36 Ending

Years went by and class 1-A went through a lot of hardship.

We fought against an army. We dealt with a villain outbreak. Midoriya even ran away from the dorms for a few days.

By the end of our first year, it felt like we were all full-fledged heroes.

After numerous villain attacks, the U.A. security system got upgraded to the level of I-Island. Now, It´s like a fortress.

In my second year, I started dating Jiro and in my third year, I had a talk with Nezu. Basically, we agreed that after I have 5 years of experience as a hero I can start working as a teacher at U.A.

At the school events like the sports festival I held back a lot and the public quickly forgot that a person like me was in 1-A.

The class became progressively more famous with each villain attack so that was crucial for keeping my privacy.

Some people were envious of people like Midoriya, Todoroki, or Eren cause they got all the publicity for their flashy quirks. By some people I mean Mineta.

After graduation, the class dispersed.

Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki stayed in Japan quickly becoming the top 3 heroes.

Eren moved into Africa and started fighting the massive amount of villains because of the lack of heroes there.

Iida inherited the family business and got a similar deal with Nezu like me.

Kaminari and Sero decided on a trip across the world.

Asui joined the Gang Orca agency.

Tokoyami decided to make his own agency and despite it having only one hero he´s rising in the hero rankings.

Kirishima and Ashido moved to Australia. I don´t know why. Maybe they wanted to try fighting kangaroos.

I keep in touch with most of the class. Even with some students from class B.

After graduation, I moved to Kyoto to start working with Fel. Kyoka wasn´t happy with that as she stayed in Tokyo to work with Yaoyorozu. It wasn´t that big of a problem because Fel´s working routine is like three hours a day so I had a lot of time to visit.

After five years of bizarre villains like the legoman, I moved back and worked as the heroics teacher.

The brats were becoming more and more arrogant by the year. I haven´t stayed as a teacher for very long, though.

When I was 26 Kyoka gave birth to my kid. He got purple hair from Kyoka and my blue eyes. We named him Yoshito. I took a break from work to take care of him.

At this time most of my former classmates also settled down in Japan and some even had their own kids.

When Yoshito was 3 we put him in kindergarten and I returned to work.

When I returned I had the pleasure to teach Eri. She was the most obedient student I ever taught. At this time Nezu retired and Iida replaced him as the principal of U.A.

Under his leadership, U.A changed a lot. The entrance exam, the courses, the festivals had all gradually changed in a way.

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