MHA: Izuku The Villain

In one life, Izuku Midorya went on to become the greatest hero the world had ever seen. But what if, through a simple twist of fate, the quirkless child went on to become the most feared villain in all of hero society? **** Like it? then add it to your library and give a 5 star review and send power stone. Discord:- https://discord. gg/qxvX7Tvpqp (without space) **** I do not own anything all goes to its respective owner. fanfic owner:-'soundestguitar' link:- https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4224167/soundestguitar

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Chapter 71


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Shoto Todoroki watched as the world went by at a steady pace, his brows narrowed in discomfort as he tried to pay attention to anything or anyone that passed by the sleek, black limousine he was currently riding in the back of.

Whatever he saw outside the window was more interesting than the other occupant sitting across from him.

He was a man of massive, domineering size, wearing a dark blue jumpsuit that did nothing to hide the chiselled muscles that adorned his body.

A pair of steel-plated pads sat upon the man's broad shoulders, with a matching pair of gauntlets worn over his giant, balled fists.

But what made him truly intimidating, more so than the sheer size and the apparel he wore, was the fire.

Streams of fire ran across the man's toned physic, somehow lined throughout his attire without catching alight.

But that was nothing compared to the flamed that engulfed the man's beard and eyebrows that surrounded his fierce gaze, making him look like a blazing god of war, ready for battle at any time he was needed.

Endeavour; wielder of the quirk known as 'Hellflame', and currently ranked the number two hero of Japan.

And he was not happy…

For those that knew him, the Hellflame hero being angry wouldn't come as much of a shock. But this time, the number two hero was angrier than usual, which would have been quite the statement.

It was a miracle that the limo hadn't melted yet, due to the amount of intense heat he was secreted in his rage.

His furious glare, surrounded by the enflamed beard and brows on his face, burned at the small television screen hooked to the roof before him.

On-screen was yet another replay of the footage of the green-haired villain child who stole the show at the Sports Festival, making a fool out of the explosive former student of his son's school.

His temper flared even higher, when the camera got a close-up shot of the smirking powerless child.

Endeavor couldn't take it anymore. He roared as he let his anger out on the small screen by blasting it with a ball of fire from the palm of his hand.

The number two hero sat back in his seat with folded arms, trying and failing to calm himself as he took heavy breaths through his nose.

"How are you not upset about this?!" Endeavor barked at Shoto, who continued to merely stare out the window with an air of discourtesy.

"That should be you the press is going on about! You're one chance to gain the spotlight, your first step into surpassing All Might, and it gets taken away by some Quirkless brat with a grudge!"

"Don't you mean your first step?" Shoto spoke coldly, keeping his attention on whatever passed by the limo's window.

"From what I remember you telling me throughout the festival, the whole thing wasn't about me at all."

"Don't get smart with me, boy!" The Hellflame hero snapped, before heaving a frustrated sigh.

"I was hoping that the festival would finally snap you out of your passive-aggressive behavior. That you would finally grow up, and stop holding your full power back. But this brat, this…Deku!... Comes out of nowhere and steals your chance to be at the top!"

Shoto grimaced at his father's words. While it repulsed him, he had to agree with the man.

The Sports Festival was his one chance to show his father up for good.

That he could become a hero without the other half of his retched Quirk, whilst using the only part of his power that didn't make him sick to his stomach.

The only part of his power that meant something to him…

Shoto believed that defeating Katsuki would have been the best way to prove that he could be a hero, without his father's half of his Quirk.

But then Izuku, or 'Deku' as he seems to prefer, stole the show and utterly crushed Bakugo.

Deku took away his chance to prove he could be a hero with his ice, and only his ice, to his father, and to himself.

Shoto clenched his fist tight in rising anger. His chance at freedom... gone… All because of Deku…!

"…It doesn't matter anymore," Endeavor clarified.

"Just because some powerless punk with a chip on his shoulder hijacked the Sports Festival, doesn't mean I'm giving up on you."

The scarred boy suppressed a sarcastic smirk. If it was coming from anyone else under entirely different circumstances, those words would have been quite heartwarming.

"You will learn to stop disobeying me, you will use your full power, and you will take the title of number one from that glorified fool, All Might, once and for all!" The number two hero ordered, his tone coming off as more of a tyrant than a hero.

"And this Field Training program will help in you doing just that."

"How do you figure that?" The red-and-white haired boy inquired, half-interested on what his father's next attempt to bend him to his will would be.

"Apart from that green-haired nuisance running around making fools out of heroes, there is another who has been going further and ending their lives," The Hellflame Hero explained with closed eyes. "I trust you already know who I am referring to?"

"Stain…" Shoto answered, disbelief thick across his face. "You want to bring down the Hero Killer?"

"Indeed." Endeavour nodded sagely. "However, while I intend on bringing the mass murderer in, I'll be sure to have you take most of the credit…"

Shoto's eyes widened in horror at what his father was insinuating, before he bared his teeth in anger, his seat coating in ice from his power being released with his rage.

"You plan on throwing me at a serial killer?! A serial killer who has taken the lives of more than twenty-five heroes already?!"

"They were amateurs and upstarts who had no chance against the likes of him," Endeavour cut him off, closing his eyes in an uncaring fashion.

"You, however, are my son. You have been trained to handle even the most skilled of adversaries. Not counting your shameful failure against that rabbit-eared brat…"

Shota gritted his teeth at that reminder. Losing to Deku at the USJ had grated at his pride something fierce.

The realization that he also happened to be Quirkless only helped in pouring salt on the open wound.

"The other students got in my way!"

"No excuses!" The Hellfalme Hero thundered.

"You are supposed to adapt to any and all situations, regardless of the meddling of others. And that is what I expect of you when you tackle the Hero Killer. To adapt, and to use everything at your disposal to bring him down."

The scarred boy turned away from his father in frustration, hating how he had won the argument between them. But that didn't stop him in focusing on what he believed in.

"Fine…" The young Todoroki growled.

"Throw me at the Hero Killer as you want, and I'll bring him down." Shoto then faced his father once more, a fire in his eyes that was close to matching the glare of his over-powered parent.

"But I'll do it with my mother's power…not yours!"

"I'll never use your fire…Never!"


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