped and betraying me to your boss, but this same achievement will be the cause of your death, fufufufufu once my partner comes, you and your entire band will be exterminated. Hehehehe I already want to see how you die"

Sato upon hearing those words turned blue from the fury he felt, he has always been someone ordinary, an extra easy to forget and now when he felt that he was finally going to become a protagonist, someone who could not be belittled, Himiko arrives and blows him his bubble, looking at him contemptuously, like a simple ant that can be crushed.

Sato roared spitting saliva like a maddened beast "what do you know bitch, now I'm going to show you who's boss"

Sato loosened his belt and lowered his pants, then advanced towards Himiko "I want to see if after this your partner will still love you hahahahahaha"

Himiko, realizing what he was going to do, showed for the first time a look of true fear, his pupils shrinking into a slit.

"No. Get away, stay away" Himiko recoiled, but couldn't do it much as her body still wasn't responding properly. Sato, seeing her desperate, felt even more excited, he reached out his hand and easily tore off Himiko's blouse, revealing a blue bra that covered her beautiful breasts, Sato when he saw them swallowed hard and felt even more desire to rape her.

"Stop. Please ... I beg you" Desperately Himiko began to plead as she tried with all her strength to free herself from the rope that held her.

"Hahahahaha I like it that way, beg me for more, hehehehe today we will have a lot of fun you and I" Sato brought his tongue to Himiko's neck and began to lick it while her hands began to knead her breasts.

'No.no.no.no… My body is only Aki's, no one else can touch me… please Aki save me' Himiko with tears running down her cheeks mentally called Akira in the hope that he would come to save her.


Akira after leaving the hotel was heading towards the base of the BLACK HAWKS, running through the roofs he did not know why, but he had a premonition that something bad was going to happen, that had him worried, as he went from a roof to another one, finally happened, his connection sent him the strongest signal he had received so far.

He felt his heart contract as fury and panic filled him, he knew that something bad was going to happen to Himiko, that was the only reason why he would feel such great fear, she needed him.

Akira abandoned all useless thinking and without worrying about the consequences, activated Shunpo moving three times as fast, people could only see a black flash that traveled through the ceilings, without stopping at any time, using Shunpo nonstop until reaching the place, Akira arrived in front of the base, in less than 10 seconds he had covered what would normally have taken him 20 minutes.

Due to how fast he had moved his body had not yet registered the damage and it was only now that it stopped that his legs began to redden and show internal bleeding, the muscles were visibly twisting, thus showing that they were being torn by the incredible damage.

But Akira as if he will not notice any of this advanced towards the base putting on the gas mask began to run inside, the guards at the door noticed it and immediately pressed the alarm alerting everyone in the base.

Akira without wasting time took a knife from his belt and with the short one towards the two guards, who only after a second felt a slight burning in their neck, and then collapsed on the floor with their throats gushing blood from the cut that Akira made.

Akira entered the facility where he was surrounded by dozens of people and more continued to join the group.


Himiko was looking at how she was about to be sullied by Sato thus losing her purity, the only thing that prevented it was that with her greater force she did not let Sato open her thighs and violate her.

Sato, seeing her resistance, yelled "damn bitch, spread your legs or I'll cut them off" Himiko was already desperate.

'Sorry Aki, I couldn't protect myself, they're going to mess me up, hic, hic. I will not be able to return to you"

Just when Himiko was going to surrender to her fate, the alarm sounded, drawing the attention of everyone at the base and understanding that this was the one they had programmed for when Himiko's partner will arrive, all the members will meet to defeat him.

"Tsk, NO! Not now aghhh. Well hehehehe we will just postpone this for a few minutes, once we defeat your partner, I will give him a front-row seat for our show, hehehehehe, I'm sure he would enjoy watching his girlfriend get raped for another guy hahahahahaha"

Sato got up and pulled his pants back up, then grabbed Himiko by her hair and started dragging her out.

"Come on I want to see the face your boyfriend will make when he sees you hahahahaha" Himiko did not care about the pain of being pulled by her hair, she was thinking inside

'Aki you came, knew you would come to save me' Himiko had no doubt that now that Akira was here she would be safe.

When leaving the room and arriving at the place where the crowd was gathered Sato and Himiko asked to see him, Akira was in the middle of all the members of the band, his expression could not be seen through the mask, but if we were guided by what from what his eyes said, it could be said that even the Devil himself would be scared.

Those crimson eyes went from being calm as a lake to going into a furious state like a flame every second.

Although arriving here he was injured due to the continued use of Shunpo, his regeneration as if he knew a battle was coming and would need to be in optimal condition had worked much faster than normal, making his wounds heal at an astonishing speed, yes attention was paid torn nerves and muscles could be seen to heal with the naked eye, this level of regeneration had caught up to Wolverine.

Sato dragged Himiko to where Kunoki the leader was and when he saw that everyone was gathered, he began to speak.

"My, my. Look who we have here if it is nothing more than the rat's companion who has made us lose dozens of our businesses" Kunoki spoke furiously as stepped on Himiko's head, causing her to crash against concrete.

Akira seeing this felt his anger reach the sky and feeling that his body had finished recovering from the previous use of Shunpo, he began to lean forward a little in preparation to activate it again.

"Hehehehe, now that you're surrounded and I have your partner in my hands, or should I say feet hahahaha, I'm going to make you regret having messed with us. Hehehehe what do you think if we first let Sato continue with what he was doing while you look at them I think that- "

Before he could complete his speech, Kunoki was blown off by a kick he received in the stomach causing him to let go of Himiko.

Akira paid no attention to anyone else after using Shunpo and attacking the leader, he simply directed all his attention to where his beloved Himiko was, the girl with whom he had spent most of this life and at the same time the most important person in his heart, there she was lying on the floor, hurt, beaten and bleeding.

Worse still, her clothes were ripped showing some parts of her naked body implying that she was about to be sexually abused.

His wife, the woman he loves, his family, the most important thing for him was about to be raped by a damn insect that he could crush with just one movement of his hand, that made him feel useless, how could he allow his beloved to pass so how could he let the person responsible for his wife's current state stay alive, no, he couldn't afford that."

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