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What is MHA: Izuku Legacy

Read ‘MHA: Izuku Legacy’ Online for Free, written by the author XaviValentine, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, TRANSMIGRATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: In a world where hero’s and villains are fantasy, Ryu Kenji fights for survival. Born into the clutches of the Yakuza, h...


In a world where hero’s and villains are fantasy, Ryu Kenji fights for survival. Born into the clutches of the Yakuza, he's spent his life as a pawn in their bloody games. But when a championship fight ends in betrayal and a bullet, Ryu awakens to a new reality – one where the memories of Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless boy with dreams of heroism, intertwine with his own. Now, armed with the knowledge of a world he's never known and a power he's yet to understand, Izuku must navigate the challenges of this strange new world, balancing his own weaknesses with the potential for growth and change. This work is a retelling of the story my friend made MHA: Izuku Reloaded. I am taking over for him because of things going on in his personal life. I hope you enjoy my iteration! P.S: UA is a University. I don’t own the story My Hero Academia or the cover For full transparency I write the novel myself and use AI to proofread and be an editor for my work.

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With Volume 1 done, I think now is a good time to leave the classic shameless five star review. There are things not in the synopsis here so read this for some more information: 1. The story will sort of follow canon until the Shie Hassaikai arc. There will be more differences in between there, like I will be delving further into hero popularity and quirk discrimination earlier in the series, but expect the outcomes of the story to be similar. If you don’t like that then I am sorry but a different fanfic might be for you 2. The villains are going to be more powerful in this story, but so will the heroes. Especially Shigaraki, this is a more mature Shigaraki from the beginning. 3. Izuku will recieve OFA. It will mix well with Izuku’s quirk Tandava. Getting higher mastery of OFA will allow the gates of Tandava to open faster. 4. The main love interest will be Momo. I am still deciding on if I should make it a harem or not, but if I did the max would be 3 total. Leave any questions you have here and I’ll answer them when I see it! Thank you Tensei for entrusting this to me


It’s good but you are being somewhat flowery with your words and over the top with descriptions of his feelings


I apologize for the mistakes, I am writing through a translator. A very intriguing start. I hope Tensei's legacy is in good hands. I can only wish you good luck and inspiration. And if possible, please convey my sincere best wishes to Tensei.


Deserve a 5 star, the author is very good at telling his story, i dare to say it can make you immerse yourself in the story, the action scene is beautifully written, the character is good, i hope the author can keep consistent to preserve the quality, cause the bar is so high now.


XaviValentine Excellent Fanfic Keep up the great work You can do this Mha fanfic after MHA: Izuku Legacy MHA: Izuku The Esper A 19 year old boy dies in our world and is reborn into Mha as Izuku Midoriya with all the Esper powers of Shigeo Kageyama aka “Mob”. What will he do now? Harem First Victim (Inuyashiki) ( no official name is given)(Custom name is Saya Matsubara) Third Victim (Inuyashiki) ( no official name is given)(Custom name is Sayako Matsubara) Marie Inuyashiki (Inuyashiki) Mari Inuyashiki (Inuyashiki) Fumino Inoue (Inuyashiki) Yuko Shishigami (Inuyashiki) Inko Midoriya Mitsuki Bakugo Yu Takeyama Nemuri Kayama Momo Yaoyorozu Mina Ashido Himiko Toga Rei Todoroki Fuyumi Todoroki Shino Sōsaki Ryūko Tsuchikawa


Although the story has so far been close to the canon plot with some differences, the way it is written keeps you interested in reading more. There is one thing that some people might not like and that is that the MC is very heroic. With the limited chapters, I am still unsure on how far he is willing to go. There is one thing that I believe this story sucks at and that is the romance. I feel it is extremely rushed, nor did I see any proper development between them. I also did not expect the physical aspect to be so sudden. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t believe such a thing can happen, but I don’t believe it to be plausible considering her character. I understand that the story is somewhat AU, but it just seems too oc. One thing that I really enjoyed is the dynamic between the MC and Bakugo. I feel like there was more thought put into their relationship.


I really liking this story, the author is doing great with the dialogues, and the Bakugo and Izuku relationship, far better than the original. The story is flowing with a good speed, neither slow or rushed, and the author writing is impressive. He just needs keep this consistency for the rest of the fic.


It's one of those rare MHA fanfics with perfect balance between action and dialogue, I do agree that certain sentences seem a bit to flowery for me, but that's a matter of taste and nothing to do with the author's writing ability, all in all I'm looking foward to reading some more of this and any other novel this author writes.


I am neutral...I am neutral...I am neutral...I am neutral...I am neutral...I am neutral...I am neutral...I am neutral...I am neutral...I am neutral...


Finally something good, thanks for the fic.


I have had an absolute blast reading this story, between the properly developed character paths, to understanding the actual characters from the manga/show and translating them into this fanfiction perfectly (instead of makeing all character have the same tones and mannerisms the same like many many different fanfics do) this is in my opinion one of the better stories I have ever read. thank you for writing and I look forward to what comes next




........................................................... It's a good story, it deals with internal struggle, and there are a lot of details in the story, meaning it's a work worth reading.




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