3 Quirk Apprehension Test

Quite some time passed and today is the first day of school for the students of U.A. In the Kira household young Yasushi is preparing to leave. "Do you have everything?" "Yeah, and I don't think we will need much for the first day." "You never know." "I´ll be ok. Bye." With these words, Yasushi headed to school.


As I walked into the school I saw a map of the school grounds. This makes things much easier. Thanks to the map I arrive at the classroom fairly fast. In front of me stands about 6 meters tall door with the 1-A written on it. I come inside and see the room mostly empty. Only a few students are present. It seems I arrived early. I look at my watch and school should start in about ten minutes. I choose a seat in front of a beautiful girl with a ponytail and sit down. The room starts filling up and two students start arguing. "Don´t put your feet on the desk!" Yells a tall guy with dark blue hair. "Huh?" "Don´t you think it´s disrespectful to our upperclassmen and the people who made the desk?" "I don´t!" Answers the sitting boy with ash blonde hair. It sure is disrespectful, but it's not a thing to be argued about. In the door stands a boy with green hair and freckles. When the tall guy named Iida notices he immediately comes introducing himself. A girl comes behind the boy named Midoriya and they start talking. The class should be starting. Where is our teacher?

Then a man in a yellow sleeping bag appears behind the talking group. "Go somewhere else if you want to play at being friends." It startles the group. "This is the hero course. It took you 8 seconds before you were quiet. Time is limited. You kids are irrational." Out of the sleeping bag comes a scruffy-looking man with a scarf around his neck. "I´m your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. Nice to meet you all." He pulls out what looks like a gym uniform and says. "It is sudden, but put this on and meet me in the field." I change in the locker room and go behind the school building.

When all my classmates arrive our teacher tells us we´ll be having a quirk assessment test. "What about the entrance ceremony?" Asks a girl. "We don´t have time for things like that in U.A. Don´t worry. You´ve been doing these tests since middle school, right? Now you can use your quirks." He looks at me. "Kira you´ve finished first in the practical exam. What was your record for the softball throw in middle school?" "73 meters" "Right. Now try doing it with your quirk." I step inside a drawn circle. "You can do whatever you want as long as you stay in there. Give it all you´ve got." I partially activate Killer Queen and throw the ball. Aizawa shows the class my result. "905,4 meters" My classmates start cheering, but our teacher´s not having any of it. "It looks fun, huh? All right. How about whoever comes last will be expelled and judged to have no potential?" "Huh!?!" Shout my classmates. I guess when you are seriously trying to teach some kids and they think of it as playtime must feel frustrating. The girl from earlier starts protesting. "The last place will be expelled? Isn't this too cruel? It´s the first day of school. This is unfair." "Hoh? Do you think being a hero is fair? It´s hard work and the odds are against you. Get used to it. Overcome it with all you´ve got." Our teacher is brutal. "Alright, the demonstration is over. The real thing starts now."

The first test was a dash on 50 meters track. I manifested Killer Queen´s legs and hopped over it in under 4 seconds. I had the opportunity to look at my classmates´ abilities. Laser, additional limbs, frog physique, explosions, tape, and many more. It´s a very diverse group. I wonder how some of them passed the entrance exam. For example, miss invisible. A guy with yellow hair walks over to me. "You´re the dude from the entrance exam, right?" "Ah, yes. I thought I saw you somewhere." "I´m sorry I didn't have time to thank you. My name is Denki Kaminari." "I am Yasushi Kira, but I must say I was very confused when I saw you, lying on the ground." "Yeah, that´s the aftereffect of my quirk Electrification." "Mine is Killer Queen." "Wow, such a name." "They gave me the option to name it myself when I was 12." "Really? Maybe I should also rename it to something cool." "I don´t think you can do that unless you are updating your quirk." "Ehh, how boring is that?" "We´ll be moving on to the grip strength test." Announced Aizawa.

We walked inside the gym and our teacher gave us the devices for measuring. I manifested a hand and squeezed it. It stopped at 848,7 kg. "You sure are strong. I´m Eijiro Kirishima." Said a red-haired guy. I thanked him and introduced myself. His device says 76,3 kg. "You are also nothing to scoff at." "Well, my quirk doesn't help me with strength so I have to exercise a lot." His hand crystallized. "My quirk is hardening." "That is great. You can be virtually indestructible with enough training." "Ho, that would be manly!"

After that comes standing long jump, side steps, and once again softball throw. A girl throws the ball into infinity as shown in Aizawa´s display. We are not in a physics class. Air resistance exists here. How is infinity even possible. That quirk seems awfully selective. Then came Midoriya. After a long moment of looking to the distance, he decided to throw the ball only to score 46 meters. He seems confused about this result. "I erased your quirk." Says Aizawa with his eyes shining red. "If even a kid like you passed the entrance exam wasn´t rational enough." I also thought it was dumb. "You can´t control your quirk. Do you intend to cripple yourself every time you use it?" "T-that´s n-not my intention." "Whatever your intention is I´m saying that you can´t be a hero if you don´t get your quirk under control. I´ve returned your quirk. You have another two tries for the ball throw." After some thought, Midoriya throws the ball once again. The ball flies at high speeds creating great winds. "705,3 meters" As impressive as that is his finger is all bruised. His quirk is very glass cannon-like. "Teacher... I can... still move." My classmates cheer at the result. Only one is angered. The ash-blonde boy runs to Midoriya with an explosion in hand. His temperament is similar to his quirk. Aizawa stops him with his scarf and erases his quirk. "The-ese cloths are hard." "They´re a special capturing weapon. Don´t make me use my quirk over and over. It dries my eye." It looks very intimidating, though. "Don´t waste time. Whoever´s next get ready."

The assessment continued. There were some exercises at which I couldn't use my quirk such as sit-ups. In the end, we gathered back in the field. "Okay, I´ll quickly show you the results." He displayed a projection. I´m in second place. It is understandable as I cant make a hydraulic press or a scooter. I´m fairly clumsy when it comes to hopping with Killer Queen´s legs. In the last place was Midoriya. "By the way, I was lying about the expulsion." It would be a bad move to kick him out after the ball throw. He seems to have a lot of potential. "It was a rational deception to draw out the upper limits of your quirks." "What?!?!?" Yelled the students. "Of course that was a lie. It should have been obvious if you thought it through." Said the girl with a ponytail. That´s a lot of unfounded confidence you´ve got there. If you look at the midget´s or the ash-blonde´s behavior I´d kick them out just because of that. On the other hand who says they can´t change and become full-fledged heroes. "That´s all for today. There are handouts with curriculum and such in the classroom so look over them."

I change grab the handouts and head home. On the way, I meet one of my classmates. It´s a girl with short purple hair and elongated earlobes. "Hello" "Oh, hi" "My name is Yasushi Kira. Nice to meet you." "Same here. I´m Kyoka Jiro." "What a coincidence! My mother´s name is Kyoko." "Wow, really?" "Yeah" We chatted till I arrived home. "Take care!" "You, too!" With that ended my first day of hero school.

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