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Trevor Lauvier was a teenager who had died after taking a shower. After he had died, he got sent to a dark abyss, Izaqith. Soon after, a divine voice spoke to him. It gave him three options: 1. Remain in Izaqith 2. Go to 'Heaven' 3. Reincarnation Trevor chose reincarnation and received one wish. How will Trevor live in a world filled with villains and heroes who can destroy him? How will Trevor survive in this world filled with the diseases called quirks? Is Trevor truly schizophrenic? ******************************** DISCORD Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/hZC64Xryne ******************************** My Hero Academia doesn't belong to me (Obviously.) This story is just for fun, shits and giggles. ********************************

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Chapter 4: Practical Exam (2)

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The bus didn't take long to arrive at Battle Center D. 

Everyone got off the bus, only to be welcomed by a huge, gated mini-city. All the examinees began muttering and making statements about how rich Yuuei was or how the battle center looked like a city. 

Trevor saw some familiar faces: Mezo Shoji, Toru Hagekure, Minoru Mineta, and Shihai Kuroiro (Class 1-B Student)

As he turned his head, he noticed the big metal gates for the gate opening. Knowing how it worked out in the original for Battle Center B, he guessed it would be the same for this Battle Center's examinees. He knew he would get all the good rewards from the main quest. He decided to book it towards the nearest free real estate.

"OKAY, START!!!" Present Mic's voice echoed in every battle center. 

As Trevor turned his head, he noticed it was similar to how it was for Battle Center B; everyone was standing still.

"WHAT'S WRONG? THERE ARE NO COUNTDOWNS IN REAL FIGHTS! RUN, RUN! THE DIE HAS BEEN CAST Y'KNOW!" Present Mic screamed at all of the other contestants. 

Trevor heard all this while using his blue fire to accelerate himself forward, similar to how Endeavor used his fire to make him fly. 

He very quickly encountered some 1-Point Robots. He took quick care of them by sending blue fire at them, quickly overheating their circuits.

He proceeded to use his blue fire to start propelling myself into multiple robots. The robots varied from 1 to 3-point robots. 

As he approached the robots, he shot blue flames out from the back of his fists to propel the blue flames forward to deliver a blow to the multiple robots. Trevor's version of Endeavor's Jet Burn wasn't perfect, but it was good enough to take down these robots. 

But the problem was that this took around 2 minutes to do everything so far. 

'I'm not fast enough yet. I'm not close to beating Bakugo in points. I have to use a better strategy. I'll have to go around and help people to take down as many robots as possible.' Trevor thought. He knew he had to take any opportunity to get points.

Soon enough, he arrived in front of a ton of free real estate trying to jump someone. The only problem was that he couldn't see the person. They must have been from the streets of Chicago. 

"OI, WHOEVER IS THERE, GET DOWN. SHIT IS ABOUT TO GET REAL HOT!" Trevor yelled at any examinees around him. 

Trevor shot streams of blue fire out of his fingers to burn the robots. The blue flames take a form similar to a spider's web. 

'The precision and control of the blue firey 'hell spider' is super tough. Makes sense, considering it was one of Endeavor's ultimate moves.'

After the smoke cleared, all that was left was the melted cut-up remains of the robots.

Trevor didn't stay long enough to see the aftermath of his version of 'Hell Spider.' As Trevor left, blue fire erupted out of his feet, allowing him to fly through the air, glide across the floor rapidly, and jump continuously from platforms to reach the top of a building away from all of the other contestants. 

Robots soon began to surround the bottom of the building. Trevor realized this was his goldmine to reach the top.


*1st POV

I saw robots surrounding the bottom of the building I was at. I knew that this was one of my only chances to make my points skyrocket. I decided to use a lot of my power at once, I knew I wasn't ready to use it here. But I had no choice.

I decided to jump.


"In this practical exam, the examinees have not been informed of the number of villains or their locations. They have a limited amount of time in a vast area. They have to draw the villains out from there." A small animal appeared. It was a combination of several different animals, including a dog, a mouse, and a bear, which would make him a chimera. 

As the chimera explained, multiple screens popped up, each showing different sectors of different battle centers.

"Information gathering ability to understand the situation before anyone else." The chimera explained as a screen popped up while showing an examinee with six arms attached by a web of skin.

"Mobility that can be used in many different circumstances." The chimera explained continued as a screen popped up while showing an examinee speeding using an engine from his legs.

"Discernment to be able to stay calm in any situation." The chimera explained continued again as a screen popped up while showing an examinee shooting a bluish-white beam out of his stomach.

"And pure combat ability." The chimera finished explaining as a screen showed an angry pomeranian sweating with broken robots surrounding him and a white-haired boy jumping with blue flames surrounding him.

"These basic abilities needed to keep the peace in the streets are turned into points in this test." The chimera informed the rest of the teachers surrounding him.

"Doesn't this year's group look promising? Especially the white-haired boy!" A female teacher spoke out.

"Well, we can't know for sure yet." A man's voice responded to the female teacher before continuing as a glass case opened, revealing a red button.

"Their true test is still to come." The man's voice continued as he pressed the red button.


As I jumped, I could feel the cold winter air and hear a loud rumbling sound near me.

As I fell, I posed as Dabi had done in Episode 11: Dabi's Dance. Now, I won't admit this publicly, but I'm a huge Dabi fan. I mean dude, he has a tragic backstory and has an awesome quirk. How could you not love the man? 

"MINOR PROMINENCE BURN!!!" I screamed as blue flames began to emit a concentrated beam of heat from my body that would vaporize all of the robots below me.

Soon enough, the flames hit the robots on the ground, completely melting them into a hot liquid metal. I got into the Iron Man floating pose to slowly make me descend towards the ground. So I didn't take fall damage.

Eventually, I reached the ground and stopped my quirk. All around me, I was surrounded by hot liquid metal, scorched buildings, and burnt dirt.

I realized I had about three minutes left. Because I was going around trying to grab the robot's attention and have them chase me, I used a lot of the time. Thankfully, I got a lot of points.

But I knew that I didn't have enough points yet. I decided the best way to get more was to melt the 0-Pointer Robot. The only problem was getting to it and melting it in time.

Using my quirk this much had me sweating from the heat. A tiny bit of smoke began to come off my body. I didn't have a lot of time to continue using my quirk. 

I decided to erupt blue flames from my feet, allowing me to glide across the floor quickly. I glided on the road, leaving scorch marks on my way to the huge robot. 

It was hard for me to control the output of the flames and control where I went. I zoomed around buildings, which quickly let me reach to 0-Point Robot.

I realized just how huge the robot was. It towered over all of the battle center's buildings. Its shadow covered all of the examinees in front of it.

From what I saw, all of the examinee's faces had shown how terrified they were. They all began to scurry like mice and ran away from the gigantic foe behind them.

I remembered what All Might said in Episode 4: "Start Line," 'An overwhelming threat. How people act after they have seen this shows their true nature.'

It was time for me to shine for the second time in this exam.

"□, Fuga (Open)" My voice dripped with excitement.

Blue and purple flames ignited from my hand, and the temperature skyrocketed around me. I knew that after I made this move, I would be out of the game.

 I raised my right hand towards the left side of my body. Beautiful blue and purple flames danced as I moved my right arm to my right. My right arm was at my side. There was space between my arm and torso.

I put my left and right hand together, my right hand on top and my left on the bottom. 

I slowly raised my right hand upwards. I quickly moved my hands to face the left and right side, moving the right hand to the top and the left to the bottom. A beautiful blue and purple orb made of flames spun in between my hands. I closed my hands, and as I separated them, beautiful blue and purple flames stuck together as I moved both my hands. I then went to the next hand sign: my left hand covered my right hand while it grabbed the blue and purple flame-shaped orb. I then made my right hand release the blue and purple flame-shaped orb. 

As I did this second-to-last step, all the glass and stone near me melted. 

I then moved my hands to the final position. I raised my left hand and arm forward: my pinky and ring finger bent to touch my palm, my middle and index finger bent slightly but not enough to touch my hand, while my thumb pointed down. My palm facing towards the left, similar to my left hand: my pinky and ring finger bent to touch my palm while my middle and index finger bent slightly but not enough to touch my hand and my thumb in front of my middle and index finger. I 'grabbed' the beautiful blue and purple flames to form an arrow on my left hand and used the blue and purple flames from my right to create a 'bowstring.'

"Let's have a contest of firepower!" My voice was laced with bloodthirst and excitement.

*3rd Person

Then, Trevor 'released' the majestic blue and purple arrow made of fire. Almost as if it had teleported, it hit the Zero-Pointer Robot. The Zero-Pointer Robot had become burnt and melted. The towering metal foe was no more.

"ONE MINUTE LEFT!" Present Mic screamed with excitement.

'Ah... well, that's it. I have no more stamina, nor do I have the energy." Trevor thought as his mind and vision slowly dimmed, quickly becoming dark. Trevor passed out after over-using his quirk. Because Trevor became unconscious, his body began to fall over.

But, before Trevor could fall and hit the ground, someone grabbed him.


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