MHA: reincarnated as a devil’s servant Book

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MHA: reincarnated as a devil’s servant


Ongoing · 1M Views

  • 20 Chs

  • 4.5

    27 ratings
  • NO.200+



A fanfic about a guy that got reincarnated into a child’s body. His last family, his father getting arrested for some reason leaving him no choice, but to go to an orphanage. Warning: extreme sex scenes, detailed blood scenes, there is also some lolicon with himiko and shotacon towards the mc.(No ntr! Mc won’t get cucked) This is my second fanfic I mean book of a fanfic, I don’t expect this to get a good rating since I’m not really a professional at writing. Also support me on my pa treon: https://www.pa treon.com/join/bentento?

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