MHA: Shadow Devil [Hiatus]

The story is about some random otaku who got reincarnated in the world of MHA, a world filled with heroes and villains. He doesn't know how and why this happened, so he decided to stand up for himself. Armed with the knowledge and capabilities of one of the best wizard from another world, he decided to become a hero and live an exciting and happy life instead of the boring and mundane life like in the past. .... "If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss might gazes back. You better be careful." -MC "Kill? I'm not gonna stain my hands with your blood, how about I introduce you to the 'abyss' instead, the view in there is a bit 'dark' but you'll definitely love it." -MC ... Well, here we go again... My grammar is not the best so I hope you guys don't mind. I will fix it, little by little.... Update? About 1 or 2 chapters a week I guess, what do you guys think? It's okay right? I'm not a professional writer or anything.. but I will definitely post whenever I can. I'm writing this for fun :) Thanks for checking out my fanfic :)

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Reincarnation and Cheat


The sound of someone's breathing could be heard faintly in a dark room. All access to the lights in the room was cut off leaving the room in total darkness and there was nothing to see in there, it was like when you look up at the sky in the middle of the night when there are no stars to illuminate the sky, the room is just pure darkness.


After a while, the darkness in the room suddenly came to life and began to gather and retreat to the center of the room where a young man could be seen sitting in mediation state. Shadows danced uncontrollably around the young man as he ignored them and remained silent for a moment.

After a few moments, he calmly opened his eyes and all the shadow that surrounded him immediately retreated into his shadow leaving him alone in the room.

"Sigh... today's training is over and now I can finally take a shower and rest. Maybe I can go for a walk in the city too, I got like... 5 hours left. Yep, I might as well went out and buy some stuffs too." The young man said to himself as he got up and stretched for a bit because he had been meditating for an hour straight without moving at all.

He went into the bathroom to take a shower, but as he saw the mirror in the bathroom he can't help but take a look at his own face even though he already done it countless times. He brought up his hand and touch his face a bit.

"15 years huh... Sigh, I still can't believe this whole situation even after 15 years. Although it was a bit uncomfortable at first, I have to admit, this whole reincarnation situation is very bizarre and surprisingly exciting for some reason. Fortunately, I ended up here, not in the apocalypse world or maybe that Marvel or DC world." He muttered to himself as he went to take a shower.


Long story short, the young man was actually a person who got a chance to reincarnate into another world. He didn't know how this could happen, he just died and the next thing he knew, he was reborn as a baby in this new world. He doesn't remember anything about meeting a higher being like a god or something, but he knows what happened to him at the time.

Unfortunately, having just been born, he was abandoned in front of the orphanage. He was just a baby so he really couldn't do anything about his condition back then. He decides to forget about his so-called new parents in this new world and live for himself and possibly for anyone he may meet in the future.

Luckily, the caretakers at the orphanage was very kind and gentle with the children. They treat us all equally and if anything happens they are always ready to help us physically and mentally.

He was an adult in his previous life before his death, because of that, he couldn't get along well with other kids so he was mostly in the background watching other kids play around or reading some books in his free time in some corners alone. The caretakers also leave him alone mostly because he is very mature and very helpful around the orphanage.

At the age of four, an elderly couple come over to the orphanage, adopted him and brought him to their home. They raised him and named him Kurayami Kaito.

The elderly couple originally have a daughter and son-in-law, both of whom are Pro Hero. Unfortunately, they both sacrifice their lives in a mission to take down a criminal organization.

He was a bit shocked after hearing the words 'Pro Heroes' then. Yes, Pro Hero. Basically, there are people who become heroes and fight criminals legally here.

He was also an orphan in a previous life. He had to struggle to survive back then. His education level was also not that high and it's not like he was rich. That's why after finishing high school, he can only supported himself by working as a staff in a grocery store.

After he had enough money, he moved out of the orphanage into a one room apartment near his workplace and continued working there for a few years.

As a boy at his age, he was naturally exposed to the animes, games and comics. He was a big fan of action animes and manga in his previous life, he read and watch a lot of them during his free time between works. His knowledge about animes and manga is definitely above average.

That's why when he heard about heroes and villains from the mouth of the older couple, he thought that he was reincarnated in One Punch Man world. Oh boy, he wasn't going to lie, it was pretty scary after thinking about it carefully. His mind immediately thought about all kinds of the aliens that have a lot of firepower and abilities that can completely destroy an entire city instantly.

But after he saw a familiar posters featuring All Might everywhere inside his new room, his thought about the bold hero immediately shattered and replaced with a certain green haired crybaby. 'Oh, it's All Might... looks like I'm in MHA world. This is good and bad at the same time.' He quickly calmed down and try to imagine his future paths in this world.

His opinion about this anime was very weird at the beginning, it's full of funny scenes and cringe moments as expected of shounen anime. But the story became even better as it's continued, it's full of epic battles and even hilarious scenes and unfortunately some incredibly sad moments.

He calmed down a bit and thought that at least the criminals here are still mortals and arrestable. They are still human at the end of the day. They won't have the ability to destroy an entire city instantly or something like that... Maybe there will be, but they won't appear in the initial plot.

Back to Kurayami, his life changed to normal after he get out of the orphanage. Unfortunately for him, when he was 12 years old, both of the elderly couple fell ill and passed away leaving Kurayami with a large amount of inheritance and a nice one-story house.

Since the elderly couple had no other living relatives left, Kurayami got all the inheritances they left. He didn't know what to do with that much wealth, so he donated a little to the orphanage that took care of him before he was adopted and kept the rest for himself.


Kurayami is now 15 years and about to graduate from the middle school, is faced with the decision of which high school to attend.

"Sigh... looks like I don't have much choice to begin with huh.." he sighed as he sat on the sofa in the living room staring blankly at the ceiling.

In this world, most of the people have awakened various superpowers a.k.a "quirks". Quirks comes in many different types, some of them are the basic stuffs like telekinesis, basic control of some element and super strength. There are also some of which can even change a person's physical features. For example, Pro Hero Kamui Woods who is basically a being made of wood and Mirko who has the attributes and the abilities of a rabbit. Naturally, Kurayami also awakened his own quirk.

"Shadow Magic from Black Clover series huh... no, it's supposed to be Shadow Devil now." Kurayami muttered as a hand of shadow materialize itself and brought a cup of tea from the kitchen straight into to his hand.

When he awakened his quirk at the age of four, a new set of knowledge and memories also suddenly awakened inside his mind, slowly merging with him. It's a bit confusing at first, but after half an hour trying to calm down his headache, he manages to filter out the memories and found out that he just got the memories and knowledge of Nacht Faust. All the way of fighting, manipulating shadow and his shadow techniques are all imprinted inside his mind.

Basically, he got reincarnated into the MHA world with Nacht Faust looks, characteristics and abilities in the form of quirk minus the devils contracts and the grimoire. He thought that his situation was a little bit similar to those templates fanfic that he had read in the past, but without the progression meter.

(Mc looks is exactly like Nacht Faust, less gloomy, but still a quite and calm guy and yeah, he is very honest with his opinion too.)

He had to admit, the 'cheat' he got were pretty shabby and underwhelming compared to other reincarnated people who had the OP systems and skills. But hey, it's knowledge of someone who's considered one of the strongest in his world. At least, he did get something.

After he awakened his quirk, he spent most of his time practicing and getting better at using his quirk. With all the knowledge and memories from Nacht, the progression of his training went smoothly. While training and getting stronger is important in this kind of world, he also didn't forget to enjoy his new life, he now was able to try different types of activities and new foods that he didn't get in his previous life. He spent his free times walking around the city trying to find some new kind of foods and stuffs to try out once in a while.

That's how his life has been untill now.


"Shiketsu sounds good and will probably be peaceful but I don't know anything about that school at all, the anime barely mentions anything about them, while the U.A. might... I mean, it's obviously going to be chaotic with the protagonist who will attending that school and all the problems that follows him everywhere." He muttered as he sipped his tea elegantly like a noble.

Nacht's memories merging with Kurayami seem to affect him a bit, especially his behavior and ethics. Since Faust was once a noble family, naturally Nacht also learned the basic manners of a noble making Kurayami act like a noble at times. Kurayami is also aware of this, but he thinks it's okay so he just lets it go because it doesn't affect his lifestyle and personality that much.

"Sigh... I really don't have much choice... after all the hard training I went through... I might as well join U.A. Highschool. It's so cliché but I definitely want to meet all those characters I have watched in the past, there's also All Might. This is a rare chance to see Hero Number 1 up close, I can't pass up the opportunity." Kurayami continued as he got up and prepared to go out as he had planned on earlier.

After finishing changing his clothes, he didn't even bother going through the front door and directly uses his quirk. Kurayami slipped into his shadow and immediately began his journey to the city.

'Hmmm... if I'm not mistaken, there are still about ten months before the U.A. Entrance Exam begins. So that's mean, the plot of this world is about to start as well.' Kurayami thought to himself as he travels through the shadows to reach the city.

"Hehe... this world is getting more and more exciting." Kurayami revealed a smirk as he thought about what the future of the world would be with him in this world.


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