13 Chapter 13: First day of School (V)

"I see. Thank you for the information. I'm looking forward to tasting your food." Satoru smiled and said.

The Cook hero looked up to him with eyes slightly wider than usual.

The Cook hero raised another thumb as a form of reply before going back to his work.

"Come on, Hado-san. Let's go find a seat to sit." Satoru nodded towards the Cook hero before speaking to Nejire.


With the addition of Kuroka's group, their group of 5 became 9, with only two boys present.

"Seems like you are opening a harem, nya~." Kuroka was obviously the first to realize the skewed gender ratio present and snickered at Satoru when they sat down.

"Are you just assuming that I'm not here?" Minori raised his glasses and asked the cat girl.

"Nya. Although you look good, it's still not better than Satoru-kun, nya. So, it is not a more realistic assumption, nya?"

"Enough, Kuroka. Stop spouting stupid stuff like opening a harem." Maria lightly tapped Kuroka's arm and said, "Besides, we haven't even see Satoru's eyes yet. We all know how well one's eyes would compliment one's face would affect their attractiveness. So until Satoru reveals his eyes, you can't just assume that he's good-looking."

"Aw...my feelings are hurt."

"Tch. Don't try to act cute. It's disgusting."

"Ouch. How blunt~." Satoru spoke as he ate his food. The fact that one's food could taste this good was utterly out of his imagination. The Cook Hero was truly worthy of his name.

"Oh yeah, Satoru-kun. You promised me that the next time we meet, you would let me see your eyes." Just remembering Satoru's small promise, Nejire, sitting beside Satoru, turned towards him and asked excitedly.

"Did I?"

"Yeah, you did! Don't try to wriggle your way out of this one. And I didn't get a chance to ask before, but what happened that day? You rushed out of the cafe so fast that-"

Before Nejire could continue her questions, Satoru had already covered her mouth with his hands.

"Alright, Hado-san. Please don't eat and speak at the same time. As for what happened, I'll tell you in the future."

"Aww..." Nejire pouted but didn't pursue it. She might be curious and sometimes cross some lines without even knowing it, but she could tell that Satoru didn't want to talk about it any further.

"As for my eyes..."

Nejire's head quickly turned back to him and looked at him with expectations.

"You'll get a chance to see it if you get stronger."

"Mou....stop playing with me like that..." Nejire pouted and started stabbing the poor meat with her fork.

"Haha..." Satoru let out a small laugh as he focused his attention back on the food.

"Hey, did they know each other before, nya?" Kuroka asked Yaya curiously, "Because they seem quite close together."

"Yep. We met each other just after the entrance exam at a cafe before Satoru-kun had an emergency and needed to leave."

"So you guys only met once?" Minori asked.

"Yes. I'm also curious how Nejire managed to make a friend all by herself so easily."

"Aren't we all already friends?" Wannai's melodious voice sounded as she joined in the conversation, "And Nejire's so friendly and cute. How could she not make any friends by herself?"

Looking at their curious faces, Yaya let out a wry smile.

"Everyone might not believe it, but I was her only friend back in middle school. Although her looks are great, due to her tendency to get overly close and familiar with unfamiliar people, they tend to subconsciously avoid her. In fact, if I have to say, people in UA are the weird ones."

Turning to face Kuroka, Yaya continued.

"If anyone was to receive the same treatment as you did from Nejire, Kuroka, they would immediately get angry or embarrassed and start avoiding her. But you not only didn't avoid her, you even gave her permission to continue touching your ears next time. Did you like getting touched and embarrassed?"

"Nya! Don't make me sound like a masochist, nya! I don't have that type of kink! But if it's Satoru-kun..." Kuroka turned to look at Satoru's happy face that literally produced a rainbow behind him as he ate, "Then maybe I'll start developing it, nya?"




Three insults came at once, and Kuroka immediately retorted, "Hey!"

While the rest were conversing with each other, the two subjects of their conversation ignored them and were in their own world. Nejire asked questions after each bite, and Satoru nodded or shook his head in agreement or disagreement, responding once in a while.

"They seem too close for someone who just met each other, don't they?" Maria commented. Although she appeared to not be interested in their conversation, she was, in fact, paying quite a bit of attention to them.

"Well, I guess their innate traits of having curiosity bonded them together?" Minori suggested.


"What a pity, nya~. If Satoru was available, then I would have definitely wanted him as my mate, nya~."


"Nya~. I'm basically half-cat, nya."

"I see. But it still sounds weird."

"Then I'll use the word 'boyfriend' instead, nya?"

"It's fine, Kuroka. Just use whatever suits you the most. You don't have to change the way you see things just because people tell you to do so." Yaya interjected.

"I'm fine with either way, nya~. I don't really care as long as people get my meaning, nya."

In the end, this small lunch session ended with everyone becoming more familiar with each other. The number of oddities in Satoru's class wasn't small, but in a quirk-orientated society, Satoru expected nothing less.

If everyone was still the same as everyone else, what is the point of naming their superpowers as 'quirk'?


"Hmm...what lesson do we have now?" Satoru asked as he leaned back on his chair to ask the stiff dude seated behind him.

"I'm not so sure. Although we have already received our schedule, I don't think we would be following it for today."

"Man...I wish our year would be as eventful as..."

"As eventful as what?"

"Nothing. Don't you wish for villains to attack us?"

Tamotsu frowned at him with a weird gaze.

"Hey! I'm not a masochist seeking pleasure from being attacked by villains!" Satoru hurriedly explained himself as he saw Tamotsu's expression turning weird.

"DOn't worry. I wasn't thinking that about you."

"Then what was your expression just then?"

"Just me seeing you being pleasured by the thought of being attacked."

"So you were thinking of me like that!"

But before any conversation could be continued, the door to their classroom slammed open, and a person 'walked' inside.


The man was a slender and tall pale-skinned man with messy, shoulder-length black hair that partially hangs in front of his face and half-opened black eyes.

Satoru couldn't really see his actual height as he was slouched within a sleeping bag as he hopped to the front of the classroom, much to the students' amazement.

"My name is Aizawa Shota. Call me Aizawa-sensei. I'll be your heroics teacher for this year. Any questions?"

Aizawa's words were short and concise, and his introduction took a whole 5 seconds to complete, causing some of the slower students to brain lag for a moment.

"Since no one raised any, I'll take that as a no then."

"Wait! I have a question!" Juzo raised his hand and asked.

"Make it quick. I only have 100 minutes for this class with you."

"Isn't today supposed to be orientation or something?"

"Were you dreaming in the morning? What did you think the first few hours of school was for?"


"Yes. Orientation is over. Now, it's time to start lessons. Now, heroes aren't just made. They are developed and..."

As Aizawa continued to drone on about what this class was all about, Satoru felt a bit amused. He would never have thought that Aizawa would become his heroics teacher.

Although All Might wouldn't be teaching them heroics lessons, Aizawa wasn't bad either. All Might might be a good hero, but he definitely wasn't a good teacher.

But having to listen to how to become a hero was...dull.

Since only a few had brought some sort of paper to write down what they need to, the rest was left with nothing but to listen to Aizawa drone on with his monotonous voice.

'But not being in the same class as the main protagonist was really dull, huh?'


A few days had passed since the first day of school. Unlike what the majority thought of UA high school, it doesn't just include becoming heroes. They, too, like any other school, focus on academics as well.

In the morning, they had standard lessons such as English before they had lunch. After lunch was heroics lessons. It was the only class that lasted two hours before the students were dismissed.

School days were dull, just like how Satoru remembered it to be. Though the fact that each teacher had their own quirks made the lessons just slightly more fun.

Like how Present Mic would scream at the top of his lungs whether his students answered correctly or wrongly, or how Midnight would constantly threaten to whip people when they answered her questions wrongly in Modern Hero Art History.

Some boys actually answered with the wrong question on purpose just to get whipped, but let's ignore that.

Although Satoru was skeptical about how such a thing would be allowed in a school, it wasn't his job to care. As stated in his contract, when he accepted the scholarship from the previous principal, he never skipped class, though he often slept.

However, nobody noticed as he always had his blindfold on and always answered the questions perfectly after being called. This made both his friends and teachers wonder what was actually happening behind that blindfold of his.

Satoru's class would be what a person would call a 'model class'. Most students pay attention in classes, and none of them had any significant problems. Even Juzo, the most playful student even compared to Satoru, or Hasuko, the most stupid person in the class, pays attention.

Not to mention serious students like Tamotsu, Yaya, or Saiai.

Truth be told, Satoru hoped his class would be more fun. But what's done is done, right? It's not like it was a bad thing to have studious students.

Today was supposed to be like any other day. But Aizawa had planned a surprise for everyone.

"And that's enough of theory and facts. Now, it's time to put all those things to the test. I believe that learning through physical means would always be better than just sitting down and trying to memorize stuff."

"Then why did you let us suffer for the past few days?"

"Cause I like to see you suffer. Now," Aizawa's face morphed into what seemed to be the closest he could get to a smile as he pressed a button, revealing twenty identical cases with twenty numbers on them.

"Like your gym attire, these cases contain your hero costume that had arrived a few days before. Now, get dressed up. I don't want to waste any of the 100 minutes I have to beat all of you up."


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