1 Chapter 1

In a hot sunny day, in a poor suburban yells of a middle aged man pleading could be heard.

"Please....stop! This is my only business! The only use for my quirk is to massage people!" A middle aged guy pleaded while a crane is about to destroy a house behind him. The house is not that big and not that small either. There is a sign on top of it that says 'massage parlor to release your fatigue!'. The exterior is clean and well designed. Despite that, he haven't made any money recently, leaving the middle aged man in debt.

The kid watches his crying father, he couldn't help but cry and started to feel pain.

"You do know why we are destroying this business, right? You're quirk is too sexual and one massage from you, the girls would get horny making them obsessed with your massages. Your victim has been apprehended and is getting the help that they needed to forget your skillful massaging. " the guy that looks like a professional guy, Looking at him you could see he is someone from the hero association.

"I never used it maliciously! All I wanted was to help people to relieve their fatigue!" The middle aged guy pleaded while shaking his shoulder. The guy slapped his hand away then punched him in the face.

"Tsk! arrest both of them!" The guy gave his order out.

"But the kid is quirkless and innocent!"

"Tsk! Then get him out of the way!" The guy yelled angrily....

Getting arrested and their house destroyed. The kid was put into an orphanage and became someone who wants to take revenge to this world.

Well...that was my story, but the only thing that I didn't mention is I was actually reborn in this my hero academia world. I still want to take down the hero association, but I'm not really good at fighting.

In my previous life, all I did was play games in my free time and watch anime. I have a lot friends, but I didn't have any girlfriend because not all girls wants to stay with me, since I was really poor and struggle with life.

At first I was excited when I found out which world I was reborn into, I even swore that I'm gonna be a hero, but when I found out about my father's quirk I knew I'm not gonna be a hero. Well I thought at the very least I'm gonna have a quirk, but unfortunately I'm quirk-less.

Right now, I'm standing here in a kids body trying to fit in with this other kids. They seem to hate me for being quirk-less, but I don't really care about these kids. The thing that is bothering me is that these adults keeps avoiding me like I'm a criminal.

I sighed then just started reading some books to pass the time. As I'm reading I suddenly heard a robotic voice out of my head and a panel showed up in front of my eyes.


Devil servant system: downloaded!

Message from the devil: dear akuma san! It seems like that god forgot to give you a power, and he reincarnated you to this world as someone with a tragic past. How awful for a god!.....Anyways, I'm here to explain what the system is. The devil servant system is a system that I made to track down your activities and give you a reward. Your mission is to put fear to people in this world. The more fear they felt or bad things that you do the more powerful you become. Since you are still weak, for starters I will give you this title.

Title: servant of the devil (half immortal, half mortal...you cannot die unless your weak points gets hit.)

That is all! Good bye!


"What was that?" I muttered then suddenly I felt pain coming from inside my body. It felt like my heart, my kidneys, and other internal organs are getting pulled somewhere.

"AHHHHHHHH!" I yelled out in pain, while I try to stay conscious. Even though I tried to stay conscious I still fainted. The carer started to get worried about me, they might avoid me but they are still taking care of me.

A/n: first chapter! Well...This is just an idea and I don't know if I'm gonna continue this

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